Most Altcoin traders never get past the starting gate because they don’t use good selection criteria

When you know that a price move is going to occur several weeks before it has actually happened – you’re able to execute your trade feeling 100% confident. You’re able to put your trade on with certainty and with a particular form of market poise that the average altcoin trader knows very little about.

You must understand that this is a market that ‘wants’ to put endless piles of money into your pocket, but you have to allow it to do so. You must take the necessary steps to ensure that your actions in this market aren’t driving you further and further away from the pot of gold


Imagine forcing your way into the cash vaults of the largest bank in some strange city.

You will have planned and planned for weeks, months even years… now the day has finally arrived.

You and your team have coerced some rouge member of the security unit at the bank into disarming all of the alarms the night before, and you’ve even taken the liberty of hiring getaway drivers and ex military personnel for “extra security…”

…. The adrenaline is pumping… and you have given your team a two minute time frame to be in and out of the facility after seizing hundreds of thousands – or if you’re lucky – millions from the hit! But… something strange happens.

On the morning of the job, you reach the bank and you immediately see pieces of stray cash flying around in the street… but it doesn’t hit you yet so, just as planned, your team springs into action.

You storm the bank to make your intentions known to the staff… your team corrals all of the cashiers into a side room and you have seized the bank manager, who will grant quick and immediate access to the vaults!

Everything seems to be going as planned…

So now, you make your way into the back of the bank and begin to head toward the vault… But the closer and closer you get, you begin to realise… this isn’t your usual “bank” infact, you haven’t seen even one security guard during the raid…

Just as you arrive at the vault, the bank manager punches in his pass code and your team goes in for the kill… But you aren’t rushing in with your team, in fact you’re now standing back in amazement as reality smacks you in the face like a shovel…

Just inside the vault is an unlocked, and unmanned side door that leads directly into the back streets of the city!

The bank ITSELF is a HIT, but on the public!

You see, this bank was constructed by a network of skilled manipulators who understand that the public will never question the safety and security of large scale bank… they will never ask for a tour of the vaults – but they will deposit their cash…

And every day, whilst the public are ‘doing as they are told’… lining up and ‘waiting their turn’ to consult with a cashier, manipulators from all over town are very quietly and nonchalantly strolling into these vaults through unmanned side doors, and simply stuffing piles and piles of cash into duffle bags and then making off into the back streets of the city – undetected!

Guys… the same exact thing happens day after day in the crypto markets…

Every day, amateur traders are showing up in their thousands and simply ‘waiting their turn.’ They line up like kids in a school cafeteria and ‘wait’ to be served.

These unskilled traders simply ‘do as they are told’ and never, not even once, do they step a foot out of line.

Just like the customers of the Manipulators Bank that I described above, these traders have been fed an entire scripture of untrues. They have been manipulated into perceiving the professionals buy signal as a sell signal, and the professionals sell signal as a buy signal.

I personally saw a thread entitled “XPY is dead,” this thread was literally posted just as myself and members of the group were engaged in accumulating large portions of this coin – long story short, the price of XPY has increased by more than 100% since then.

You see, the altcoin market IS The Manipulators Bank!

And just as I described in the above analogy, the only mistake people make in this market is to spend weeks, months and even years planning to “hit it big” in the altcoin market, when all they need to do is simply to walk directly into the side door that leads into the vault and stuff their pockets with piles of cash – which requires no form of planning whatsoever.

This is the difference between an Informed trader and an uninformed trader!

Just like in the above analogy, the assailants had spent time and money during the ‘planning’ stages of their hit, hiring military personnel, purchasing getaway vehicles; only to arrive and find that the job could have been completed much sooner, without having to threaten bank personnel and manhandle some innocent bank manager… simply, they didn’t have relevant ‘information.’

Whilst you are waking up every morning and slugging it out in the market every day… you fail to realise that you are playing this game to lose. The winners were decided days, weeks and/or months before you got into your trade!

Manipulators circumvent the standard practices in this market by buying (during accumulation) when everyone else is selling and selling (during distribution) when everyone else is buying.

The altcoin market IS the Manipulators Bank, and if you are using ‘conventional wisdom’ to trade – this would be like using the chefs golden knife and fork to eat a meal that he has deposited various forms of poison into.

You have to be aware that the crypto market is rife with cash, but also rife with amateurs and uninformed traders. This is why there is soo much money to be made because, one trader who wins – gets his profit from 100 traders who lost. This is the equivalent of 100 people depositing their money directly into the pocket of one trader – and it happens every single day in this market.

The one thing that separates a winning trader from a trader who can do nothing except to lose out repeatedly, is information!

Most Altcoin traders never get past the starting gate because they don’t use good selection criteria. They don’t know what to look for to find the most optimal trades – which is why they consistently buy into positions at the wrong time and at the wrong stage of a price-cycle, which often results in back to back losses in the market.

Other traders have trouble making decisions to buy or sell. In other words, they are uncertain about what they should be looking at in order to select the strongest performers.

Here is a tip; in Crypto, you must become familiar with recognising price patterns.

The price pattern of an Altcoin reveals an assortment of key factors that are of utmost importance to traders looking to reach the highest level of consistent profitability.

Price Patterns are like cheat sheets that give you the most unfair advantage over the average market participant. They reveal all of the relevant price points within a price cycle that can be exploited, again and again, for continuous profit. Having a complete grasp on how to use these patterns will ensure that you;

1. Stay ahead of the curve
2. Remove the stress factor from trading
3. Tilt 90% of your activity in this market into the realm of consistent profitability.

Once you find out how to properly exploit these patterns, your trading will be as beneficial as having the master key to an ATM. This is essential to everyone who not only wants to make a living from Altcoins, but also for those who want to establish a continuous stream of revenue.

Price patterns reveal the All Time low price point for your coins, as well as the ALL time high. These patterns also highlight how long price moves tend to last – which is essential for getting the timing of your trades absolutely right