Manipulators will always be involved in every single trade that you take

Every altcoin trader has the ability to win. However, the difference between those who are winning today and those who aren’t – is perception.

You have one group of traders who believe that prices just move naturally, like living organisms. Then you have another group of traders who understand that prices only move because of manipulation.

Some view manipulation as a bad thing, but then you must also view profit as a bad thing because without manipulation it is most certain that the price of a coin will never move.


To win, and to win consistently requires that each individual who trades the altcoin markets understands, full and well that:

  1. The altcoin market only functions due to manipulation
  2. A lot of money is made via manipulation
  3. Those who make the most money in this market are either manipulators themselves or, they are profiting as a direct result of manipulation that is being carried out by someone else

No matter what you do, no matter which coin it is that you are trading, manipulators will always be involved in every single trade that you take.

Some people look at this as a bad thing. I disagree. Because, manipulation is literally the life-blood of this market.

Without people conspiring to move prices, as a trader, you will have no opportunity to make a profit because prices would remain stagnant across the board.

I have mentioned before; the study of successfully trading altcoins, is the study of market manipulation.

You see, the altcoin market is a pure market. It is a market that is driven by the purest form of speculation.

Altcoins do not have any intrinsic value whatsoever. There is currently not one altcoin that has any useful application to the everyday man who isn’t a digital currency enthusiast.

Therefore, prices in this market only move up and down due to speculation.

You see, there is a divide between altcoin traders.

There are those who are simply want to buy at one price, and sell for a higher price and make a profit. These guys aren’t interested in actually knowing ‘how’ prices move. The only thing that matters to these traders is simply that the price of coin has moved from $1, to $2, they are not concerned ‘how’ this happened – so traders who fall into this category often end up losing more money than they ever make.

Then, there are those who want to make endless bundles of money from trading altcoins. They want to master their craft… And so they are obsessed with understanding how prices move, why prices move and how they can profit because of this. This group makes the most amount of money in the entire market. Because they are concerned with tracking manipulation and profiting because of it.

You see a coin can fall out of favour and be delisted from all the exchanges. A coin can go up in price just as quickly as it can lose 99% of its value. All of this seems to happen at random, but there is one consistent factor that remains. The ONE FACT that everyone who is involved in trading altcoins can rely upon, is that the price of altcoins are manipulated.

That is a fact that will never, ever change.

So do you fight manipulation?

Or do you learn to profit from this manipulation that is never going end?

You see, just like how small children throw tantrums once you reveal to them that the tooth fairy does not exist – grown men will throw identical tantrums once they finally realise that markets are manipulated.

Complaining about manipulation is a waste of time.

This is like opening your window and seeing that it is raining, but then still you go outside without an umbrella and complain that you are getting wet.

Everyone here is intelligent enough to realise that they can make enormous amounts of money by trading altcoins, but the most intelligent people here realise that you have to get into the mind of a manipulator if you would want to stand a chance of making money.

Getting into the mind of a manipulator means that you have to become one yourself.

You see guys, there is one resource that we all have that puts every single altcoin trader on a level playing field. However you must learn how to use it correctly in order for it to be effective.

I am referring to the charts and the order books.

The charts show every single buy and every single sell that has taken place throughout the entire existence of any coin.

When manipulators begin to gather a coin (accumulation) it means that they are preparing that coin for distribution.

This is what the charts reveal.

So again, I must repeat. The study of how to trade altcoins (or any other financial asset), is the study of market manipulation.

Large international banks have such large pools of liquidity that they can easily push and pull the world’s financial markets in any direction that they choose. Literally, Banks are pump groups and are usually the target of hatred when they profit whilst the rest of the world plunges into depression.

Manipulation is a fact of life.

The only way to avoid falling victim to manipulation, is becoming a manipulator yourself.

We are still in the early adoption stages of the digital currency boom. By this time next year, there will be twice the amount of traders involved in speculating on the altcoin markets.

Every single person who is currently reading this has an enormous opportunity to put themselves on the right side of the market before the tide comes in. Because the tide is coming… and when it finally hits, a lot of people are going to make a lot of money very, very fast.

It doesn’t matter if all you have is a 0.7 BTC trading fund, the weapon that you have – that traders who will arrive in a few months won’t have – is information. You have the opportunity today, to become a skilled trader tomorrow.

However, I must mention – those that will reap the largest rewards, are the ones who are realising that consistent profits only come when you understand price manipulation.

Remember, every trader begins as a novice and the only difference between a novice and a skilled player is information.