It is a common tendency of novice altcoin traders to think far too small

There is so much money passing into and then out of this market on a daily basis.

Regardless of what the overall market sentiment is, the money just keeps on rolling in. In fact, it is almost a guarantee that at least 500 BTC will pass through Bittrex on a daily basis. But, the question is – what are you doing to capture a portion of this volume for yourself?

You see there are manipulators who have planned out their trades through and through to divert large portions of this daily volume into their own wallets.

They have mapped out strategies that consists of almost hijacking all of the high profit opportunities that exist in this market, before the average trader even catches wind.

The traders in this market who are the most successful are involved in the highest degree of strategic thinking, and therefore, they are able to play this market like a finely tuned instrument of profit. They are able to walk away with piles and piles of BTC month after month, whilst novice traders can do nothing other than lose money consistently.

No matter what happens in this market, the one guarantee that exists is that on a daily basis truck loads of money is deposited into the system, by one type of trader, and then withdrawn from the system by another type of trader.

Therefore, there is no such thing as a restriction of opportunity in this market.

In fact, there is so much money flowing through the very veins of the crypto currency market, that everyone can regularly make a bundle of profit – if only they would commit to playing the game to win, instead of playing to lose.

Consistent success means that one must not only become familiar with manipulation, but you must also understand how to profit from manipulation


It is a common tendency of novice traders to think far too small.

You see, a novice trader is far more concerned with turning $20 into $100 than he is with turning $1,000 into $10,000 – both of which require the same exact amount of effort and trading ability.

As I mentioned above, it is a stern guarantee that at least 500BTC worth of trading volume flows into the altcoin market on a daily basis.

This multiplies into 3,500BTC weekly, 14,000BTC monthly and 168,000BTC on a yearly basis.

So I must ask…

… why is it that the average trader is only concerned with trying to turn a tiny and insignificant 0.0823BTC ($20) into 0.4114BTC ($100)?

Is it that they don’t realise that 0.4114BTC is only a small and pathetic 0.0029% of the 14,000BTC trading volume that pours into this market on a monthly basis?

Or is it that they have failed to see that 0.4114BTc is only a mere 0.00023% of the 168,000BTC trading volume that is generated in the altcoin market, at minimum, on yearly basis?

Either way, it is clear that the average trader is far too short sighted to have even considered the existence these metrics, let alone used them to his advantage.

You have to wake up and realise that the tools that are available to you have been designed specifically to restrict information, and to force you into adopting a short term mind frame.

This is why exchanges will only ever display 24hr price movements… 24hrs worth of trading volume and etc.

In order to expose the bigger picture, you have to wake up and do a little digging.

You see, as I mentioned above – it is a stern guarantee that at least 500BTC worth of trading volume flows into the altcoin market on a daily basis. This multiplies into 3,500BTC weekly, 14,000BTC monthly and 168,000BTC on a yearly basis.

If you haven’t realised it before, then I hope now you can see exactly why it is that the traders who employ ‘long-term’ strategies ALWAYS make the most money in this market. This is simply because of the way volume flows into the market.

So simply… anyone who refers to themselves as a ‘day trader’ has already lost the war because they are confined to only dealing with 500BTC worth of trading volume.

Literally, these traders are similar to stray dogs that scavenge through the garbage and fight over scraps… and to make matters even worse, the majority of traders in this market fall into this category – in fact these traders are actually the ‘depositors’ of this avalanche of daily volume.

Deposit definition
the action of placing something in a specified place

However – in this market, you cannot be both the depositor and the withdrawer…

Withdraw definition
remove or take away (something) from a particular place or position

and the fact that ‘the majority’ (novices) loses the most money in this market suggests that, on a daily basis, these market novices consistently show up to the market and put their money directly into the hands of skilled traders.

Now… to reiterate, we have already discussed the daily 500BTC volume the pours into the altcoin market, now let’s examine how this daily amount accumulates into 14,000BTC worth of monthly volume and how the markets most skilled traders benefit from this.

As I mentioned previously, ‘day traders’ confine themselves into a position where they are fighting over scraps (500BTC) on a daily basis – and 9 out of 10 of these traders consistently lose.

Ask yourself, who is this money lost to?

You see, the most skilled players in this market understand that an altcoin is just like a collection basket that is passed from person to person in a church.

Day after day, more money is thrown into the basket – which pushes the price of the coin even higher. So when you look closer, you will see that with each passing day MORE money is thrown into the basket.

So, by default, a trader who puts himself in the correct position in this market, at the right time, will ALWAYS make off with piles and piles of BTC. Because this is how the market has been designed to function.

Someone who understands the mechanics of price movement knows that there are some coins that have all of the criteria needed for a major price advancement to occur and, on the other hand, there are coins that lack these conditions.

So simply put, the skilled trader positions himself in as many of these opportunities as he can find..

Therefore instead of merely attempting to turn a petty $20 into $100 – a skilled trader can very quickly turn a sum as bulky as $1,000 into $10,000 within 30 days… because he is no longer working within the confines of 500BTC worth of trading volume – he has widened his net to capture portions of 14,000BTC ($3,400,232) worth of monthly volume.

So let’s say there are 1,200 regular traders of the altcoin market. 1000 unskilled, and 200 are of the skilled variety..

Let’s look at how unskilled traders shoot themselves in the foot on a daily basis, by only dealing with 24 hr volume. (500 BTC)

This is common sense… Currently 500BTC is worth only $121,325 – so ask yourself, if 1000 people are going to battle over $121,325, how likely is it that each of these traders make at least $10,000? … Well, not only is this unlikely, it is impossible as $121,325 divided by 1000 is a mere $125 dollars… this is a pittance in comparison to the amount of money that skilled traders generate.

Now clearly, skilled traders are in the minority in this market, out of 1200 traders in this market 1000 are unskilled and 200 are skilled players. So let’s look at the figures.

As you know, skilled traders employ long-term strategies. Meaning, they will make a trade on May 1, and happily wait until May 31 to cash out. So they have now expanded their net to capture portions of the 14,000BTC that flows into this market on a monthly basis.

Now… again, this is common sense. Currently, 14,000BTC is worth $3,400,232 – so ask yourself, if 200 people are going to battle over $3,400,232 every month, how likely is it that they all make $10,000? Well… not only is it likely, but each of these 200 traders have the ability to draw in $17,001 dollars per month. As $3,400,232 divided by 200 is $17,001 – so literally, long term trader have a much higher probability of achieving consistent success in this market, because they are dealing with larger amounts of trading volume

This is the magic of long-term trading.

This is why exchanges hide this vital information from you. They want you to make as many trades as possible on a daily basis because, the more you trade, the more fees they are able to generate for themselves.

So they only display 24hrs worth of volume, 24hr gains/declines and other short term metrics to force you into trying to turn $20 into $100 instead of widening your net and capturing a portion of the 14,000BTC trading volume that pours into this market on a monthly basis.

The kicker is, there are participants in this market who have only made 8 trades this month who have already made more money than the unskilled and uninformed traders who have executed more than 100 trades this month.

Simply put, the more information you have – the more money you generate