In the altcoin market, the most savvy traders are making off with bags full of profit each day

In this market, the most savvy traders are making off with bags full of profit each day. These traders understand, full and well, that their future is dictated by the things that they have done in their past

Let’s take a coin like XBS for example

XBS has been a recurring PumpersPick since its initial release in January

Last week, people were cashing out an absolute abundance of profit, due to the fact that they had ‘filled their boats’ at the lowest possible price back in January. So again, their future profits were dictated by the actions that they had taken in the past.

You see, too often, people want to jump into a coin and then quickly jump back out with profit – that is all fine and dandy, in fact the current bullish climate allows for this kind of trading to take place. However, the difference between someone who consistently makes 100% per trade, and someone that makes 1000% profit from a trade is the ability to go long.

Long-term trading is the secret


You have to be able to weather the storm. You have to be intelligent enough to realise when a major price move still has distance to travel. This allows you to make the leap from being a non-entity in this market, to being a major player. But, if you are content with doing nothing other than jumping into one position and then quickly exiting and getting into yet another position – all whilst cashing in small profits or nothing at all along the way, then you will forever be a non-factor in this market.

There is so much money being made around you. People are using altcoins to conjure up hundreds of bitcoins out of thin air, they are then taking these bitcoins into the BTC/FIAT market, slapping a huge pile of leverage on the table and then cashing out exorbitant amounts of fiat.

Literally, vast amounts of wealth is being generated right under your nose in this very market!

You see there is no distinction between the altcoin market and the bitcoin market. Simply because, you have to first trade your fiat for BTC, before you can purchase into any altcoin. But the master stroke that the altcoin market offers is the ability to generate BTC out of thin air – BTC that can be converted into fiat. So in essence what people are in the altcoin market are doing day after day, is conjuring up unlimited amounts of fiat.

The altcoin market is perhaps the world’s greatest kept secret at this point in time, because there’s not one other market in existence where the average joe can go from the humdrum life of having to scrape money together just to live, to tearing down mountains of profit in very little time and with little effort – just the ability to out think the common trader.

For everyone who is lucky enough to be in the altcoin market right now, you stand the chance of raking in an epic proportion of cash in little to no time at all – but your ability to do this, depends on how informed you are.

How informed are you on the mechanics behind price movement? What is it that makes the entire market decide to focus all of their attention on one coin? Which coins must be avoided at all cost, and which coins must be hoarded by any means possible? When is the right time to buy, and when should you be selling?

If your hope is to play a major role in the 2015 altcoin bull market, then it is your duty to have all of the answers to the above questions… because if not, the market is going to carry on marching onwards without you. You will merely be a passenger, a mere passive observer as everyone around you establishes their own fortunes due to this massive influx of trading volume

If you haven’t realised it already, then you need to wake up and spring into action! The next few months are crucial…. After this bull run, the volume will dry up again – just like it did last year, and it will become ten times more difficult for the average trader to make money.

So if you have been losing, then now you have the chance to gather an overflowing cradle of coins whilst the ease of trading is sky high… whilst the volume is pouring in non-stop, just waiting to be deposited into someone’s wallet.

But make no mistake, you will be going head to head with some of the markets most vicious players – players who have already planned extensively for this period of high activity. So you must ensure that you’re able to weather the storm.

As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, those who are successful in this market are the ones who understand that making money is a direct result of being on the opposite side of a repetitive loser – which isn’t difficult at all, seeing as how 90% of traders in this market lose more money than they make.

Again, your success in the crypto market comes down to how informed you are on price cycles, and how to trade in alignment with them