In the crypto market, your natural instincts will mislead you into committing several easily avoidable mistakes

On a daily basis there is an onslaught of tactics that are carried out in order to elicit pre-programmed responses from 99% of participants in the crypto market. Ever heard the saying; “in a financial market, you should never do the things that come naturally, because the market is not a natural phenomenon” – well, this applies perfectly to the crypto market


There is no logical reason for people to buy a coin just because its value has rocketed by more than 100%… but people still do it anyway. This is because, these types of traders are simply doing what comes naturally to them. These traders can see that everyone else around them is buying the coin, plus they can see that it is already up by more than 100% – so (naturally) they do the same.

This strain of behaviour is referred to as comfort seeking.

The tendency to do what is comfortable will actually lead most people to experience the most severe forms of financial ruin.

In the crypto market, natural human traits are actually used against you. They are used to entice the most unskilled traders into adopting certain behaviours that will actually lead to the most horrendous losses.

Simply put, the critical implication is that your natural instincts will mislead you in trading.

Therefore, the first step towards succeeding in Crypto is reprogramming behaviour to do what is correct rather than what feels comfortable.

As I mentioned earlier, on a daily basis there is an onslaught of tactics that are carried out in order to illicit pre-programmed responses from 99% of participants in the crypto market.

By aiming a tirade of negativity towards a particular coin, manipulators can elicit a widespread “dumping” spree – all for the sole purpose of creating an opportunity for them to be able to buy into the coin at a more advantageous price.

Also, by engineering a series of false buy signals, manipulators are well aware that 90% of the traders in this market are unsophisticated and therefore will perceive these false signals as genuine buying opportunities – when actually, by buying into a false signal, all you’re doing is putting your money directly into the pocket of someone who was ten steps ahead of you – and allowing them out of the coin with a substantial profit.

You see, the only reason you would sell, when you’re actually supposed to be buying or holding, is because your original buy was executed during the incorrect phase of the price cycle.

People in this market do not want to buy into a coin that is on the receiving end of a hundred hollow-pointed rounds of negative propaganda – but they fail to realise what the single largest driver in this market is… Supply and demand, not integrity. And demand is measured in popularity.

The more attention a coin receives, negative or positive, the further the coin is pushed directly into the limelight where every single participant in the market can see it… this sends its popularity (demand) through the roof.

Think back to all the major scam accusations aimed towards major coins.

Yes, once the first round of accusations hit the streets, the initial (natural) response from the market is always to “dump” out of the coin… but what always occurs after a major, high volume dump? … a major, high volume pump.

It happens again, and again.

The crypto market is driven by supply and demand, and propaganda is merely a tool used to push and pull market participants in whichever direction that will force them into committing a series of trading blunders that will deliver the most obscene amounts of profits directly into the hands of manipulators

If you wish to extract more money from this market than you put into it, then you have to understand that ‘popularity’ is demand and demand is popularity… also you must understand that each and every coin has a very distinct skeleton which means that money can only flow into and out of it in a very particular manner… this unique flow of cash creates ‘recurring price patterns’ which makes it completely simple to spot the most beneficial buying ranges.

These subtleties of the crypto market make it exceedingly simple to draw consistent profits on a continuous basis.