In the altcoin market, having high standards pays!

Your success in the market relies upon your ability to recognise that there is no such thing as an isolated price move. You have to be aware that even a price move that occurs in the deepest and darkest cavity of the altcoin arena has major ramifications and implications for the entire crypto currency market as a whole.

You must realise that if 100 BTC of volume flows into one coin, then that same 100 BTC was withdrawn from another coin… In simple terms, a price surge in one coin is a major decline in another! This is the yin and yang of the market, and you must be 100% in tune with this if you’d like to win big.

Like I mentioned above, there is no such thing as an isolated price move in this market!

Simply, behind every short term move – there is a longer term move… and, more importantly, behind one snapshot of price action – there always exists a ‘bigger picture!’


Attaining long lasting success in the altcoin market is simple.

To win, you must follow the money… to win ‘consistently,’ you must understand the recurring patterns that exist in each and every single altcoin that has ever been traded.

The crypto market is one of the most polarising financial arenas in the world. Simply because, as a participant in crypto currencies, you are either rolling in endless lump sums of cash… or you’re under an immense amount of stress due to the sheer amount of losses that you have incurred throughout your tenure in this market.

So why do some people find it incredibly easy to profit, whilst others seem to be trapped in a perpetual cycle of failure, balance deficits and wealth shrinkage?

The answer is a straight forward one.

Simply, in this market the only commodity that is forever in demand but yet forever short in supply – is information! Therefore the traders who make it their duty to amass a wealth of knowledge and understanding are able to navigate the ups and downs of this market with ease and are therefore able to grow and become increasingly prosperous each time there is a market wide volume surge.

The current high volume market climate has made it even more simple to generate vast portions of coins, in little to no time at all – and if you have been preparing for this, then you are set to do very well within these next few months.

You see, I make it a duty of mine to not only discuss the short term implications of price movement and market sentiment – but also to break down the longer term implications behind the price action that we see on a day to day basis.

Some people denied the existence of “The Price Cycle” – and now we are seeing just how important it is not only to be aware of this cycle, but to come into alignment with this cycle.

We have seen the connection between the BTC/FIAT market and the Altcoin market

… we have seen that a decline in the BTC/FIAT market leads to a monstrous uproar of volume in the altcoin market and vice versa

Therefore, the traders who are tearing down the most colossal profits are the ones who use this inverse pattern to their own financial benefit! It is essential that you do the same.

There is so much money being made right now so there is no justification for anyone being left behind… but just remember, time is ticking. The only way you will benefit from this altcoin boom is if you get up, and jump down directly into the war-torn trenches in order to seize your own share of this free flowing cash before the well runs dry!

Don’t get too caught up in daily price moves because, sure, a 100% profit in 24 hrs is fine and dandy…. However, a 1000% profit within 30 days is a completely different story.

You see, It all comes down to how low or high your standards are.

Whilst novice traders rejoice 100% profits, the most skilled traders turn their faces away in distaste! Skilled players have much higher standards, simply because they are in tune with the bigger picture!…

… They know that the effort behind achieving either a 100% gain or a 1000% gain is exactly the same – therefore they hold out for a much more bountiful basket of profit!

Skilled traders know where, when and how the volume is going to manoeuvre, from coin to coin, throughout the entire market – how? …. Simple! It’s because they understand that a decline in one segment of the market leads to a price surge in the other – this is the fundamental principle that underpins the mechanics of price movement!