Our role is to trade, not to be judges of morality

Ask yourself, how many times this week have you seen an excess of 1500 BTC in trading volume on Bittrex? Now ask yourself, how much of that trading volume has ended up in your own back pocket?

This is go time people…

Skilled traders throughout this entire market have been waiting several months for this bullish shift in price action to occur and, all around you, there are people who are raking in a steaming, stinking fortune – all whilst you sit back passively, just watching all of this action taking place.

There are people who have been trading crypto currencies for more than a year who are falling behind to market newbie’s who have only just stepped foot into the altcoin market over the last few weeks.

These new traders do not have the battle scars of an unbroken streak of losses under their belts, so they’re able to manoeuvre around freely, without the nagging and unnecessary restraint of post traumatic stress caused by a string of defeats in the crypto market.

However, if you have been losing consistently in the market then this period is your greatest opportunity to claw back each and every coin that was snatched out of your hands by someone who was ten steps ahead of the game.

Simply, the playing field has been levelled and the entire market is standing on an even plain – and exuberant profits are within everyone’s grasps


It doesn’t matter how many times you have lost in the past, this bullish increase in trading activity allows you to reverse your history of mediocrity in this market.

Money is being splashed around so freely, that all you need to do is put yourself in the correct position for just a portion of that cash to land square in the middle of your own pocket.

We have seen it with CRAVE… TRON and 8BIT. Each of these markets have attracted preposterous levels of volume, making it utterly simple for even the most unsophisticated trader to score a considerably large payday just by being in the right place, at the right time.

You see, in crypto there is a tendency of traders to respond to visual stimulation. I mean, the only thing an altcoin trader can use to gauge the probability of a coin being successful is the way in which that coin was originally presented to him

Now pay attention, because this is rarely ever referenced but is crucial in picking the correct coins, and avoiding the lemons.

People take for granted the fact that the announcement thread for an Altcoin is the main point of reference for the entire market. When someone wishes to find more information about a coin, what do they do? They look up and then study the announcement thread… When someone wishes to find out what a brand new altcoin brings to the table, what do they do? They look up and then study the announcement thread.

Quite simply, the announcement thread is the central point of advertising and communication for each and every altcoin that has ever been released in this market.

The implications of this are crucial.

Simply, perception is everything.

I make it a point to constantly make reference to the fact that, as traders, we aim to buy low and then to sell high – and to go a little further, as ‘successful’ traders, we are the suppliers to an entire market that is packed full of customers – customers who are chasing things that do not exist!

This is the key to trading, so pay attention…

… as traders, our role is to gauge how the wider market will respond to information, and in doing this – we are able to strike first, and therefore profit when the rest of the market follows through.

So going back to the importance of the announcement thread,

as I mentioned above, the announcement thread serves as the sole venue of advertising and communication for each and every altcoin… therefore, the general perception of a coin is always formed due to the first impression shared by each person who views the initial announcement posting.

You see, everyone who wishes to be successful in this market must realise that our role is to trade, not to be judges of morality…

In saying that, it is likely that when you first view an announcement posting, you may be met with a hoard of outlandish / unrealistic promises served up by the developer – again our role is to trade, not to be judges of morality. So despite how unrealistic a claim may be, our role is to gauge how the entire market will respond to that information if it were a fact – because as god is my witness, if the information is presented in a clean cut and impressive manner, the entire market will respond as if each claim was 100% fact.

This is why the coins that have the most polished and primed announcement threads, with glitzy graphics and a strong branding angle, always launch to an absolute frenzy of volume… which attracts the monkey-see monkey-do crowd who jump into the coin because ‘everyone else is doing it’ which creates an even more impressive and expansive parade of trading volume – and often leads to a massively eventful pump.

In this market, perception is everything

There are coins that have enjoyed long and eventful tenures in this market just due to the strength of how polished the coins initial presentation to the community was, regardless of whether or not the developer actually followed through on the initial promises

As adults, we have all developed a certain form of logic that allows us to understand that the tooth fairy will not come and deposit wealth underneath our pillows at night, because the tooth fairy doesn’t exist. Just like how it is common sense that If some overweight and unshaven man were to attempt to break an entry into our home via the rooftop chimney, we would alert the police and have the man arrested – because santa clause doesn’t exist.

Guys, the same thing applies in crypto…

… there is no such thing as a fair market. Where’s the proof of this you ask? … Well, the proof is in the pudding. The biggest losers in this market, the traders who have accumulated a string of loss after loss after loss – these guys are the ones that attempt to trade altcoins as if this is a fair market. This is the reason why they can do nothing except lose.

These people do not understand that each and every inch of price movement is a direct result of manipulation… Therefore they are forever chasing things that do not exist, hence why all they can do is lose money.

On the other hand, skilled traders profit by front running the herd and ‘getting there first’.

A skilled trader is not concerned with the legitimacy of a developer’s marketing speech. A skilled trader is only concerned with determining how the rest of the market will respond to the information presented by the developer – because, as I mentioned above and as some of you have noticed, there are coins that have enjoyed several high volume pumps regardless of whether the developer delivered on his promises or not.

To win in this market, you must wake up and stop chasing things that do not exist! Once you realise that trading is a simple game of psychology, coins will begin to flow into your wallet with alarming speed. Because only then will you be able to out think the person on the other side of the trade