Profiting from altcoin manipulation

Knowing that altcoin manipulation is rife in this market and furthermore, that these efforts are blatantly exposed on the charts – the most skilled traders take advantage of this and tag along for the ride. Whilst unskilled traders remain at the wayside with nothing apart from a string of losses and a long list of complaints about manipulators and their exploits. Being consistent in this market is a matter of common sense.

VIOR Trade analysis

VIOR Trade analysis

Profiting from Manipulation

We can argue about the rights and wrongs of the situation, but when you are trading and investing in this market, altcoin manipulation is a fact of life. Those who have difficulties accepting this will always fall victim to this manipulation – because in this market, knowledge is everything.

You see I have made reference to this before, but I don’t think I got its massive importance and implications across.

In the altcoin markets, every single trader is on a level playing field.

There are no barriers to reaping large and continuous profits.

However, there is a difference between those who succeed and those that consistently fail. It is their thoughts, perceptions and beliefs that make the difference.

Those who fall victim to their own losers mentality, will devote hours upon hours of their time towards ranting and raving about the immorality of altcoin manipulation – whilst, in that same space of time, skilled players are making exorbitant amounts of money as a direct result of this market manipulation.

You see experienced, but unskilled and unprofitable traders, are blind to the fact that nothing can take place in the market without leaving the most blatant and obvious traces in the order books and on the charts. So, in ignorance, they would rather commit to manipulator bashing – whilst skilled players choose instead to conserve their energy for taking advantage of this manipulation.

Like it or not, altcoin manipulation is something that will always be a major factor in this market. In fact, manipulation is, by far, the most consistent and therefore the most reliable factor in this market.

We can all expose co-ordinated effort taking place just by looking at the charts.

Those that succeed understand that there is a lot of work that goes into price co-ordination and price movement – but what makes these successful players exceedingly excellent is because, instead of adopting a losers mindframe – like an experienced but unprofitable trader – they realise that the hard work in trying to find a coin to trade, in shaking the trees and in prepping a coin for distribution is being done for them. Thus, all they need to do is tagalong for the ride.

Common sense stuff right?

Imagine that you are at an auction, let’s suppose for arguments sake that it’s an auction of antiques. It is a cold, wet and miserable day in the middle of winter, and the auction room is in a small provincial town. The auction room is almost empty, with few buyers in the room. The auctioneer details the next item, an antique piece of furniture, and starts the bidding with his opening price. After a short pause, a bid is made from the room, but despite further efforts to raise the bidding, the auctioneer finally brings the hammer down, selling the item at the opening bid.

Now imagine the same item being sold in a different scenario. This time, the same item is being sold, but the auction house is in a large city, it is the middle of summer, and the auction room is full. The auctioneer details the next item which is our antique furniture, and opens the bidding with a price. The price quickly moves higher, with bidders signalling interest in the auction room. Eventually, the bidding slows and the item is sold.

In the first example, the price changed only once representing a lack of interest – and in our terms, a lack of bidders in the room. In other words volume. In the second example, the price changed several times and it did so quickly with the price action reflecting interest, activity and bidders in the room. In other words volume.

Thus there is an obvious linkage between price and activity. Activity and volume go hand in hand – which is how it is simple to spot large price moves in the market in spite of whatever manipulation may be taking place.

The scenarios I describe above also highlight a key point about volume.

Daily Trading volume is your only key to spot and profit from altcoin manipulation.

Suppose this had been our first visit to this particular auction room. Is the activity witnessed average, above average or below average.

You wouldn’t be able to judge.

However – as we are traders and not auction goers we have certain tools at our disposal that reveals this crucial piece of information to us. We have the Charts – specifically the ALL chart.

The ALL chart reveals every single tick of price movement and all the daily volume stats across every coins entire history – therefore we are able to ascertain if volume is average, above average or below average, and then make our trading decisions accordingly.

If you find yourself having more losses than profit then you are, point blank, doing everything wrong. Your strategy (assuming you even have one) is absolutely incorrect. You are the reason for your losses – not anyone else.

You see, trading is just like owning your own retail store. You are literally buying a coin at wholesale rate, and then looking to distribute that coin on a later date, at a highly marked up retail rate.

Therefore, in order to succeed, you need to realise that there are participants in this market who are forever buying at retail rate – although these traders are consistent losers and never make any money, their every action in the market is exposed on the charts and the order books for you to imitate if you wish.

You must also realise that there are participants in this market who are forever buying at wholesale rate – their actions are also revealed on the charts and order books for you to imitate if you wish.

The fact is, in this market, you are either prone to buying at retail price – or buying at wholesale price.

Ask yourself, which of these categories do you fall into… and here you will have the answer to why you have a long list of profitable trades, or you’ll have the answer to why you have an endless list of losses.

Tip: Whether there is altcoin manipulation or not, trading volume reveals when a price move is running out of steam (exit indicator). It reveals whether buying interest is rising or falling on a daily basis. It reveals all the subtleties of pull backs. Volume is the fuel that drives the entire crypto market. Volume also reveals when major players are moving in and out of a coin. Without volume, nothing moves – and, if it does move and the volume is not in agreement, then there is something wrong. In Crypto, volume gives you the ultimate weapon to validate price, and to reveal the true market sentiment.


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