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Finally… you’re in exactly the right place… at precisely the right time.

In fact… you’re right at the cash-rich “sweet-spot” of a trend… heck, a tsunami that is going to leave more wealth in its wake than anything you’ve ever seen before.

You may not know it yet… but you’ve already got almost everything you need… and I’m about to arm you with the last missing pieces of the puzzle right here on this page.

And when you snap those last pieces into place… you’ll see why trading altcoins will turn into the fastest, most effortless money you’ve ever made!

Are you being lead away from the money?
You may have been ripped off, lied to and lead away from the most potent sources of profit in this market. If your current trading system isn’t sucking cash out of the market like a dyson vacuum in a bank vault, then stop what you’re doing right now and read on…

Please do not be mistaken, a loss for you, is a gain for the person on the other side of the trade. Therefore, if you have been consistently losing money in this market – then someone else has been consistently profiting because of it.

You see, behind every short term move, is a long term price cycle. Behind every long term price cycle, is an inconceivable amount of profit.

If it is your desire to make gargantuan sums of money trading altcoins, then it is crucial to always be aware of the bigger picture.

Every altcoin trader can provide examples of scoring a huge win, but then ending up averaging up losses that cancel out such victories – often leaving them with a severe balance deficit.

… the methods contained in the PumpersPicks ELITE course makes altcoin profits so automatic, that even a newbie grunt couldn’t screw it up…

And that’s exactly why the “old guard” want to keep it from you.

Over-trading is a silent killer
Every reputed army general understands that fighting every single battle requires the exhaustion of financial resources, boosts the rate of mortality among soldiers and therefore can only have a negative impact on long-term performance. Thus, the reputed general will only engage his forces into battle when he is sure of achieving victory.

With altcoins, it is the tendency of people to overtrade (fight every single battle) that causes them to lose repeatedly.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what it’s like…

Jumping aboard every hyped-up altcoin that comes along, praying it will be the one that unlocks the door to big paydays.

Believe it or not, when I first entered the world of digital currencies, I fell for them all… the coins that were promoted as being “the next bitcoin,” the coins that promised “automatic profits.” etc

Before I developed my own strategy for trading altcoins, I dropped thousands on a handful of coins – and even nearly gave up when I realised that all of my efforts were only taking me further away from my goals.

I was so eager to earn like “the big boys”… that I didn’t even realise that I was being lead astray.

Well, you’ll be relieved to know…

The reign of deception is finally over… It took me 6 months to break free from the lies that I was being fed and crack my first $10,000 profit from the altcoin market…

And the best part is…

Over the last 8 months, I have trained an entire platoon of new traders and taught them how to seize vaults full of cash from the altcoin market, with little to no effort at all.

You see, every time you enter into a trade, what you’re essentially doing is engaging in a psychological battle with the person who is on the opposing end of that trade because, clearly, there is a disconnect in opinion if one person is buying what the other is selling.

In our crypto scene, the market will give but so too will the market take what it has given – if you allow it enough room to do so.

All the deceptive promotion tactics… All of the premine scams… None of these things will ever rob you of profit ever again.

Finally, all those years of blindly following the “hype train” and being dumped on are finished

I was taught to never question leadership…. But, when it comes to trading in this brand new financial arena, which is still in its “wild west” phase… blindly following the “leaders” will drive you straight into the wasteland.

I used to think it was my fault. “Was I stupid?” Everyone else makes easy money.

So, what was I doing wrong? Where was my ‘easy money’?

The answer shocked me at first.

But once long and sustained research confirmed that altcoin promoters were leading me on a journey to nowhere… I put their own patterns of market manipulation to work, and turned their own system of deception against them.

You’ll see how I got the only justifiable revenge – huge and continuous profits. And by reading every word on this page you’ll discover how easy it is for you to do the same.

Work smarter, not harder.. The wonders of ‘Hands-free’ trading!
It is a well known fact that staring at price charts and order books all day is like having a slot machine on your desk – you will end up feeding it all day long. Watching every single tick and always checking up on intraday market movements can only provide a temptation to trade more frequently which will lead to the detriment of optimal performance.

The dangers of watching every tick are significant: it can lead to over-trading, impulse trading, or it could increase the chances of prematurely liquidating a good position on insignificant, but adverse, market moves.

The absence of over-trading and the presence of market poise, is set and forget trading – which allows traders to spend less time in front of the screen thus boosting efficiency.

When I uncovered how the fat cat altcoin promoters were duping people, I wanted revenge. But not just for me, for anyone else who put trust in them.

Turns out the promoters were being honest about one thing:

Trading crypto currencies is by far the best way to make hordes of money simply, quickly and easily.

The reasons are obvious…
  • Just like thousands of amateur traders have done over the last 8 months, you can easily and quickly build your own five-figure per month revenue stream from scratch… Seeing unstoppable cash flow into your wallet each and every week…
  • You can work this revenue stream from anywhere in the world in as little as 30 minutes a day. Trade more-make more, you are in control…
  • You never have to deal with annoying co-workers. Crank the music and trade in your underwear if you feel like it.
  • You can do it over and over again… With our tutelage there is no limit to how many times you can reproduce huge profits and double or triple your gains..

But even after confirming that the altcoin market was the correct path for me… It still took me 6 months to break free from the web of deception. There was lots of unravelling to be done…

It became an obsession. And it nearly broke me. The clock was ticking. I was down to my last 5 BTC when, all of a sudden, something happened… Something that has everything to do with your success as an altcoin trader…

“The combination clicked…The gates flew open…and money came rushing in!”

First… my initial “big win” in the altcoin market came from BTCD, back in July of 2014.

I had initially purchased this coin based on the fact that it was behaving exactly like Vericoin (VRC) did during its first multi-million dollar pump.

If you remember, Vericoin had its first rally and then continued on upwards from there. I have several personal friends and associates who made up to 10 to 20 times their money during VRC’s heyday. These guys were literally minting Bitcoins every time VRC rallied – while I was the crypto currency sceptic who sat on the sidelines watching everyone else make money around me.

BTCD had its first rally and then formed a very strong uptrend. I was constantly monitoring the volume, and saw an almost 1:1 match with the data I had for VRC back when it was building up steam. So, I bit the bullet and put all I had into this coin…

BTCD went on to have a huge price run that was an almost 1:1 identical match with VRC’s mega pump – it was this one trade that put me on the path to consistent profits in this market, and every day there is another opportunity just like this that people just allow to pass by undetected – because they don’t know what they should be looking for.

Truth be told

“A flood of money like this will change your direction in this market forever…”

Suddenly, price is no obstacle. You are truly free for the first time.

You can do whatever you want whenever you want to do it and opportunities open up like you never imagined.

I want you to experience this too. Because I know how it feels to work hard and get nowhere. You deserve to succeed, and we’re going to show you how.

And the best part is…

You’ll trade from anywhere… much less than 30 minutes a day… and just keep piling money into the truck.

It makes no difference if…

You’ve traded the altcoin market before and tanked hard…
You’ve been blindsided by all those rip-off flash in the pan scam coins…
You’ve never had a single winning trade in your entire tenure in the market…

Regardless of who you are, or where you come from, this system arms you with the weapons that guarantee your success. But before I reveal any more, I want to explain how the richest altcoin promoters out there have been purposely steering you away from the easy money.

I’ll explain how they do it… why they do it, and how to exact the only proper revenge… Consistent, and continuous profits!

The manipulators web of deception
By engineering a series of false buy signals, manipulators are well aware that 90% of the traders in this market are unsophisticated and therefore will perceive these false signals as genuine buying opportunities – when actually, by buying into a false signal, all you’re doing is putting your money directly into the pocket of someone who was ten steps ahead of you – and allowing them out of the coin with a substantial profit.

You see, an individual trader plays this game because he wants to win. This is level one thinking, and we all know that, in a game, as the levels progress the rules and methods become more complex – however, in crypto, the majority of traders continue to apply level one methodology no matter how deep into the game they travel.

Just to repeat – An individual trader plays this game because he wants to win. This is level one thinking.

Now… Whilst you’re navigating this market alone and trying to “win”, there are group interests that have formed one single objective, and that is to make YOU, the individual trader, lose! …This is level two methodology.

This level two way of thinking differs from level one because a trader who simply wants to ‘win’ has no power – he is constantly ‘waiting’ for something good to happen, he is constantly at affect to whatever is happening around him – basically, he is food for the wolves.

Those that apply level two methodology are always 10 steps ahead, because they know that forcing someone to lose is much simpler than ‘waiting’ to win. These traders take matters into their own hands… they know exactly what types of signals individual traders want to see before they buy a coin, and so they ‘create’ these signals. They know the types of scenarios that will cause the typical novice trader to sell, so they engineer these scenarios.
Another, more destructive, way altcoin promoters keep market novices out of the loop is by getting you addicted to the idea of earning easy money in the altcoin market, but making it impossible to achieve.


“…as long as you’re chasing the high of Instant riches, you’ll buy anything they’re selling.”

If this all sounds like some kind of conspiracy tale, you’re not far off.

What’s important here is that you don’t waste any more time and money by moving in the wrong direction. As I’ve said, it isn’t the promises of making piles of money in the altcoin market that are false… It’s the methodologies that they have tricked you into using that are bogus.

The answer is PumpersPicks ELITE
When I finally picked the lock that opened the floodgates to stable and continuous profits… I discovered what separates the 1% of successful traders from the other 99% is simple “mechanics.”

Regardless of what your regular trading day consists of, there always exists the desire of achieving consistency.

Whether this consistency manifests itself in the form of a string of homeruns each week, or in the form of a guaranteed amount of money each month, consistency is always the altcoin trader’s motive.

See, in order to create an abundance of wealth in the altcoin market, all of your components need to work in sync, just like the engine in your car. And in order for it to run smooth, you have to maintain it like a car…

Easy stuff, like fuelling it up, changing the oil once in a while, running it through the car wash.

And if you don’t, you end up with a clunker dripping fluids and pouring black smoke as it sputters down the street. And that’s just what the developers do… they spray shiny paint on a leaky rust bucket knowing you’ll need to replace it next week.

Just when they conveniently release their new “Breakthrough and revolutionary coin.”

Our single objective at PumpersPicks is to lead you to the big paydays you’ve been searching for, but never found.

I did it, and so can you.

In just a couple of days from today, your components will be in synch, your engine will be humming, and you’ll be ready to jam the accelerator on your smooth running cash spitting trading strategy.

You’ll have everything in place to tackle this market… you’ll literally be watching the profits pile up in your account.

… and if you’re JUST STARTING OUT, new and nimble with nothing to “unlearn”… you’re about to get in on the ground floor and skip right to where it would have taken you several months to get to.

There’s no better time to be a “newbie” than right now.

Nobody has an advantage over you at this moment …

… but you have to take action if you want to be one of the early movers seizing the prime real estate in this market and holding the high ground when this trend hits its peak.

You’ve got time… but not much…

… so in the PumpersPicks ELITE Course, we’ll show you exactly how to skip right past the six month “learning curve” that I went through and go for the “big money” methods right away with mentoring sessions that will let you earn massive profits and leap over the “stuck” learning phase that drags most altcoin traders down.

There’s no “theory “ here just the nitty-gritty “do it once, get paid forever” stuff that’s going to get you into action faster than you ever imagined possible – I’m talking about growth at frightening speeds that you could only dream about before!

Given that we essentially arrive at the battlefield first, we are afforded abundant opportunity to lace the territory with land mines, to have our sharpshooters positioned and ultimately to freely ambush our opponents (latecomers) as they arrive to the field, making our ascent to victory – an unfair one – but also a simple and effortless one.

In these 1-on-1 coaching sessions, I’m going to dive right into the good stuff and personally bring you in on a Boat-Load of insider information to really JUMPSTART your run in this market and propel you to the next level.

These 1-on-1 coaching sessions were designed with one Objective…

…Leading you from the humdrum life of an ordinary income earner to a a ruthless profit scoring blood-hound by revealing to you what 99% of altcoin promoters don’t want you to know…

You’ll quickly discover…

  • How one long-term trade easily generates more money than most people make in 2 months of their 9-5 jobs.
  • The one amazing and powerful strategy that instantly doubles or triples your profits. You’ll be shocked at how powerful this strategy is, and how easy it is to implement! Whether you feel like working that day or not – our system never takes a day off.
  • How to put all of your trading efforts on autopilot. I will guide you step-by-step how to create a money machine that is so well designed that your only “effort” is opening your wallet and watching how much money comes piling in month after month!
  • How to ensure your crypto money tree is extremely profitable over the long run. It’s not enough to build a profitable strategy; I will teach you how to keep it profitable day in and day out!
  • How to select the absolute best coins to attack. I have done all the work for you here! I will TELL you what these coins are, and exactly how long to stay with them for maximum profit…
These are the tactics and strategies that I use every single day

Everything is revealed: What I teach you in this course is exactly what I have at my disposal on a daily basis. Nothing more, nothing less. I reveal to you every little secret that is responsible for the pile of profit that we at PumpersPicks generate on a monthly basis.

In other words, there is NOTHING different from what I do in my personal day to day activities from what you will learn in this course.

You’ll always know exactly which coins to buy, and which ones aren’t profitable enough to bother with. PLUS, you’ll have the perfect “attack and retreat” strategy that guarantees you will make a killing, every single time…
Sounds Easy, Right?

Well, it truly is an incredibly easy way to make obscene amounts of money. BUT… you and I both know it can only happen only if you have the right formula.

In my opinion and experience, the altcoin segment is the most profitable segment of the crypto market, PERIOD!

Simply because you can very quickly turn 10 BTC into 20 BTC, and then return to the BTC/FIAT market, and instantly turn that 20 BTC into 50 BTC within a mere seven days – by using leverage and picking your spots carefully.


I want to make sure you understand that our strategy is not only profitable but CONSTANTLY profitable over the long run.

PumpersPicks: ELITE

If it is your desire to make bundles of money from trading altcoins, without having to incur endless hours of screen time, day after day – then it is crucial to always be aware of the bigger picture.


As illustrated above, the coins that present the largest opportunities for profit tend to spend more time in accumulation than they do in distribution – the implication for the altcoin trader is, in order to win – and to win big – you need to adopt a longer term view.

PumpersPicks ELITE
No fluff, no B.S., no theory! You will learn every single detail of our strategy.

Being the largest, longest running and most prolific trading group in the entire crypto currency industry, PumpersPicks members often dominate the movement of multiple coins at a time. Controlling accumulation and therefore being the largest profiteers during distribution. This is the strength in numbers theory that is played out week after week as each member plays their own role in our processes. This linking of individual effort, directed toward a shared objective, combines into a monolithic presence across the entire market.


Start your journey today

The PumpersPicks: ELITE course is taught on a one on one basis and runs throughout the course of 14 days.

Given that we essentially always arrive at the battlefield first, we are afforded abundant opportunity to lace the territory with land mines, to have our sharpshooters positioned and ultimately to freely ambush our opponents (latecomers) as they arrive to the field, making our ascent to victory – an unfair one – but also a simple and effortless one.

You will learn every single detail of this strategy.

No matter how you look at it, the quickest way to make money in the altcoin market is by following a successful model that is quick and easy to implement. And that is exactly how I built the PumpersPicks ELITE course: in a way that will make it extremely EASY for you to replicate and implement the information.

The course is designed so that even if you do not have any trading experience you will be up and running in no time.

I will be telling you step-by-step what to do and when to do it with a complete, detailed timetable. If you know how to follow a simple instruction manual, you will know how to follow our 1-on-1 course.

I believe in “do A, do B, and get C,” and this is how I teach my members.

All content is based on real experience in the market, real examples, and real practical working information. I am revealing to YOU everything you need to know to repeatedly drag profit from the altcoin market day after day. No barriers, no hidden information, no secrets.

Membership is at 3 BTC to get in on the PumpersPicks: ELITE course

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