After the rally, comes the crash. Then comes the profit!

The market is its own best advertiser. Being successful in the digital currency markets is simple. You have to realise that trading is an advanced game of psychology, where individuals are willing to put their own money towards betting that they are correct and that the person on the other side of the trade is wrong. Because remember – every single trade involves a buy and a sell. With every single trade, the person who is selling has one theory whilst the person who is buying has another. This, in itself, is a literal demonstration of the fact that the lack of correct information in this market is most prolific in ensuring that novice traders are forever on the losing end of the trade.


Percentages are the order of the day!

You see guys, this rule applies not only to our crypto currency market – but to every other financial market in the world.

Percentages are king!

People devote several wasted hours towards looking for a “bottom,”  or trying to find “the top.” Common strategies of the typical novice trader.

If you want to accrue large bundles of cash from this market, then you must imitate the people (the minority) who are actually making bundles of cash – and ditch any ideology that is upheld by the majority of participants in this market. (The herd, novice traders etc)

It is an established fact that in any financial arena, the majority will always draw the shorter end of the stick. That is because the whole basis of the finance industry itself is the exploitation of natural human irrationality.

I have said it before, you can tell who is in the know and who isn’t just by the way someone talks and the things they say.

Not a single day passes where you don’t hear someone mention “oh look guys, the bottom is in.” This whole terminology doesn’t make sense. “The bottom is in?” …Complete nonsense.

Novice traders are under the assumption that one can put a sizeable buy order on a coin and – for whatever reason – it won’t be used and abused as an exit route by skilled traders who bought into the coin, weeks before, during accumulation and are now at 2x+ profit.

This is an erroneous ideology but, again, it is one that is shared by the majority of altcoin traders. Which is why they consistently lose.

“The bottom” has nothing to do with buy orders and with that being said, I have to reiterate – percentages are the order of the day!

Now, whilst I make it a duty of mine to reveal certain caveats of the crypto markets that are seldom discussed publicly – I will spill even more juice, but not the entire canister.

Percentages are king!

You see, you have traders who look at the charts and go about trying to locate the “head and shoulders (lol) pattern,” the even more outlandish sounding “cup and handle pattern,” and the ridiculous “double top and double bottom” patterns.

These traders, will sit there for hours trying to spot these patterns – failing to realise that in order for these nonsensical  patterns to be produced, the price has to move up, and down several times – inflating the 24hour trading volume, thus diminishing your ability to profit when you finally do spot the “double top”.

Do you think Bank of America traders wait to see the “cup and handle” pattern before buying shares in some gas and energy conglomerate? Could you see 200 Morgan Stanley traders sitting on their hands until they see a “wedge” form on the chart?

This is nonsense guys.

These foolish patterns are used to pull your attention away from what really matters in the market.

Percentages are king!

You see, after a coin rises several hundred percent – the only guarantee is that it’s price will now crash! You don’t need to see a “cup and handle” pattern to tell you that. It is common sense.

Therefore, the laws of mathematics play a vital role in the market. Because if prices can rise only but so far, then they can only fall but so far.

Starting to get the point?

Percentages are the order of the day!

I have spoken about recurring price patterns, how coins make similar movements over and over again until the point where you will have exploited this movement so much, that you almost will want to give some of the money back, because it was just too easy to make.

Ask yourself, what do we measure price moves by? … Percentages.

So the recurring – thus exploitable – element is the percentage decline after every rally.

The larger the percentage is, the less likely it becomes that the price will continue falling. Then, to confirm your trading decision – you sit back and wait for accumulation to begin. Once it does, you now have a high profitability trade right there.

Trading isn’t about cluttering your charts with oscillators and other useless indicators. Trading is a game of psychology – whether you realise it or not, this is the game that is played day in and day out.

Skilled traders are referred to as manipulators only because they realise that, to win big, means getting there first. Therefore timing is key. Novice traders are not in tune with price movement – so their timing is always off.

This is not a game of chance, it is a game of skill.

Tip: The financial markets continue to thrive, not because of conspiracy – but because of a flaw in human logic. We all assume that, as human beings, we have all been blessed with sound logic. However, you’d be shocked to find that this isn’t the case. It is a well known fact that, when it comes to finance especially, human beings are immensely irrational. When blatantly given the option to buy something cheaply, whilst “the few” skilled traders are filling their own warehouses – the majority of participants will pass-up this opportunity, only to then decide to buy once the price has already gone up several hundred percent. This is because, this is when everyone else is also finally deciding to buy – therefore, despite being totally ill-timed, and incorrect, it becomes easier to make the decision to buy. This is herd mentality and the single reason why  trading is one of the most profitable ventures in the world today.

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