Being a steady profiteer is as simple as following the non-changing elements of crypto

In trading you must have an edge. By nature, the market is composed of a variety alternating variables, which is often the reason that most people fail to obtain repeated profits: the market is always changing.

However, while the market is characterised by an ever changing climate, there are multiple elements that always remain the same. These are the elements that you must focus on, if you’re hoping to achieve some degree of consistency in the market


Being a steady profiteer is as simple as following the non-changing elements of crypto, and then using them to your own advantage.

It’s common knowledge that, in a financial marketplace, the trading climate is constantly changing. But, amongst this atmosphere of change and uncertainty, there always remains several fixed points of reference. There always remains a string of elements that remain unchanged no matter what is occurring in the wider scheme of things.

One thing that you must always be aware of as a trader is that, no matter what, if the market isn’t interested in a coin then that coin will fail to attract a satisfactory level of trading volume and therefore there will be minimal movement in its price, which will lead to the coin eventually fading away and being ejected from its exchange.

This is a fact that will forever remain unchanged, therefore this is something that you must be focused on as a trader who is willing to secure ‘consistent’ profits in this market.

You see, the altcoin market is nothing other than a giant popularity contest and the more popular a coin is, the more trading volume it will entice. Therefore, the more popular the coin – the larger it’s price moves will be. The more popular a coin becomes, the more guaranteed its success becomes.

Now… there is a popular misconception in the minds of amateur traders that popularity can only be gauged by tracking ‘positive’ market sentiment. This is false… the popular adage applies here: “all publicity, is good publicity.” It doesn’t matter whether or not there is an overabundance of negative feeling towards a coin, or positive sentiment toward a coin – popularity, is popularity. The more consistently a coin is discussed in the forums, the better that coin will perform on the exchanges.

We have seen this with coins like XPY when 90% of the market was dismissing the coin as being a scam, and labelling it as a “dead” coin that should be avoided….

…. well, not only was 90% of the market proven to be wrong when XPY produced a 200%+ gain in value, despite the negative publicity, but it was proven that whether the sentiment of the market toward a coin is negative or positive matters not… all that matters is whether or not the people are talking.. and if the people are talking about a coin, then this is a clear indication that the coin is set to perform extremely well in the market.

This is an unchanging fact, therefore, as a trader who’s aim it is to bag repeated profits, this is something that you must use to your advantage.

In addition to this, I must state that the obverse of this rule is just as important.

The less popular a coin is, then the more guaranteed is the failure of the coin to gain traction in the market. Simply put, if no one is talking about a coin (whether positively or negatively) then you should probably avoid it like the plague, because this is the clearest indicator that the coin will fail to attract sufficient trading volume on the exchanges… and if a coin can’t attract a suitable level of trading volume, then all of its price moves will be small and insignificant.

The altcoin market is a popularity contest. This is one element of crypto that is fixed, and will never change. Therefore, if you’re hoping to secure consistent profits, then you should learn to use these fixed points of reference to your advantage.

This is the difference between those who earn $100 after a month of trading, and those who time and again earn $10,000+ after a month of trading

The more rooted your trading strategy is in the stable and unchanging elements of the market, the more stable your results will be.

Trading isn’t gambling, and gambling isn’t trading – but, that doesn’t mean that all altcoin traders aren’t gamblers.

Gamblers thrive on uncertainty, skilled traders do not.

Skilled traders know that the market has several fixed points of reference that never change, which allows them to anchor their trading efforts in a safety net of reliability, and therefore to bag significant sums of money as a result.

This means that not only is the market predictable, but the market can be consistently predicted.

The clues to continued success in the crypto market are everywhere… but, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you’ll never find them