In crypto, your money comes from front running the herd (getting there first)

Money flows where attention goes

Traders in the crypto currency market have been conditioned into only taking daily (24hr) price movements into account when making their trading decisions. This is the reason why they lose consistently


In crypto, people use the element of ‘timing’ incorrectly.

Skilled traders understand that an optimal trade will be available for several days, allowing you to build your position in a casual, calm and controlled manner – however, most outsiders (novice/unskilled traders) seem to approach the game in a self sabotaging manner.

Clearly there is a divide between the mentality of the participants in this market.

Outsiders incorrectly believe that trading is some quick paced spectacle, where trades are executed in a frantic manner – as if each trade has some fixed and compulsory time duration.

This is not the case.

In fact, in order for you to have a profitable trade – you must allow some time for novices to make their mistakes. Because that is literally how positions are built in this market. As I mentioned in several previous posts, in this market, outsiders are trained to buy when they should be selling – and to sell when they should be buying.

For some reason, outsiders are always “in a rush”… whilst skilled players operate in a much more methodical manner.

If you ever find yourself frantically rushing to get into a position, then something is drastically wrong.

Personally, I never rush to get into a trade.

There are occasions where I have spent an entire week building a position in a coin, knowing that a major price run was due to occur.

The issue of ill timed trades is one that is responsible for thousands of market casualties. Simply put, most people who trade crypto currencies are 100% clueless as to how markets, in general, work – so they are consistently doing all of the wrong things, at all of the wrong times (or at the right times, depending on which side of the trade you’re on)

Just last week, someone was forcefully asking for “the name of a coin” that will rise in value in less than two weeks… This is an amateuristic view of the market and only a novice would ask this sort of question – clearly if a coin takes two weeks before it starts to rally and jump in value, then it would benefit you to buy today – at the cheapest possible rate – instead of buying on the day of the pump at marked up rates (when all the outsiders are buying)

Your money does not come from buying on the day of the pump… On the day of the pump, you’re not even able to build a large enough position to score a worthwhile profit.

In crypto, your money comes from front running “the herd” (amateurs, unskilled traders, outsiders etc.)

You have to be intelligent enough to know what these unskilled players want to buy, before they themselves know what they want to buy – this will enable you to constantly beat them to the punch by SEVERAL days, weeks or months.

If you’re a long time reader of my posts, then you’re aware that before ANY altcoin has a major price advancement, there must be a period of ‘accumulation.’ Accumulation periods can run for a day, a week, a month or several months at a time – the key is in being able to differentiate between accumulation (wholesale prices) and distribution (retail prices.)

Too many people want to make money in this market, but only a slight few commit to doing the ground work that must occur before you can enjoy any form of consistent profitability.

You see, and mark my words, there are participants in this market who do not lift a finger to execute a single trade. They simply input criteria and commands into digital applications and these applications (bots) respond to market movements and fluctuations in the form of either a ‘buy order’ or a ‘sell order’… These individuals make their profits ‘hands free,’ without ever having to strain their eyes due to the backlight of computer monitors or laptop screens.

However, even this type of trader had to gain an understanding of price movement and market psychology before he could ever think to rig together trading softwares to play the markets on his behalf.

The overall point is, consistent success is the result of preparation… and preparation can only come prior to execution of a trade.

You have to realise that there is no such thing as natural price action, it is all artificial… however, there is such a thing as a ‘natural response’ to artificial price action – the implication is, there are trading groups and alliances that know full and well what makes the buying public tick, and so they devote 7 days of every week towards creating conditions that FORCE novices and amateurs into either buying, or selling – all for the benefit of a small handful of market manipulators.

When you stop rushing around and chasing trades, you will begin to have much more time to think and to rationalise a game plan

If you want to be consistently profitable, then you must fully understand that trading is nothing except the manipulation of perception – so if you’re constantly scrambling around and rushing to catch a trade, then you are part of the manipulate(ed), not the manipula(tors)

It’s that simple..

Ask yourself, where do you stand in the world of altcoins? Are you ahead of the game, or do you constantly find yourself falling behind?

Manipulators consistently know what is going to happen before it actually does, because they ‘create’ conditions that illicit certain responses from outsiders (99% of the market) and these responses cause the daily price movements and fluctuations that we see illustrated on the charts

In the altcoin market, it pays to be ahead of the game – whilst, on the other hand, it costs an exponential amount of money when you fail to keep up