In the altcoin market, demand is a trader’s best friend

In the altcoin market, demand is a trader’s best friend. Simply, wherever demand goes – volume follows allowing for the execution of the most simple and profitable trades. As a trader it is your role to track demand, and in this market, demand is literally popularity


A long-term trade cannot be described using a ‘specific’ number of days. Simply, the success of a long-term trade is judged by the traders ability to buy at the right time and also to sell at the right time – that’s simply it.

The market always gives frequent evidence of its future course which allows traders to work their way into positions prior to the major move taking place – therefore as a trader, it is your duty to be aware of what these signs and signals are.

In order to reap continuous monetary reward from the altcoin market, you must be aware that the altcoin market is merely an advanced form of a popularity contest.

We see it happen week after week.

There is always that one coin that is thrust directly into the middle of the spotlight, where it becomes highly visible to 100% of the participants in this market.

As a direct result of this, buying begins to become concentrated in this one particular coin, which only attracts even more attention and forces the price to surge even higher as more people scramble in to grab their own share of some freshly prepared profit pie.

It doesn’t end there either…

… all of this price action combines to create a monster of a price surge, as people begin to abandon their positions in other coins in order to get involved in the fun. Which often causes price advancements to continue for several days at a time.

This is the law of supply and demand, and it happens time and time again.

The rationalization for this is very simple.

There are more than one hundred thousand traders who play this market day in and day out. Therefore, when one coin achieves a high level of visibility and becomes ‘the talk of the town,’ literally everyone in the market turns their attention toward that one coin.

When 100,000 traders simultaneously decide to trade just one single coin, the volume sky rockets up into abnormal levels, the price begins to viciously climb through range after range with incredible speed and urgency – and the result is an upsurge in value by epic proportions.

This is the nature of this market as it happens repetitively on a monthly basis.

However, it is important that you never forget how ruthless and unforgiving the crypto currency market can be – especially to those that do not ‘respect’ the market.

The market will give, and so too will the market take what it has given if you allow it enough room and space to do so.

Huge price runs occur so frequently in the altcoin market because everyone is tapped into the inner workings of price movement and are therefore following similar buying indicators. This causes huge waves of buying to concentrate into one coin whenever these indicators are displaying buying opportunities.

But don’t be mistaken, the majority of traders in this market have been manipulated into viewing the true buy signal as a sell signal, and the true sell signal as a buy signal – so it is a must that you ensure that you play the game the way it was designed to be played…Because If not, you’ll only have yourself to blame when you walk directly into each and every trap that have been laid out for you.

It is common knowledge just how simple it is to make money in the altcoin market, and this CRAVE rally is proving just how effortless the task of turning 5 BTC into 10 BTC really is for those who are keyed in to the true mechanics of this market.

When you know that a price move is going to occur several weeks before it has actually happened – you’re able to execute your trade feeling 100% confident. You’re able to put your trade on with certainty and with a particular form of market poise that the average altcoin trader knows very little about

You must understand that this is a market that ‘wants’ to put endless piles of money into your pocket, but you have to allow it to do so. You must take the necessary steps to ensure that your actions in this market aren’t driving you further and further away from the pot of gold