Have you been walking into each and every trap that market manipulators have laid out in front of you?

With so much money flooding this market on a daily basis, the question is, why isn’t any of this money landing in your pocket?

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is 500 BTC worth of volume (at minimum) flowing into the altcoin market on a daily basis. This accumulates into 3,500 BTC per week, 14,000 BTC per month and 168,000 BTC per year at a minimum.

Now, with this being said, I must ask: Are you a beneficiary of this gargantuan trading volume? Or, are you just a mere contributor?

You see, time and time again, I have mentioned that in the crypto market, you fall into one out of three categories. Either you are a manipulator, you are profiting because of someone else’s manipulation, or you are a ‘victim’ of manipulation.

You can’t be all three at once.

But one thing I will note is that, the people who consistently make the most amount of money in this market, fall into the first two categories. They are either manipulators themselves, or they are simply profiteers who benefit from manipulation.

The traders who fall into the latter of the three categories, are nothing but the human robots of the market who have been programmed (by manipulators) to empty their pockets almost at command – and do you know what there is so much money to be had from exploiting this particular type of trader? Well, simply, they are in the majority.

So we have a situation in this market that dictates that every one manipulator get his profits as a direct result of mistakes made by 100 unskilled traders, and believe me unskilled traders do nothing except make mistakes – so this is a VERY profitable exploit that keeps manipulators sucking in the profit at faster rates each and every month


Have you been playing the game backwards?

Have you been walking into each and every trap that market manipulators have laid out in front of you?

…if so, then you aren’t alone. In fact, if you have been consistently losing money then you are in great company. Because around 98% of people that trade the crypto currency markets end up losing a truck load of money in the long-run.

Why is this?

Well, if you are part of the ‘majority’, then there are several things that you’re doing wrong in the market which renders you as a mere drone that performs 100% of the work of market manipulators.

Quite literally, if you have failed to generate (at a bare minimum) 10 home run profits in a row, then your each and every move in this market has seen that you grow increasingly poorer, whilst the manipulators grow exceedingly wealthy.

Having said this, I can appreciate that you would rather not be in this kind of position. I realise that you would rather be the one profiting due to the ignorance of others, instead of the other way round…

Well, not only is this possible, but it is extremely simple to achieve.

If you have been consistently losing money in the altcoin market, then this is a complete sin. Because, and I kid you not, there are people who are yet to have taken a substantial loss in the market this year. There are people that pile profit into the truck almost on auto pilot in this market. There are people who make more and more money with each passing month, while working less and less. There are people who go several days at a time without even so much as updating themselves on the price movements and happenings in the market, that STILL make up to TEN TIMES more money than someone else who glues themselves to the screen every day.

Not being able to make at least $10,000 monthly in this fertile market, is like someone swimming in the middle of an ocean but claiming to be thirsty.

As I mentioned above, there is clearly not a lack of money splashing around the crypto world. There is at minimum 500 BTC ($120,000) that is pumped into altcoins on a daily basis, across all the exchanges. This is 3,500 BTC ($835,000) weekly… and 14,000 BTC monthly ($3,350,000).

So literally each and every month there is a minimum of $3,350,000 that is up for grabs. Right there in the open for every opportunist in the world to stuff right inside their pockets and to come back the following month for more.

The question is, how much of this $3.3 MILLION DOLLAR bounty ends up in your own personal bank account at the end of each month?

If you end up with a positive balance at the end of the month, then CLEARLY you are doing something right. Your strategy is constructed in such a way that allows you to pocket a % of the $3 million dollar lump of gold that is deposited into this market every month. There is something that you are doing that is putting you in a position to be a benefactor of this overly abundant portion of wealth.

However, there is a flipside to this of course.

If have found that at the end of every month you are ending up with LESS money or NOTHING at all… then CLEARY you are doing everything wrong. Clearly if you have ended up with NO MONEY, but yet $3MILLION DOLLARS has changed hands throughout the month, then your strategy has been constructed in such a way that has made you nothing but a CONTRIBUTER to this monthly lump sum that is deposited into this market. You have been nothing but a pawn in a game that was designed by winners, for winners. You are the one who brings money to the table, but then the host of the party tells you to get out as you are no longer welcome and he even slams the door in your face as you’re leaving.

You have to realise that if you have been losing money then it is not the markets fault, it is your own fault.

You either don’t know how to read the market, or you have been trading far too much.

Or, you don’t have a strategy that puts you in position to be a BENEFACTOR of the $3.3 MILLION dollar BTC bounty that changes hands in this market every month.

Your current method of trading has made you a mere CONTRIBUTOR who brings a case full of beer to the party, but still leaves without a girl on his arm and even gets the door slammed in his face after being ‘escorted’ out of the party

In the altcoin world, information is key. If you don’t know what a manipulators trap looks like, then how can you avoid it? If you don’t know what a high profit opportunity looks like, then how can you exploit it?

I guarantee that throughout your lives, you have been told that “hard work pays off.” Well, let me tell you what the harsh truth is. In this market, the ones who work the “hardest” make nothing but dust in comparison to the big dogs who rarely lift a finger.

This isn’t a market that rewards the person that works the hardest. This is a market that punishes those that work the hardest, and if you think I am exaggerating then just examine your own trading history.

If you find that you have ‘never’ made a consistent stream of incomes, but have instead had a consistent stream of losses in this market, then that goes to show that success in the world of the cryptos has nothing to do with hard work.

Success in this market has everything to do with skill, efficiency and information.

The more of each you have, money will begin to chase YOU instead of the reverse