A proven theorem of game theory states that every game with complete information – gives the player a vantage point, therefore a solution. Simply, if you played only the hands in which the odds were in your favour and folded when they were not, you end up winning more times than you lose.

Make no mistake, if a betting game among a number of participants is played long enough, eventually one player will have all the money. If there is any co-operation, Intel or strategy involved, it will accelerate the process of concentrating all the stakes in a few hands. This happens in the Altcoin markets. The overall tendency, is for equity to flow from the hands of the many into the hands of the few.

Information is key
Take a holistic view of the market. These are unregulated waters dominated by market manipulators. Put aside any thought, opinion or assessment of the market that you have ever made and look at every 100%+ increase and take it for exactly what it is; a properly executed manoeuvre. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be aware that the only difference between those that make 100%+ per trade and those that only achieve 5 to 10% per trade – is prior information.

Modify your approach
Do you keep buying into coins, only to see the value fall drastically within mere minutes? Are accumulated losses making you feel that you have wasted your time with Crypto? Are you tired of losing out to bots, and showing up late to whale-games only to be dumped on, shattering your capital in the process?

If you keep buying into pumps at the top of the market, then now is the time to become properly informed. If you have been sailing these waters alone and having your boat tipped over every time a Whale surfaces – then today may be the time to adjust your approach.

Join the Squad
We take a sophisticated approach to market movement, containing each market in such a way to let members in and then out again with more than adequate gains.

PumpersPicks is , bar none, the most prolific, most profitable and quite frankly the largest pump group across the entire altcoin community. It is the only group with a long, extensive and verifiable track record.

Membership includes a maximum of 8 picks per week.

From entry points, to targeted exit points, everything is dealt with in an organized manner ensuring that all participants are properly briefed on exactly what to do, and when, which always produces those glorious extended rallies.

Picks are released at the start of the week. These coins will put up a good performance regardless but, to ensure that gains are maximised, good communication is the linchpin of our execution strategy.

I want to make it clear that we are not investors – therefore I never suggest that any of our members hold a coin after it has reached the targeted exit – even if prices continue to surge. In short, we are not interested in the future prosperity of any coin – the numbers are what gets us in and then out again, nothing else.

Membership is at 0.5 BTC per week.

Join today, for this weeks picks.

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