PumpersPicks Arbitrage

We have opened our doors to high net worth individuals wishing to trade in bitcoin and other crypto currencies, without submitting KYC and other identifying documents into exchange platforms.

Over the years we have been able to amass a collection of aged exchange accounts.

Our LocalBitcoins account, for example, has logged more than 2000 BTC worth of trades, and nearly 7 years worth of A+ reviews.

With this being the case, we have maintained working relationships with the majority of local and online OTC traders worldwide and are now able to hotspot our well-earned position in this market in order to bridge the gap and facilitate high value trades for those who wish not to go through the rigors of KYC whilst trading crypto currencies.

This is what gives us our ability to generate immense returns via arbitrage trading.

Giving these private traders the ability to execute several large trades all within the time span of 24 hours allows an escape from the tedious withdrawal limits that newcomers must endure on platforms such as coinbase and others.

We provide fast trades for heavily capitalised individuals on an international scale.

Within the space of 6 hours we typically facilitate the exchange of several hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of bitcoins.

For this service our clients are charged a 15% premium on current market rates.

Meaning, by the end of the day, after facilitating roughly 15 to 20 trades – with the least valued trade being at the $100,000 level – we are left with a sizable profit.

However, the growing demands of being able to participate at this level means that we must boost our daily activity.

But due to market wide shortness of liquidity – we have found it difficult to source a larger amount of BTC, on a daily basis, to facilitate our growing list of exchange requests.

Currently, out of 100+ daily trade requests we are only able to fill roughly 15 to 20 orders – which means plenty of income is being left on the proverbial table.

As a result, we are opening this arbitrage opportunity to those who wish to benefit from earning 10% interest daily.

The minimum amount we are able to accept is 3 BTC

Profit Example (Every 24 hours):

3 BTC + 10% = 3.3 BTC

This amounts to 2.1 BTC returned weekly, in addition to your initial principle sum – or, 9 BTC returned over the span of 30 days.

Your principle and profit is returned on a 24 hour basis, assuming that you have not elected to enter into either a weekly or monthly arrangement.


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