Exploiting unskilled altcoin developers for profit

In any marketplace, power always becomes highly concentrated wherever there is organisation, and co-operation. Whenever there exists an arena of commerce, with thousands of participants, group efforts are always magnitudes more effective than the efforts of individuals.


RBY is an example of how a group of traders working in cohesion with each other can breathe life back into a coin.

This same group, can also ‘take’ life away from a coin and destroy its entire price cycle… if they chose to.

As an individual trader who is interested in learning how to trade altcoins, your options are limited when it comes to navigating the ups and downs of the market. Simply because, you don’t know ‘why’ a coin is being moved downward in price, and you are in the dark when it comes to knowing ‘why’ a coin is (or will be) having a major price advancement.

Never be mistaken, there are several recurring patterns that appear over and over again on the price charts, and I’m not making reference to any mythological “head and shoulders” or “wedge” patterns.

When I mention ‘recurring patterns’ I am making reference to the percentage drop that occurs prior to every single major price advancement…

…you see, people spend countless wasted hours trying to spot a “pump” so that they can jump onboard and tag along… this is the most counterproductive and incorrect strategy, simply because whenever you buy into a pump, you are actually letting someone else out of that coin with a substantial profit.

If you want to be successful in this market, then you have to understand that each and every week there is a group that gets together to ‘decide’ which coins will be moved upwards in price – and also which coins will suffer major price declines.

Literally, this group works their way into multiple coins over a sustained period of time, and their one objective is to extract limitless profits from each and every coin that they lay hands on.

With every passing month, they accomplish this goal simply because the majority of traders in this market are using the exact same (incorrect) strategies to trade, therefore the task of “getting there first” is just all too simple.

You see, Just like in any marketplace, the altcoin market is packed full of novices.

There is a plethora of novice traders who make themselves available to be taken complete and total advantage of, but more importantly (pay attention) there is also an overabundance of novice ‘developers’ in this market to take complete and total advantage of.

I find it quite interesting that people forget where the largest amount of funds are concentrated in this market.

The largest concentration of funds, and I am talking more than 100,000 BTC ++, is being held by the traders of the crypto currency market, not the developers. In fact, if you were to dig a little deeper, you’d find that all of the developers – combined – bring very little to the table in terms of funds and liquidity.

And, like it or not, the very survival of any coin in this market is dictated by the traders, not the developers.

Therefore, I’m sure you can imagine how powerful a ‘group’ of traders can be in this market, once they decide to work together, in order to take advantage of these novice developers.

You see, I mentioned in a previous post… literally the role of a trader is to be as strategic as possible so that he can buy at one price, and then sell at another. In the altcoin market, there are ‘no holds barred’ when it comes to achieving this objective.

So, of course, you have traders who routinely inflict chaos on the price of a coin using certain softwares and technology – all with the intent of accumulating the largest portion of that coin, and at the cheapest possible rate.

In addition to this, a developers role is to market and promote their coin – even when there is a group who has manipulated the entire construct of that coins market to suit their own purposes, and will therefore stand to make tremendous profits as a result of all and any promotion that the coin receives.

This is how traders are extracting hundreds of BTC from this market every month, due to the ignorance of unskilled developers.

Please be aware and never fail to remember that 100 traders can congregate into one non-descript IRC client and literally decide the fate of each and every tradable altcoin, because ‘volume’ is the lifeblood of the market – and ‘volume’ is what traders (not developers) bring to the table.

I have mentioned before that this is a market that is consumed with whales and sharks… and every day, there is a new novice who swims right into the middle of the water, and gets devoured.

Most developers don’t understand the market, and therefore they are utterly simple to take advantage of for continuous and consistent profits.

As an altcoin trader, one of your primary concerns should be to gain information on how to trade altcoins for continuous and consistent profits. Your one concern should be to make profit for yourself, not to worry about how much money another trader is making.

You must understand that in the altcoin market, other traders are your best source of information. Because in this market, and every other financial market in the world, it is the traders who control the capital…

…and when you have a group of traders, working together, this group is now controlling and dictating the ‘direction’ of this capital.

As I mentioned before, 100 traders working together are ten times more powerful than 1000 traders who are working individually.

Each and every participant in the crypto markets has a trading history that either displays a long and endless list of loss after loss, after loss – OR profits… profits… and more profits!

If you have nothing apart from losses to show for your entire tenure in the crypto market, then you may need to consider adjusting your approach.