Discipline is both the cause and the solution

The prevailing myth among Crypto traders is that – the lack of discipline is the root cause that forces the perpetual draining of their Bitcoin holdings.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of adopting this warped perspective.

Especially when one refuses to take several steps backward in order to acknowledge the fact that discipline is all encompassing.

Just because your version of discipline is to be so proficient and well-endowed with the ability to continuously apply a losing strategy to the market doesn’t mean that you are not disciplined.

In fact you are under the lock and key of an even more powerful form of self-control that ensures that your Bitcoins consistently find their way into the wallets of those who are a little more sophisticated than you.

This is a particular talent that you have cultivated.

You see, a person who is in great shape – physically, has placed himself under strict regulation that causes him to attend his local gym often. He has domesticated himself to the point where his natural cravings for unhealthy meals are ignored in favour of alternatives that are more beneficial.

This is discipline…

However, as I’m sure that you’re aware – there are two sides to every coin.

What about someone who has not maintained themselves physically?

Is this due to the lack of discipline?

… Well, no… because it requires a particular form of consistency for one to pile on the pounds. There is a structure and a system that one must follow strictly – day in and day out, in order to attain a sloppy physical appearance.

This is discipline!

The fact that you begin the trading year with 10 Bitcoins in your wallet, only to wind up with 0.0004 BTC mid-way into the year suggests that you are a disciplined donator of wealth to those who are disciplined receivers of wealth.

The issue at hand here is perspective…


You don’t like money?

You don’t enjoy collecting unreasonably large sums of moolah from the market?

Why didn’t you commit yourself to buying into an opportunity as rewarding as the one presented to us by the ‘hidden hands’ that are shaping the ETC/BTC exchange rate?

Are you scared to reap the benefits that this market provides?

Have you failed to commit to planting seeds of profit and are therefore now forced to starve whilst others are enjoying a bountiful harvest?

Have you prepared for the storm that lies ahead?

You see, trading altcoins is a particular form of activity that comes with inherent side effects.

There are by-products that you must acknowledge at all times.

A particular side effect is the perpetual fattening of one’s wallet, which occurs when one commits himself to being a benefactor of the mistakes made by lesser informed crypto traders.

The other effect is the continued extraction of tokens from your wallet, as the market deems you unworthy to possess even a single private key – due to your frivolous ways and inability to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

You are so disciplined when it comes to taking your tokens and then placing them into the clutches of someone else. This is a skill that you have refined and polished to the point where you are getting rid of your own holdings at such a rate that those who are ten steps ahead of you are able to become wealthy overnight.

Let it be known: This is how the market was designed.

Just because you have failed to acknowledge the bigger picture doesn’t mean that everyone else has.

The crypto currency market is custom built to distribute punishment, but also to distribute rewards.

You see, there are huge rewards extracted from this market on a second by second basis – by those who are aware.

Do you have a lack of awareness?

Does your trading history detail that sad tale of loss… after loss… after loss?

If this is the case then you must understand – discipline is both the cause and the solution to the pain that the market is inflicting upon you.

Continued success in the world of the crypto currencies relies on your ability to ditch the lifestyle of the disciplined donator of wealth, in order to become the disciplined receiver of wealth.

What are your current positions?

When it comes time for harvest, will you be on the receiving end of a profit or a loss?

You see, as you’re reading this – there exists a group of traders who are enjoying the spoils of consistently being positioned on the correct side of the trade.

When is the last time you had a slice of profit pie?

This market will allow you to be as frivolous as you want to be. It will allow you to donate as much money as you wish. It will allow you to make everyone else wealthy, whilst it inflicts the worst form of financial punishment upon you.

But… again, there are two sides to every token.

The crypto currency market serves punishment with its left hand – but uses it’s right hand to dish out rewards, gifts and souvenirs of profit in the form trading histories filled with of a long and illustrious list of gain, after gain… after gain!

What do you see when you click on your trading history tab?

Souvenirs of profit, or relics that expose your lack of finesse… lack of know-how… the lack of ability to take an altcoin and force it to spit an unholy amount of Bitcoins into your wallet?

Where there is structure, there are patterns. Where there is a pattern, there is a form of predictability. Where there is room for predictability, there is room for exploitation.

So be the exploiter – not the exploited!