Skilled traders do not win because they “picked the right coin”… They win because they exploited an opportunity to profit

Skilled traders do not win because they “picked the right coin”… They win because they exploited an opportunity to profit.

Good trading is less about finding the right altcoin, than it is about finding a high potential opportunity and , for a majority of the time, it isn’t even about trying to “get there first” either. This is because the most rewarding opportunities are available to traders almost 100% of the time – however, a majority of altcoin traders are following a program that renders them visionless when it comes to noticing and then taking advantage of these opportunities.

These traders view true buy signals as sell signals, and true sell signals as buying signals.

This is why, if you are a novice, you are vividly able to recall dozens of instances where you have seen the price of a coin plummet almost immediately after you bought in – this is because your program of trading is obverse to that of a skilled trader.

This whole time, you have been buying into sellers markets and selling into buyers markets. This is why you have frequently been losing out.

You have been given the map that reveals where a 20 tonne pot of gold is buried, but the illustrator plotted this map upside down – so instead of heading north, you head south… Instead of east, you head toward the west. in fact, each step you take, in accordance with this map, takes you further and further away from the pot of gold.

At PumpersPicks, we refer to this as ‘mass market deception’ but, don’t be fooled, despite the fact that 90% of market participants are victims of this deception, it is instructive to note that 10% of the dealers in this market are making mass piles of profit due to their exploitation of the reality that is brought about by this deception.

You see, finding success in the altcoin market is as simple as realising that this entire marketplace is not only a game of strategy… but, an unfair game of strategy, where 90% of the players are guaranteed to behave, react and respond in exactly the same way no matter what the underlying conditions are – therefore, those that are successful are the ones who are able to pre-empt the response of the manipulated masses… to correctly anticipate how the manipulated masses will behave in light of a particular set of circumstances, or how they will react as various market situations arise.

You ability to win, is linked directly to your ability to out think the herd which is a simple task as, for the most part, the herd doesn’t think – they merely react


People always ask why I feel comfortable in revealing market truths… Their assumption is that, ‘if more people understand how the game is played, then more people will begin to profit, thus there will be less money to be made.’ – This is utterly incorrect.

You see, it isn’t just a coincidence that one person arrives in the altcoin market, instantly sees ‘the light’ and immediately begins to strike up profit after profit – whilst another person makes his way into crypto, gets sucker-punched, left disorientated and open to the exploits of market manipulators and ultimately ends up losing his entire trading fund within mere weeks.

This is a difference in mind-set.

We all know someone in our personal lives who will argue a point violently even though he is wrong almost 100% of the time… and even after being proven wrong with a string of facts and statistics, once a little time passes – a few days, a few weeks, he will revive his original argument and this time he will deposit even more energy into trying to prove himself correct, even in the face of evidence that isn’t in his favour.

This is an unchanging element of human psychology, where we see people become rooted to a particular set of beliefs, ideas and opinions that they may have – whether they are factual or not.

We see this come to life, full force, in the crypto currency markets.

So in answer to those who worry that their profits will dissipate due to the ‘classified’ information that we broadcast at PumpersPicks, I say fear not.

No matter what happens, the percentages will remain the same. 90% of those who participate in the altcoin markets will lose money in the long run – and 10% of the participants will continue to reap in these losses as profit.

Simply put, there are those who ‘get it’ and those who do not.

The information that we broadcast at PumpersPicks isn’t foreign to skilled traders, in fact, they posses all of this knowledge almost innately and this is what allows them to walk through brick walls in this market. This innate knowledge is what allows them to walk into the market and have their own way with it.

However, there are the slight few (and I do meant ‘slight’ few) out there who are yet to have realized their own powers in crypto. They are yet to have tasted the full flavour of continued success. They may have scored one major profit, but have since fallen short of simply recreating those trades.

You see, trading is just like riding a bicycle and once you have learned how to ride a bicycle, you never forget. In fact, it becomes a life skill. But what we see happening in crypto, is people attempting to learn how to ride their bikes, falling off the bike and then giving up completely.

Again, I must mention; skilled trader… unskilled trader… these are just mere terminologies used to describe a difference in mind-set… and it is this mind-set that determines whether or not someone succeeds in this venture or fails.

In this dark underworld of the global financial markets, those that succeed do so almost in cold blood. Because they understand full and well that their own success is someone else’s despair. Today’s profit is also the reason why the person on the other side of that trade will ultimately fail to pay his rent this month. Despite this, skilled traders relentlessly return to the market day after day to seize profit, because 90% of the players in the altcoin world make it so simple to win.

So you have to ask yourself, are you really willing to take part in what is essentially a slightly sophisticated blood sport, just so that you may line your pockets with endless sums of cash at the expense of the person on the other side of the trade?

If so, then you must realise that skilled traders are not ‘reactive,’ they are ‘pre-emptive.’ They purchase when others fail to perceive opportunity so that they can sell when the laggards finally catch up – however, once the laggards have finally caught on, skilled players will only relinquish their coins at 200%++ the price that they originally paid.

This is the game that is being played.

If you’re not able to keep up, then you should perhaps leave the market whilst you’re still able to because there are skilled traders waiting for you on the battlefield, and they have no intentions of playing fair

Skilled traders accumulate cash 10 times faster than the average market participant

This is not due to any form of underhanded tactics – but due to their application and channelling of greed.

You see the goal of everyone in crypto is to make money. However, in order for one person to make money someone else has to lose their money. This is the name of the game, there is no sympathy in trading. If one trader eats well it is because he snatched that meal directly from the plate of another trader – this is the game that you have all signed up to. So to win, means you have to be ruthless.

But don’t be fooled! Novice traders are also greedy. However, skilled traders take their greed to a completely different level.

I have mentioned before, trading is a game of psychology.

One single trade involves two people. One selling and the other buying. A single trade represents two opposing opinions, one person assumes the price is going to fall – the other believes it is going to increase. Therefore, trading is literally a mind game.

The majority only lose consistently because they are all reading from the same exact playbook and so they all behave in the same exact manner. Therefore they are not able to channel their greed in the correct way. So all of their actions in the market resembles gambling – not trading.

Market manipulators are well aware of this.

You see a skilled purveyor or the altcoin market will only buy into a coin that is at or close to “the bottom.” This has several connotations.

They may have to be positioned in the trade for several days, maybe even weeks – but when their coin starts to lift in price, their profits are just not the same as what a novice trader is accustomed to. These profits are often in excess of double the amount that was originally put on the table, sometimes treble the amount, or even four times the original outlay.

This is because skilled traders have more greed than they do fear! They posses more knowledge than they do ignorance. So they are able to make educated buys, whilst novice traders continue to read from the same-old script: “Don’t buy low volume coins”, “don’t buy a coin with low buy support”, “oh look, the dev has released an update, that means buy” and etc.

Very predictable indeed.

Skilled players thrive on information… Whether it is information on price moves that are yet to occur, or information on how the person on the other side of the trade is going to behave in the light of a particular set of circumstances and situations.

By now, the point should be clear.

Novice traders are ”the herd” and they trade in the exact same way as each other because they are using the same old strategy. The repeat profiteers take advantage of this simply by ensuring that they are on the other side of the trade every time a novice makes yet another mistake.

Novices are all too predictable, which make it exceedingly simple to push and pull this market for the largest amounts of profit