Does the pump cause the volume? Or does the volume cause the pump?

Clearly defined manipulation is a planned effort by an individual or group of individuals to make the market price of a coin behave in some manner in which it would not behave if left to adjust itself to uncontrolled or uninspired supply and demand.

When correctly interpreted, charts will provide traders with a program and an insight into the changing intentions of market manipulators and group interests. However, for outsiders (novice traders), there is one major drawback to charting the crypto markets: there are too many novices, who have been given the same (incorrect) playbook. These novices are using the most self-sabotaging strategy to trade. Thus, a situation exists that market manipulators and group interests are using to their advantage.



A manipulator knows that the typical novice trader, who spends hours waiting to see the mythological “double top” pattern appear before they make a trade, can be counted on to buy and sell (in their numbers) whenever the fluctuations on a coins chart describes what these novices have been brainwashed into believing are “buy” or “sell” signals – therefore, novice traders have literally been tricked into playing this high-stakes game with all of their cards face up.

Market Manipulators and group interests routinely manipulate the price of a coin in order to create false buy or sell signals; it’s easy to guess who would lose money in that situation.

When you know exactly what signals novice traders are looking to see before they purchase into a coin, immense power is placed in your hands – for the simple fact that, you can create each and every one of these signals with little effort. Volume spikes? … very simple to engineer… Buy support? …. exceedingly simple to engineer… Tight spread? …very simple to engineer… Momentum? … very simple to engineer

If you are a novice trader, you will probably view this as a negative aspect of the market. If so, then that is why you are now and will forever be a novice.

Crypto is a game of strategy! …Not a game of morality.

You see as I mentioned above, novice traders are all following the same exact strategies. However, the things that they have been deceived into perceiving as “buy” signals, are actually “sell” signals. This is why, if you are a novice, you will have an endless list of vivid experiences where you have seen the price of a coin plummet almost immediately after you bought in – this is because you have been fooled!

This whole time, you have been buying into sellers markets… and selling into buyers markets. This is why you have been losing consistently.

You have been given the map that reveals where a 20 tonne pot of gold is buried, but the illustrator of the map drew it upside down – so instead of heading north, you head south… Instead of the east, you head towards the west… in fact, each step you take, in accordance with this map, takes you further and further away from the pot of gold.

This is the mass deception that plagues each and every financial market in the world, not just crypto.

Mass market deception

Why would government officials tell you to teach your children the “value of a dollar” when the dollar has no value? … Why is it that when conglomerates like Apple accumulate large portions of cash, they scramble and fight tooth and nail just so that they can purchase as many companies as possible, or re-invest internally, just so that they can be cash free? Yet, everyday, millions of people around the world are defrauded into “saving” their cash (which is a depreciating asset) in worthless bank accounts in return for a pathetic 4% interest fee?

You see, in the world of finance, conventional wisdom is the bait that lures the lamb directly into the slaughterhouse.

In crypto, it’s the exact same script that we are seeing unfold.

Whilst one person is celebrating the gaining of profit, another person is regretful over yet another loss.

The question you have to ask yourself is, how long are you willing to lose before you adjust your approach?

I will speak freely of these exploits because I know that, everyday, 100 new novice traders make their first trade in the crypto markets. So the percentage of people reading this now VS the percentage of potential novice traders who have yet to even enter the gates of the crypto community (but are certainly on their way) is very small. My point being, there will ALWAYS be novice traders in this market who ‘will’ be exploited in the manner that I described above, and there is nothing anyone can do about it – it’s the way of the world, and the way of financial markets.

However, if you are a novice who has fallen victim to this deception, you can break your losing habits starting from today, and all it takes is for you to turn your maps the right way up.

First and foremost, you are free to learn how to uncover high profit opportunities before the rest of the market

You can learn what it means to buy during a buyer’s market, and sell into a seller’s market

… and do you know what else? You can also learn how to do this again, and again and again – because like I have said a million times, every single day there a 100 brand new novice traders who create threads with titles like “how do I trade altcoins??” they then receive a stream of conventional responses; “never buy a coin with low volume”… “stay away from coins with no buy support”… and so on – then what happens? These novices walk fearlessly into the lion’s den only to get torn limb from limb by the most savage and bloodthirsty market manipulators

It happens almost daily…

Does the pump cause the volume? Or does the volume cause the pump? …You have to understand that the route to profit in the crypto market may not be located in the direction you thought it was.

Why is it that more people know what a “wedge pattern” looks like, but can’t describe the process of accumulation and distribution?

Why is it that traders, who lose money consistently, buy into seller’s markets whilst consistent winners restrict their buying until price action begins to resemble a buyer’s market?

Could it be possible that the crypto market has two separate rule books? …Well, not only is it possible but it is a reality! The crypto market has two separate rule books. The first one is tilted “conventional wisdom” and it was designed in order to funnel profits directly into the pockets of the skilled few.

The most interest thing is that, as a market participant, being a skilled or an unskilled player is merely a choice.

Will you continue to trace directions from an upside down map, or will you turn that map the right way up to reveal the one true route to profit in the crypto market?

One thing I can tell you is that; if the pot of gold is buried in a location that is northwards, and your map is telling you to head south – you have already lost.