The altcoin market is an automatic mechanism that allows money to move from one place to another

In the world of crypto currencies, there is a peculiar tendency amongst the most novice of traders to play for only the smallest stakes.

However, unbeknownst to these traders, they are performing a very specific task in this market that benefits others more than themselves.

These traders who will only ever risk the smallest stakes, are actually the ones who trade the most in this market… and each and every time they open a trade, they contribute to boosting the price of a coin – however when they sell, it rarely ever means anything and never causes the price of a coin to fall, simply because their positions are always so small and insignificant and therefore they hold no weight in the wider scheme of things. Simply put, these traders are always at effect to someone else’s goals and intentions – not their own.

However, small traders play a vital role in this market… because when altcoin promoters start to promote a coin (that they themselves bought into late), small traders immediately respond to the call of the shepherds and instantly begin to throw their pennies into the pot… $20 here, $10 there – but as I mentioned in a previous post, the majority of traders in the crypto market are ‘small traders,’ simply put, there’s a lot of them – so just like the money pot that is passed around a church in some downtrodden part of town …. by the end of this ‘collection,’ several thousands of dollars will have been pushed into this coin that is being promoted – sending its price sky high.

But small traders don’t realise what has taken place. You see when a coin has reached the stage of being violently promoted, it is already overpriced. Altcoin promoters are nothing except novice traders with loud voices… Just the mere fact that they are promoting a coin on the same day that it is pumping shows that they themselves bought into the coin late – so imagine how far behind you are once your receive their information.

Small traders who buy during a pump, aren’t ‘buying in’ to a coin, they are being ‘sold some coins’ by skilled manipulators who bought weeks ago, who are now dead sure that the price has reached the top – hence why, each and every time you buy into a pump, you lose money…

Our strategy dictates that a trader never chases a pump, but instead lets the pump come to him


In our lives, outside of trading, we are content and happy to wait patiently to receive our monthly salary from work. However, when it comes to trading in the market, the mentality of people takes a peculiar twist… All forms of patience are tossed to the wind, and people frantically jump from coin to coin with the hopes of cashing out money a.s.a.p – they want their money right now… even if it means cashing out a $20 trade only because they hit a $4 dollar profit.

This is madness.

Regular readers are well aware that money flows through this market in a very particular way, and the only thing that separates the traders that make triple digit BTC amounts every couple of months, from the traders who are still yet to have even made a full bitcoin from a trade is: the ability to trade ‘with’ the natural rhythm of the market, not ‘against’ it.

Simply put the market doesn’t give a damn about the individual needs of a trader, it will continue along in its pace uninterrupted and, as a trader, it is your job to gage the pace of the market and then to trade in sync with this pace – simple.

I explained in a previous post that profit is never the result of hard work… and I’ll take it one step further… hard work is the direct cause of more losses in this market than you will ever be able to quantify.

Do you seriously think that someone who has generated thousands of BTC in profit for himself and others, via trading, is waking up at 9am in the morning and ‘hitting the screens hard’ all day? …Never!

The altcoin market is an ‘automatic mechanism’ that pumps out wealth day after day after day… it is a reservoir of cash that is refilled each and every day by willing traders…

… the smartest traders in the market simply plug their own pipelines into this reservoir and allow cash to flow directly into their hands without them having do ‘anything’ other than buying at the right time… the most unsuccessful traders however, are walking to this reservoir each day with little tiny buckets that they fill up with small fragments of cash, then they walk home and repeat this same journey day after day…This is inefficient use of time and energy.

You have to take your hands off… stand back, and let the market do what the market does – the market is a conduit that lets money move from one place to another. That’s what the market does all by itself, you do not need to interfere with this process.

However, novice traders have it in their minds that if a pump is occurring that they should now rush to that coin and buy… This is improper trading practice… could you imagine a Goldman Sachs trader sitting at his desk all day “waiting to catch a pump?”

… could you imagine a Merrill Lynch trader frantically scrolling through twitter all day long, waiting to see the phrase “XYZCOIN is going to the moon, BUY NOW!”

This is lunacy…

Just like I explained above, the crypto market is a reservoir of cash. The smartest traders plug their own pipelines into this reservoir and allow money to flow into their hands on autopilot – they do not even need to be there to profit as long as their pipeline is plugged in.

So when a pump is occurring, what you are literally seeing take place is cash flowing out of the reservoir and directly into a skilled traders hands – but never the less, several hundred novice traders still turn up with their little tiny buckets in hand, splashing around in the reservoir trying to manually (and primitively) scoop up some stray profit … they spend hours fighting amongst themselves and are completely distracted to the fact that the cash is being drained from the reservoir by several covert pipelines that have been installed months ago – so novice traders can’t even fill the tiniest bucket in their arsenal with cash, which is why every single time that you have bought during a pump you have ended up losing money or breaking even at best.

As I mentioned above, the market is an automatic mechanism that allows money to move from one place to another. You do not need to interfere with this process.

This is why long term trading is so potent, so powerful, so reliable, so time and energy efficient… and ultimately why it delivers such an extreme abundance of profit regardless of how little effort was originally put in.

You see once you have spotted an optimal trade, a high profit opportunity… The reservoir will always be empty.

This allows you to build your pipeline and install it out in the open without being noticed, because all the novices will always be busy splashing around with their little buckets in some other reservoir and therefore are always distracted from the true opportunities.

Once you have built your pipeline… you take your hands of, you get out of the way, and you let the market do what the market does.

You allow the reservoir to fill with cash… it may take a week, it may take a month, but eventually that reservoir will be overflowing with cash because the market will have moved money from one place, directly into your reservoir.

Then the altcoin promoters get to work.

They alert the novices… who immediately begin to stampede, buckets in hand, racing… arguing amongst themselves… splashing around trying to scoop up some stray cash – all whilst your pipeline is sucking all the cash out of the reservoir whilst you are elsewhere getting on with life…

You see In our lives, outside of trading, we are content and happy to wait patiently to receive our monthly salary from work… this is the attitude that must be applied to trading.

Plug in your pipeline, step back and let the reservoir fill with cash – when it is full, all of that cash will be extracted via your pipeline

And the best thing about this is you can do this again and again and again and just keep piling money into the truck almost on autopilot

This is the difference between those who score 30% profits every now and again, and those who score 1000% profits