Going counter to ‘the norm’ nets you huge amounts of cash, alternative trading strategies lead to profit expansion!

The cost of ignorance is sky high, especially in a market like this.

Trading is one of the only professions in the world where being unskilled comes with a hefty price tag.

In fact, the market has a rather grotesque twist, as every single loss that you have ever made has only fattened the pockets of someone who had a little more information than you.

In this arena, a loss means that you have instantly lost a portion of your very own personal wealth… and when you consider the fact that most people never seek to destroy their losing habits, the picture becomes a little more grim.

Simply put, it all comes down to simple mathematics.

If all you are doing is losing money in this market, then you’re travelling down the gloomy pathway to financial ruin. You will continue to lose money until you have nothing left to gamble away – and at that point, you’ll only have yourself to blame for electing to remain unproductive.

The old adage applies: If you want something different to happen, then you have to do something that you have never done before. The answer to your consecutive losses in crypto can be found in your daily routine.

There is a particular thing that you’re either doing, or not doing, that is draining your funds.

I repeatedly stress how simple it is to win consistently. In fact we, at PumpersPicks, have been generating consistent streams of profit for more than a year now, at a steady and uninterrupted pace… But don’t for one second be mistaken. If you do not have the relevant pieces to the puzzle of the altcoin market, then it is even more simple to lose consistently.

The key is and always will be information, simply because this is the only way to gain an edge over the person who is on the other side of the trade.

Once you have gained this edge, trading begins to move out of the realm of gambling and into the department of uninterrupted, enduring and relentless profit


There are only a handful of basic elements that will allow you to capture consecutive wins in the altcoin market. These elements are basic when it comes to applying them, but don’t be fooled: they are potent profit magnets that ruthlessly extract returns out of the very veins of an altcoin.

Skilled altcoin traders have mastered these principles and are able to draw revenue on their own terms. They aren’t subject to the everyday noise that pushes and pulls market novices from one side of the market to the other.

These skilled players have perfected their use of alternative trading strategies in such a way that allows them to trade in sync with the markets natural flow, instead of against it.

On the other hand, the tendencies of rookie traders is to chase the money. Literally they are like flies to a flame when it comes to their trading approach – and manipulators are well aware of this.

You see trading is not a game of morality where ‘good sportsmanship’ is rewarded, actually the opposite is the case. Those that are devious by nature perform at a much higher level in this field than the common player. These “streetwise” traders will sooner kick you whilst you’re down than offer a hand to help you out, and it is for this reason that they’re continuously successful in the market.

I mean, trading is nothing except a highly sophisticated blood sport… therefore good manners and a strong moral compass won’t take you anywhere is this enterprise. In fact these things will only hinder your progress.

Just examine the very nature of trading.

As we all know, trading is an activity where going counter to ‘the norm’ nets you huge amounts of cash and in alignment with this fact, in crypto, goodwill isn’t rewarded, it’s punished.

By definition, your role in this market is to outsmart the person who is buying when you’re selling and vice versa – the more consistently you’re able to do this, your overall performance will begin to improve and this will be reflected in the form of an increasing wallet balance.

All of a sudden you will begin to cruise through the market, effortlessly while everyone else is stuck in first gear and eventually, your profits will begin to compound which will send your earning potential through the roof.

It’s all a matter of understanding how risk works.

You see, the laws of physics state that what goes up must go down… and what goes down must go back up.

Using this theory as a foundation, you can ascertain that risk is higher when the price of a coin has just had a major increase…. and lower when a coin has just had a major price decline. Despite the common sense nature of this theory, it is rarely applied to altcoins – which is why only 1% of the participants in this dark corner of the financial stratosphere are continuously profitable.

If the majority where to adopt this one simple theory to their own trading strategies, then there’d be fewer market casualties

There two variants of traders that go to battle each day in the altcoin markets. Novice traders and skilled traders. These battles have been rigged by the skilled few, in favour of the skilled few. Therefore those who trade with the novices mind-frame will always draw the shorter end of the stick in this market. The main determining factor in what makes you a novice, and a skilled player is the way you ‘think’ about this market. You cannot have action without thought, and so it is your thoughts that dictates your actions when trading altcoins.

Being successful on a consistent basis means that you first have to realise that not only is it possible to be continuously successful in this market, but there many people who win, consistently, week after week – and they manage to do this because they are familiar with the rules of the game. There is a system to the way money flows through this market. Either you are the one feeding money through this system, or you are the one that the money flows to. It all depends on when, and where you position yourself