Just like any other game of strategy, the crypto market contains many different levels

Why is it that only the slightest few participants in this market are able to extract vast amounts of wealth from altcoins, whilst the majority of participants never seem to get their trading aspirations off the ground?

You have those who complain that certain groups of traders only win because they are ‘whales,’ but, in saying this, they fail to realise that these ‘whales’ accumulated 100% of their bitcoin holdings from this very market – by playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

So again I ask, why is it that the majority of participants in this market struggle to break even every month, when there is a small handful of traders that consistently tear down five figure returns on a monthly basis?


Simply, the difference between those that win and those that lose is common sense.

Some people just don’t have the cerebral fortitude to play this game, so they fall into each and every trap that has been laid out for them. Others approach altcoins with such a basic view that misleads them into thinking that trading is as simple as buying and then selling – so, inadvertently, they end up buying all the wrong coins, at the wrong times and therefore they end up with an accumulation of losses instead of gains.

Don’t be so simple minded as to think that all you must do in this market is buy and then sell. As a trader, your role is a little more complex than that.

You have to face the facts, and the ‘fact’ is – this market is dominated by manipulators, and group interests. Each group, and each manipulator has their own intentions and objectives – and believe me when I tell you, these intentions do not involve making you – the outsider – rich.

If your entire tenure in the digital currency markets has brought you nothing except losses, then you should feel a certain degree of anger. Because there are people who waltz into this market with softwares and various technologies that allow them to rake in hundreds of BTC each and every month with zero effort. Whilst you plod along hopelessly, trying to tackle this market on your own, there are people that band together and form trading alliances that allow them to dictate the pace and flow of money throughout the entire altcoin market, which allows them to pull in hundreds of BTC in profit each and every month.

This market has been partitioned into territories, so whether you’re aware or not – every time you execute a trade you’re walking directly into the middle of a battlefield that has been laced to the brim with landmines and other covert weaponry that you know nothing about. As I mentioned above, there are alliances of traders who spend month after month rigging the market in their favour – so every time you execute a trade without conducting thorough research, you’ve taken the bait.

You see, the whole idea that forms the foundation of “doing the opposite” is very straight forward. Just like any other game of strategy, the crypto market contains many different surfaces and levels

An individual trader plays this game because he wants to win. This is level one thinking, and we all know that, in a game, as the levels progress the rules and methods become more complex – however, in crypto, the majority of traders continue to apply level one methodology no matter how deep into the game they travel.

Just to repeat – An individual trader plays this game because he wants to win. This is level one thinking.

Now… Whilst you’re navigating this market alone and trying to “win”, there are group interests that have formed one single objective, and that is to make YOU, the individual trader, lose! …This is level two methodology.

This level two way of thinking differs from level one because a trader who simply wants to ‘win’ has no power – he is constantly ‘waiting’ for something good to happen, he is constantly at affect to whatever is happening around him – basically, he is food for the wolves.

Those that apply level two methodology are always 10 steps ahead, because they know that forcing someone to lose is much simpler than ‘waiting’ to win. These traders take matters into their own hands… they know exactly what types of signals individual traders want to see before they buy a coin, and so they ‘create’ these signals. They know the types of scenarios that will cause the typical novice trader to sell, so they engineer these scenarios.

Overall, you must realise that if you have been consistently losing money – there is a group of traders that have been consistently benefiting because of this.

This is the way the game is played, and people will continue to operate in this manner. I find it quite interesting that one group of traders can find it so simple to pull consistent profits from crypto, whilst another set of traders will struggle to recall even one instance where they have profited in this market.

Ask yourself, which methodology have you been applying to this market? Level one, or Level two?

Level two thinkers take matters into their own hands, whilst those who apply level one methodology are constantly ‘waiting’ for things to happen for them.

Don’t be so simple minded as to think that trading is as simple as buying and then selling. That is level one methodology – if you were to ask a random fool, who has never participated in a financial market in his life, what his definition of trading is, he will say “buying and selling.” With that being said, I ask; are you a random fool? Or, have you been participating in the market long enough to understand that there is much more to it than simply “buying and selling.”

You see, level two thinkers do not play the game to win. They play the game to force you, the individual trader, into losing to them. They understand that conventional wisdom is the bait that lures the lamb directly into the slaughterhouse, and so they use conventional wisdom as a tool to lure you directly into the lion’s den where you will be viciously savaged by the markets most ruthless players.

This is a game of strategy, not a game of morality.

If you would rather a long and lengthy list of profits to show for your tenure in the crypto market, instead of a trading history that details loss after loss after loss, then you must take matters into your own hands