From the very moment you have executed your trade, the results have already been decided

From the very moment you have executed your trade, the results have already been decided.

There can only ever be two events that occur as a result of a trade: 1. Your money moving into someone else’s wallet, 2. Someone else’s money moving into your wallet.

Since this is the case, it is clear that not only is there methodology behind being consistently profitable – but there is a very specific recipe for continued success in the altcoin markets.

The implication being, you do not need to be an oracle of good-fortune to gain repeat wins. You do not need to consult with the high priest of voodoo to withdraw more money from a trade than you originally deposited – all you need is to follow this recipe and cook up your own piece of profit pie.

It is that simple.

There is no use walking blindly into some random trade and then sitting there with your fingers crossed, hoping that the stars align in your favour – this is a total waste of time.

It is like being thirsty, but hoping that someone – out of the kindness of their heart – brings you a tall glass of water … when instead, you could easily get up, walk into your kitchen, force the fridge open and quench your own thirst using your own volition.

That is the problem many individuals in this very market have.

90% of those that trade this market are permission seekers who believe that profit is given and not taken!

I must repeat, not only is there methodology behind being consistently profitable – but there is a recipe for continued success in crypto.

Sitting passively on the sidelines isn’t going to reset the endless list of losses that you have accumulated.

Being a permission seeker in an arena filled with blood hungry sharpshooters, who blaze their own trails and snatch their winnings directly from the plates of market laggards, will only lead you into the pathetic pits of poverty.

Simply put, the only way you will stop losing money is if you stop doing the things that are causing you to lose – and if you don’t know what these things are, then you can only expect to continue being someone else’s cash cow


Profit is not given, profit is taken.

It is very rare that you will ever find a coin that has not been fully exploited by skilled purveyors of the altcoin market by the time that you make your arrival.

What I mean by this is, it is a FACT that amateur traders are scared to dive into a coin that isn’t currently the talk of the town.

Amateur traders are scared shitless to act instead of react.

This is because they have no form of a strategy. They simply have no understanding of this venture that they have involved themselves with.

So instead of making educated decisions – they simply mirror the actions of everyone else around them.

Now… the funny thing about this is, these same amateurs will sit around and scratch their heads at the end of each day, trying to figure out why every step they take in this market detracts money from their pockets.

Well, I have to ask… what is the prime rule of commerce?

In order to profit, you must ‘get there first’ – so that you can buy cheaply. Then once demand increases, you sell expensively and at a profit. Simple.

However, amateur traders have no strategy except to buy what everyone else is buying.

This is a direct violation of the law of commerce, and this is why the market constantly punishes you.

Just ask yourself… if ‘everyone’ is currently buying something – is the ‘demand’ for that thing high or low? .. It is high. So, if the demand is high then – as a rule – the price will also be at its highest level… therefore if you buy this thing, you will physically be unable to sell it at a profit.

So, in essence, amateur traders are ‘willingly’ buying into high prices and therefore being forced to sell at low prices.

And you must take note… small losses always compound into larger loses, which in turn compound into even larger losses. Which means that unless you undergo reorientation, to reorganise your strategy – your future in the altcoin market will be very grim indeed.

Profit isn’t given, profit is taken!

You will not find the answers to your questions on twitter, because by the time information hits social media, the whole market responds which makes this form of intel useless.

There are no rewards to be had when you are basing your trading strategy on information that is readily available to the entire market – because you will be trading ‘with’ the 90% rather than front running the 90%.

You have to put yourself in a position that is not reactive, which means that you have to assume the role of the aggressor

Why is it that one trader can pull in $10,000 in the short space of 30 days without even trying, whilst another trader struggles to turn an amount as small as $50 into $100?

It all boils down to information.

You see, the market wants to put money into your pocket… in fact, the market is custom built to put money into your pocket – but only if you allow it to.

The skilled traders in the altcoin market are only “skilled” because they know which coins to buy, and which coins to avoid. Whereas unskilled traders are like dancers with two left feet, quivering and stumbling their way through the market and falling into each and every trap that has been laid out for them.

You have to be smart enough to understand that every last penny that you have lost in this market only contributed to someone else’s profit.

By continuing to trade this market like an amateur, all you are doing is enriching other people who are ten times more efficient than you are.

Information is the key that unlocks the floodgates to an uncontrollable, uncapped and unrestrained outpouring of profit – either you are already trading in line with the natural flow of the market and therefore profiting, or trading against the natural flow of the market and therefore losing out