In the mind of an unskilled trader, the more complicated a thing is, the better it must be.

Many would claim that there are numerous methods to trading altcoins for continuous and substantial profits. This isn’t the case. In fact, there are only but a few crucial methods that can be applied to the altcoin market to generate large bundles of cash in almost no time at all.

Along with actually being familiar with these methods, you must also be able to precisely execute them, as part of a calculated and well put together strategy, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

It is also useful to note that each and every coin is following a particular pattern of movement. We refer to this as ‘the price cycle,’ and it is often the traders that fail to use this cycle to their advantage that end up drawing the shorter end of the stick.

Make no mistake, timing is everything in the crypto market.

The traders who consistently buy at the wrong time only do so because they are blind to the fact that the market has a natural flow, and by trading against this natural flow, they are leaving their wallets open to being looted by the markets most skilled players.

However, those that have cracked the code to the cash vaults of the altcoin market… the ones who have planted seeds and grown a forest of money trees… these are the traders who are either knowingly – or unknowingly – trading in alignment with the natural flow of money through the crypto markets and are therefore reaping in the lion’s share of profit.

You see, there are many people involved with trading altcoins who fool themselves into believing that they truly understand why and how prices move. But their BTC holdings (or the lack thereof) tell another story


Why do you assume that trading altcoins is difficult?

The most interesting thing is that the people who have amassed the largest collection of losing trades are the ones who originally arrived in the crypto markets with the belief that “trading is difficult.”

So with that said, it becomes even more apparent that it is the belief of these traders that “trading is difficult” that forces them to behave as if this notion was a fact.

Every little thing they do in the market is to “protect” themselves from losses… to shield themselves from “risk”… and still, in spite of all of this, these traders still end up being nothing other than casualties of the crypto market.

These traders are so weak minded in their approach to trading crypto currencies that they accept the belief that they are mere subjects of the market rather than masters. They are permission seekers who dare not step out of line in fear of punishment.

Simply put, unskilled traders are victims who will blame their own failures on the fact that ‘nobody wins in trading,’ which is complete garbage.

You see, not only do people win consistently in trading, but there is a group of traders who have been playing these very markets, uninterrupted, for nearly one year, who have withdrawn more money from this market than they will or have ever put into it. This is because this group of traders understand the most simple law of commerce: To profit, you must buy something whilst it is cheap and then sell it once it becomes expensive.

There is no witchcraft or alchemy involved in this process… in fact, this is common sense.

But because unskilled traders have sold themselves on the idea that “trading is difficult,” they will invent a string of convoluted and complicated processes to bolster their ailing trading strategies.

I mean, it is never enough to simply look at a candle-stick chart, you had better load up that SMA and throw some Bollinger bands in the mix so that, when people walk past your computer screen, they are impressed by squiggly lines, and colour coded moving average markings that make it look like you’re monitoring some unmanned drone that you sent out into some remote battlefield for war.

In the mind of an unskilled trader, the more complicated a thing is, the better it must be.

This nonsense is not only un-necessary but is costing you serious amounts of money.

You see, these unskilled dealers have sold themselves on the “image” of the trader.

This is why they sit there, all day, in front of their screens… with a look of stern concentration on their faces. Hours and hours fly by, and that unskilled trader is still there, almost hypnotized by the glare of the screen as he watches prices tick upwards and downwards all day long… Day time turns into night fall, and he still has yet to move from his screen… and, when he finally decides to wrench himself away and roll into bed, he has absolutely NOTHING but a steaming, stinking pile of losses to show for all of this time he has wasted.

But, how can this be?

I mean, naturally, you’d assume that if a person wants to succeed at something then they must devote endless hours toward trying to master their craft? WRONG!

This is trading… we aren’t trying to discover the cure for polio or porn addiction… We are simply buying something when it is cheap, and then selling that thing once it becomes expensive.

The hard work comes in the preparation for the trade… the research that you conduct prior to hitting that buy button. After this, you step back, walk away from the screen and then you let the market do what the market does, which is: move money from one place, to another.

If you have executed your trade correctly, the market will ensure that you are rewarded…

Day by day, trading volume will pass through the market, lifting the value of the coin that you’re positioned in. Then, with the passing of a few weeks, you will log into Bittrex only find that your position has already brought in a 100%+ profit, without you having to so much as lift a finger.

In trading, the hard work is in the preparation – not in the execution.

So there is no need to baby sit your trades all day and constantly monitor the charts if you have succeeded in conducting the proper research before opening the trade

Enormous amounts of money flows into and then out of this market on a daily basis.

Just spend one day observing how this action unfolds. You’ll begin to see where the money flows to, and why. This will enable you to put yourself directly in-between this flow of capital, and to redirect a portion of this cash flow directly into your own wallet– making your ascent to consistent profitability almost effortless.

This is essentially what skilled traders do on a daily basis and is why they make money in the altcoin market ten times faster than novices lose money.

Do not fool yourself into believing that you understand the way prices move in this market if you do not. Because your BTC balance will always reveal the truth.

The altcoin market punishes ignorance and rewards skill. The lack of understanding means that you are executing trades without having any picture of what the outcome is going to be. You are making it all too easy for skilled players to make money due to your mistakes – because if you do not understand price movement, then you will fall into every single trap that has been laid out for you, and believe me when I say that there are many pitfalls awaiting your arrival.

For some, trading altcoins will forever be a gamble… But for skilled players, trading altcoins is like being the operator of your own personal cash machine that has a direct line into the vaults of the federal reserve therefore allowing you to print endless amounts of money.

But, this money has to come from somewhere… and if you commit to remaining an unskilled gambler, that money will continue to come directly out of your back pocket and into the hands of the skilled few