Knowing how to trade altcoins, is knowing how to spot and profit from manipulation.

Coordinated forces exist in every single financial market. From derivatives to plain old stocks and bonds, the majority of market participants often find themselves up against players who have mutually agreed upon taking an alternative approach.

Common sense dictates that victory in any pursuit only occurs once all possibilities of defeat have been annihilated. Quite literally, the co-operation of multiple traders to reach but one common goal completely obliterates the 50/50 nature of trading, and allows for members of this unit to reap continuous and uninterrupted gains from a market.

This is the case whether you’re dealing with  cotton on the futures market, or dealing in government bonds – there always exists a subset of participants who amass a concentration of wealth thus a concentration of power. These players literally write their own destiny in this market, whilst the uninitiated must make do with whatever hand they are dealt.

Therefore, it becomes the goal of the average, novice trader to attempt to observe the operations of this skillful minority from the outside with the hopes of finding some stray crumbs left behind on the table. They are no longer betting on what the ‘market’ will do next, but on what the ‘skilled few’ are going to do next.


I have mentioned on numerous occasions that it doesn’t matter what the coin is called, who made the coin, whether there is a pre-mine or not, if there was an ICO or not – all that matters is whether there is an ‘opportunity’ for profit.

I direct this not at the casual trader who has done nothing apart from deposit BTC into the wallets of the skilled minority. I direct this toward those who are well aware of how much money flows through the digital currency markets on a daily basis. I direct this at those who know, full and well, that to win simply means re-directing a portion of this cash flow into his own back-pocket.

You see, you have two main groups of traders in this market… Only two..

You have traders who are proud members of the unskilled majority. They are the most emotional participants in this market. They let things such as pre-mines and campaigns of negativity stand directly in the way of their own profit. They exhibit emotions such as fear, and we all know that fear arises out of ignorance. Members of the majority don’t see anything wrong with losing consistently. They are often absent minded and do not realise that after selling a coin that is being bombarded with negative news, that same coin will often double in value within no time at all. These traders have no strategy, because they believe that trading and gambling go hand in hand – and so, literally, their only purpose in this market is to fatten the pockets of those who play the game the way it is supposed to be played.

The other group of traders are in the minority. However, without a doubt – they are making the most money in this market. And, to go even further, these traders are so efficient in the way they manhandle the market for profit – that they make money faster than novices lose money.

You see guys, there are no barriers to becoming a skilled player in this market.

The most ignorant thing you could do is to resent someone who is making five to ten times more money than you are – because, you could just as easily be making the same amount of money (or more). It all boils down to information – or the lack of information.

Now, there are many who scream ‘manipulation’ at any given opportunity. They claim that skill and manipulation should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

I disagree.

Knowing how to trade altcoins, is knowing how to spot and profit from manipulation.

Most of us here are adults with reasonable levels of intelligence. So most of us are well aware that altcoins do not have any intrinsic use or value whatsoever. An altcoin is merely a conduit to gain bitcoins – which most people parlay back into fiat currency so that they can buy even more bitcoins when it’s price dips.

The only reason an altcoin would increase in price is when a mass of people simultaneously begin to believe that they can increase their bitcoin holdings by trading that coin.

However, the initial demand for that coin will always be artificial – and therefore that coin will always return to its true value, zero. So timing is key.

Without manipulation, you don’t have a market – because prices would remain stagnant across the board. Without price movement, you do not have the ability to score a profit. Because to profit means someone has to give you more money than you originally paid for your coin.

Consistent winners in this market aren’t emotional. They are either manipulators themselves, or they are profiting because of manipulation.

Therefore, the study of successfully trading altcoins is literally the study of market manipulation.

There is a vast amount of money to be made in the altcoin markets. Every day there are people raking in hundreds of bitcoins right under your nose. But at the same time, there are people who still this date have never made even a 1BTC profit from a single trade.

Why is there such a divide in the scale of profit being made in this market?

Well, it’s simple.

You have to ask yourself which category of trader you fall into.

If you seem to lose more than win, then that is due to a lack of skill so you are part of the unskilled majority. However, if all you seem to do is win and score 200% profits week after week – then clearly, you have an advantage over the average trader – which puts you into the category of the skilled few.

Just remember, knowledge is the key that unlocks the floodgates allowing profit to flow freely. The more you know, the easier it becomes to win.