Look away, we are manipulating

The altcoin market ‘wants’ to put money in your pocket. There is so much money being lost by amateurs and novices that an abundance of profit is available to every single trader that chooses to operate with intelligence rather than emotion


Every single day brings an abundance of trading setups that provide opportunities that are as simple as picking up bundles off money from the floor. But for one reason or another, the majority of traders in this market do not recognise high potential opportunities as high potential opportunities – which is why 99% of altcoin traders have more losses than wins.

Even when they do recognise an opportunity to strike up a substantial profit, they make a complete hash of the actual execution of the trade – and therefore they still end up losing out.

You have to realise what the one undisputed truth of this market is: Profit comes when you buy low, and sell high…

…so if you’re one of those no hopers who spends their entire day waiting, and waiting and waiting to spot a “pump” so that you can “jump in” to tag along and maybe score a quick profit – you have already lost, and you had better adjust your strategy because you will continue to lose (mark my words) if this is your approach.

The altcoin market is custom built to punish gamblers, and to reward tacticians

You see, the natural characteristics of the typical gambler is to be highly emotional, irrational, impatient and impulsive. An unskilled trader has these exact same traits

They hop into trades based on nothing other than a ‘hunch’ or a ‘feeling’ that something big is going to happen… then, the longer they spend in that trade, they grow increasingly anxious/paranoid and panic begins to set in. Then, if this coin dips in value, they sell, without a second thought… of course, weeks later, when this same coin is shooting up several hundred percent in value, they buy back in (at the top of the market), thus the coins price crashes, and they end up losing more money than they did the first time

Does this sound familiar? …if so, then you have not been ‘trading’ the altcoin market at all, you have merely been gambling

Ask any gambling addict “would you rather receive $10,000 right now, or wait 365 days to receive $20,000” …most gamblers will take the first option, completely disregarding the fact that they could make 100% more, simply by waiting 365 days. This behaviour is completely irrational, and we see this in the alt markets.

Artificial short-sightedness

The way exchanges have been arranged is simply to lure the most ignorant and financially inexperienced individuals into literally competing against wolves and savages who have treasure chests that are jam-packed full of experience.

‘Daily’ % increases are displayed, the ‘daily’ high and the ‘daily’ low are always on show… Literally, the most amateur participants in the market are being conditioned into simply thinking about ‘daily’ price movements. They are being manipulated into only taking the last 24hrs of price action into account – and in doing this, they leave the door wide open for skilled players to make off with bundles of profit each and every single month.

This short-sightedness of amateur traders leaves the door wide open for manipulation to be carried out – 90% of the time, these novices aren’t even looking whilst this ‘manoeuvring’ is taking place.

Look away, we are manipulating

Whilst the heads of novice traders are turned, there is a whole world of manipulation being carried out.

All that has to be said is… “errm, guys.. XXXCoin is ‘officially’ dead”… and like the cry of command from a shepherd to a hundred sheep; the heads of amateurs and novices turn immediately to face another direction, allowing for sustained co-ordination (accumulation) to take place.

Then, after the passing of a few days, weeks or even months – the shepherd returns to deliver yet another command… “guys, it’s unbelievable… XXXCoin is ‘going to the moon,’ easy x10 profit by Wednesday, buy now!”… and, you guessed it, the novices and amateurs return to this coin that was previously being labelled as being “dead”… but, this time, every single buy order that these amateurs execute does nothing but put 100% – 500% (or more) profits directly into the pockets of the manipulators..

High profit opportunities aren’t created in a day

You see, the tendency of unskilled participants in this market is to jump in, and out of random coins. The concept of “holding a position” is referred to by the most amateur traders as “bagholding”… again, amateurs have been conditioned into short-term thinking – this is why they consistently fail and will continue to fail.

In order to gain ‘long term’ consistency in the altcoin market, you have to adopt a ‘long-term’ strategy.

Don’t just take the word ‘long term’ and then say something as ridiculous as “oh, okay, from now on, all of my trades will be active for 20 days” – that’s foolish.

‘Long-term’ simply means, to read the market well enough to understand when a major price move is building up, and then to be skilled enough to be involved in that price move from the beginning, till it’s end… this is how you achieve consistency…

‘daily’ % increases, ‘daily’ high, ‘daily’ low… these things have little to do with pulling profit from this market. But never the less, they will be used against the most novice traders in order to extract piles of BTC directly out of their pockets… this cash will flow into the hands of the skilled few, whilst the novices will have nothing to show for their efforts, other than consistent losses.

Information, is your only key to profit.

Does volume cause the pump? Or does the pump cause the volume? … Too many people spend their time focusing on all of the wrong things in this market.

As I mentioned above, the exchanges are built to allow two things to take place; 1. Manipulation, 2. Profiting because of manipulation.

Mark my words, every time the heads of the majority are facing in one direction, manipulation is being carried out in the other. The one aim of this manipulation is to lace the battlefield with so many landmines and bear traps, so that the battle is won before the enemy has even arrived.

Some may think that this is unfair but, they would be completely wrong in assuming this. All of this manipulation happens within the confines and structure of the market. Therefore the market has been built to accommodate this kind of activity. 

Simply, manipulation is a ‘function’ of the market.

I have mentioned several times that trading is just like a game… and whether you know it, or not – you are carrying out a very specific task in this game. Either you are part of the ‘majority’ who continuously falls into every single trap that has been placed in front of them, or you are a part of the small group that places these traps.

Winning in this market is merely a choice…