If you do not play the game of money, then the game of money will be played against you

If you were competing against yourself, what would you be doing differently right now? You see, if you do not play the game of money, then the game of money will be played against you – there is no escaping that.

Why is it that one trader can pull in $10,000 in the short space of 30 days without even trying, whilst another trader struggles to turn an amount as small as $50 into $100?

It all boils down to information.

You see, the market wants to put money into your pocket… in fact, the market is custom built to put money into your pocket – but only if you allow it to.

The skilled traders in the altcoin market are only “skilled” because they know which coins to buy, and which coins to avoid. Whereas unskilled traders are like dancers with two left feet, quivering and stumbling their way through the market and falling into each and every trap that has been laid out for them.

You have to be smart enough to understand that every last penny that you have lost in this market only contributed to someone else’s profit.

By continuing to trade this market like an amateur, all you are doing is enriching other people who are ten times more efficient than you are.

Information is the key that unlocks the floodgates to an uncontrollable, uncapped and unrestrained outpouring of profit – either you are already trading in line with the natural flow of the market and therefore profiting, or trading against the natural flow of the market and therefore losing out


Why is it that one trader can pull in $10,000 in the short space of 30 days without even trying, whilst another trader struggles to turn an amount as small as $50 into $100?

It is the mentality of traders that forces them to lose…

You see the traders that make the most money in this market make it their duty to only socialise with other traders who are also making a shit pile of money… Whereas the ones who have done nothing except to lose money only feel comfortable amongst other consistent losers.

We see it again and again.

Thread after thread created about the instability of altcoins, untrustworthy developers, the daily scam accusations, the arguing, the bickering – all of which would never occur if these individuals were able to extract wealth from this market.

Successful traders enjoy friendly competition with each other … in fact, they use it as inspiration to triple their current level of income… whilst unskilled traders shiver at the mentioning of ‘competition’ because they are acutely aware of the string of losses that they have under their belts.

But the fact remains… When you keep company with the masters of any field, you’ll almost automatically adopt and imitate their qualities.

There are several coins in the market that have the same recurring patterns of price movement over and over again… skilled traders exploit these recurring movements for their own financial benefit. Did you know about the existence of such exploits? If not, then you have been socialising with the wrong people…

Skilled traders understand the connection that exists between the larger BTC/FIAT market and the Altcoin market. They track how money ping pongs backwards and forwards throughout this entire market, and therefore they position themselves in the most prime locations for large portions of this money to be deposited into their own pockets… are you aware of these patterns? If not, then you have been socialising with the wrong people – people who can only ever lead you down the pathway to loserville, where losses are celebrated and profit is a dirty word.

Let’s face it… the technology that is being created in this very market is interesting, and could possibly change the world in the long run – but, as traders, most of us couldn’t care less about this hocus-pocus “technology” malarkey. As traders, we are here for one reason and one reason only – to make money… It is the numbers that get us into a trade, and the numbers that get us out of a trade.

Therefore profits should be celebrated openly, and discussed openly… not only to educate the amateurs, the novices and the unskilled – but to paint a picture of the sheer amount of wealth that is being extracted from this market on a daily basis.

Quite literally, this week – several people have cashed out tens of thousands of dollars worth of BTC from a series of trades that they planned and set up a month or two ago. Whilst amateurs and novices are still having non-productive, useless, single digit BTC conversations.

In crypto there is an invisible barrier that has been built to keep the ‘commoners’ out on the street, and several thousand miles away from the palace of profit – where crypto’s elite meet up every week and strategise dozens of brand new methods to extract piles of cash from this market.

Smoke screens and mirrors have been thrown up to confuse novices and amateurs, causing them to adopt short-time mind frames which can only ever produce $100 for every $1000 a skilled player generates.

The elite players of this market do not slave away, day after day, like a market novice would – because it is the novice who buys at the wrong time, who sells at the wrong time and therefore completes the work of market manipulators without even knowing it… manipulators will not even flex a muscle in their smallest finger all day, yet they will earn 10x, even 100x more than the common trader.

Simply put, some people would rather make a gargantuan pile of money instead of losing a shit pile of money – so they make it their duty to analyse the habits, traits and behaviours of the unskilled so that they can do the opposite and profit each time a market novice makes a mistake – and believe me when I tell you, novices are world class performers when it comes to making mistakes… they make the same mistakes over and over again, therefore those who have been trained in the arts of manipulation are able to profit just by being at the opposing end each time an unskilled player makes a trade – an unskilled players make the highest amounts of trades in this market, bar none.

Continued success in the altcoin market always comes down to information

Trading is one of the world’s most straight forward endeavours. Being successful as a trader means that you are consistently able to buy something while it is cheap, and then to sell that thing when it becomes expensive. But still, so many find this simple task difficult – which points to the fact that trading is not always about what meets the eye, there is something occurring that everyone isn’t aware of.

You see. each and every tick of price movement is a direct result of manipulation – so either you are a manipulator, or part of the manipulated… and make no mistakes, the category you fall into plays a very important role in the amount of success that you will achieve in the crypto currency arena