Novices will buy anything while it is moving upwards

Things in motion catch the eye quickest. Novices will buy anything while it is moving upwards. This is simply the easiest thing to do – especially if you don’t have a trading strategy. However, this is why most novice traders go broke in the altcoin markets. These traders don’t have the ability to perceive value, until value is markedly demonstrated to them – and this is often when prices are soaring above value. The traders that last and score profits on a consistent basis do so because they play the game a little differently…


Daily fluctuations in the market are influenced by sentiment . There are perhaps 100 traders (give or take) who trade more or less backwards to what is the norm. They are not generally the class of operators who try to ‘forecast’ future price advancements, the only object in their daily operations is to ‘create’ future price advancements.

Therefore, they are subscribing to a different pathway in this game where losses are few and far between – because, in the long term, volume will always circulate back around and boost the value of their holdings, sometimes even ten-fold.

Clearly, the altcoin market can be looked upon as a trap. Where the only object is to attract humongous portions of BTC.

It is a game being played by two types of traders:

1. Individual traders:
The traders who fall into this category may be following a strategy, but the majority certainly are not. These traders have no leverage, being that they trade on their own. Therefore they don’t have the benefit of leveraging the moving power of multiple individuals working together. Make no mistake though, some individual traders do very well in this market – especially if they are of the skilled variety.

2. Group interests:
There are several group interests that are active in this very market. Some small and insignificant, and some large and omnipresent. You will constantly encounter this variety of market participants – especially if you are a novice trader, because they will always be on the other side of your every trade. Simply this group of market players are there to scoop up the all of the BTC that is left behind on the plate every time a novice trader makes a mistake.
Individual traders are in the majority, Group interest are the minority. However, this is the one reason that makes group interests the most profitable entities in this market.

As I mentioned above… The majority of traders in this market willingly engage themselves in the endless task of attempting to ‘predict’ the market. This is like a dog chasing and trying to catch its own tail – a complete and total impossibility if you were to abide by the laws of physics.

Then you have the small and skilled minority. These traders are engaged in ‘creating’ future price advancements – and therefore, before the game has even started, they have already won.

You see, you may be under the illusion that you are predicting the market, but what you are actually doing is tracking the movements of the skilled minority.

You must realise what trading is.

This is a game of strategy. This is why those who aren’t following a strategy consistently lose without even making something as miniscule as a 20% profit on a single trade – ever.

This doesn’t need to be the case.

There are real human beings, just like you, who are in this market and making multiple 1000% profits on a monthly basis. So not only is it possible but, clearly, you can be doing the exact same thing.

It all boils down to your approach…

You see, the majority of traders in this market suffer from a disease known as short-sightedness. This inability to perceive that: behind every short term price move, is a long-term price move. These short sighted traders fail to comprehend that every month, there are traders who are cashing out extraordinarily high percentage profits, from positions they opened 30 days before.

These short sighted traders are failing because they keep trying to apply their erroneous short-term mindset, to a market that is geared only to provide long-term gains. Just like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, the physics of the market won’t allow you to succeed.

The traders who make the most money in this market do so because they take advantage of all of the long-term opportunities that are provided in abundance by this market – whilst the majority (novice trader) continue to read from the same old script, and get the same old results.

It would be insanity to wait for you ship to come in, if you haven’t sent one out. Profits don’t come out of nowhere. If you don’t have a string of adequate and logically thought out positions, you are out of the game and thus you don’t have the ability to profit from any boost in volume the occurs in the market. Information is the best protector of resources. If you aren’t aware of the twists and turns that lie ahead in the market, then you had better learn how to study the charts to gauge the activity of the skilled minority – because doing this will reveal everything that lies ahead. Wherever there is concentrated accumulation, a price advancement is never too far behind.