Negativity is just like a drug and, believe it or not, 99% of the market’s population are strung out on this drug

In terms of fast money that is earned with little to no effort, the altcoin markets currently offer the most rewarding opportunities. There are very few markets in the world that you can walk into right now, and ‘guarantee’ a 100% – 200% return on almost any amount of money. It’s an out and out goldrush that is still in its primary stages.

Cashing in on this goldrush during its early stages is as simple as understanding that trading is a vehicle for the transfer of money between the uneducated to the educated – therefore, the more you understand about the mechanics behind each and every price move, the more money you’ll make as a result


There is not one price move that has occurred in the crypto currency market that can be described as ‘natural.’ Each and every price move that has ever occurred in this market began as an ‘artificial’ augmentation of order flow – which in turn encouraged a ‘natural response’ from market participants.

Simply put… it’s all manipulation.

Manipulators establish artificial demand, and then the herd responds, because they have been trained to accept false buy signals as genuine buy signals.

This is how the market works, whether you like it or not – and it will always be this way… therefore, if you can’t beat them, join them.

You see, there are people who do nothing accept complain about the weather… their douche bag boss… some ‘scumbag’ salesman who sold them a lemon instead of their dream car… they complain about government policy… and about how crappy television is… they complain about the Starbucks worker who put ‘a little too much milk’ in their latte… and the pizza delivery guy that was 4 minutes late… they complain about the price of petrol, the price of oil, the price of real estate and etc etc

The point being, no matter how hard people complain, they will still return to Starbucks the next day during their lunch break… they will make damn sure that they’re on time to work day after day so as not to offend their ‘douche bag’ of a boss… they continue to drive the lemon that was sold to them by the ‘money grabbing’ sales man… they very seldom move to another country, despite how much they disagree with their governments policy… they continue to fill their tanks with petrol despite how high the price rises…

… and, they continue to buy altcoins no matter how many scam accusations get thrown around… they return to the market, day after day to buy bucket loads of the same coins that they had, only a day before, prepared list of complaints about.

Humans live to complain, and no matter how many times they are tricked into buying false signals, they will return – at the exact same time – on the following day, to buy into yet another false signal… then, after losing their entire trading fund, they will open up a notepad document and prepare a 478 line scam accusation and then create a thread on bitcointalk entitled; “XPY is scam, proof inside.”

This is why manipulators get ahead, and stay ahead.

It is the most simple thing to engineer these false signals and whip the entire market into a frenzy for the sake of lining your own pockets with limitless amounts of bitcoins. It’s so simple in fact, that there is a small group of traders that do this on a routine basis – week after week.

The majority of participants in this market are members of the ‘manipulat(ed),’ only but a small minority of players in the crypto markets are ‘manipula(tors).’

So, to put it in simple terms – and the proof is in your (low) wallet balance, and trading history (that details nothing but losses, losses and more losses) – if you are part of the ‘majority’ in this market, you are actually committing to being nothing except a cash cow that market manipulators milk for profit every single day.

You see, negativity is just like a drug and, believe it or not, 99% of the world’s population are strung out on this drug… they just can’t get enough. This is why someone will lose a shit tonne of money in the crypto markets, and then come back the next day to take even more punishment… this is why, despite how many times a coin is labelled as a scam, people will continue to throw fistfuls of their money at it, in fact manipulators create their own scam accusations for marketing purposes – knowing that they can attract larger portion of the community into using their product.. so they sprinkle traces of negativity in the parameter – just like a chunk of cheese that is placed into a trap to lure rats and house mice to their own deaths

I must state that if you are simply logging into Bittrex every day.. buying a coin.. and then waiting for something good to happen, then you’re a gambler, not a trader.

Those that are successful in this market know that there is an entire 18-wheel semi-trailer truck that is full of cash and awaiting the person who understands that 99% of people in this market are here to lose, not to win – therefore, you must ensure that they lose their money to YOU and not to anyone else… and that involves buying when the majority is selling or “staying away” from a coin… and then selling when the majority is rushing to buy into a coin because it is “going to the moon.”

It’s that simple