The altcoin market leaves its own DNA, buried in the charts.

The crypto market is entirely inefficient and can be played backwards and forward so easily that it isn’t even funny. It can be pushed and pulled with little to no effort, and many people take advantage of this fact day in and day out as they rake in unimaginably large gains.

Is the market predictable? If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t trade. Simply because if I can’t guarantee a win, then executing a buy would be gambling not trading and we at PumpersPicks are not gamblers.

You see, there are thousands of participants in this market and, unfortunately, most of them are gamblers – so they approach the market in much the same way a gambling addict approaches the roulette table.

The addict knows that “there are no guarantees” when he puts $1,000 on number 12. Blackjack specialists are also fully aware “there are no guarantees” in their own field of speculation.

Even those no hopers who sit down in front of slot machines all day long understand that “there are no guarantees” when they crank that lever down just to see what happens.

Why is this? … Well, Because gambling in itself is a rigged sport where the odds are always tilted in favour of the house.

With this being said, I must mention: Trading isn’t anything like gambling (good trading that is).

Simply because, there are certain tools and indicators available to each and every trader that aren’t present in the casinos.

Just by assessing four specific factors, you can very easily determine whether or not it is the right time to buy, whether or not a coin has long-term viability, and you can very quickly gauge the most accurate buying in range to produce the broadest scale of profit possible

As a trader your role is to buy at $X and sell at $XX, not to roll the dice and hope to see your number.

Trading isn’t a game of chance, it’s a game of skill and thus it as a venture that can be mastered


The trick to becoming successful is in gaining an innate understanding that the altcoin market leaves its own DNA, buried in the charts.

These areas of accumulation and distribution remain on the charts forever. The price moves on, but these areas remain, and at some point in the future, price behaviour moves back into these regions, and at this stage, these areas, often dormant for long periods, become powerful once again.

You have to understand that it is useless trying to track trading volume as it moves through a coin, but rather it pays off in magnitudes to track trading volume as it moves through the market.

Doing this will enable you to realise that there is a bigger picture at play, and each individual price move is merely one small piece of that picture.

In addition, this will put you in a position where you are no longer subject to the ill deeds of unscrupulous developers and shady altcoin promoters, but rather you will be betting on the altcoin market in its entirety rather than some single coin that could disappear tomorrow.

Coins come and go, but the market remains.

Therefore, the most rewarding bet or investment that you could ever make is to bet that when the overall volume of the altcoin market is low, it will rise once again as it has done countless times since its genesis.

… and as this volume rises again, the prices of a ‘selection’ of coins in the market will follow suit.

I have mentioned before, that volume will only flow into coins that are in condition to allow volume to pass through, these are the coins that you must be focused on.

Through this method, you are no longer betting on the performance of a single coin, but rather betting that the market will do as it has done since it was created – which is move money from one place, to another.

You will be betting that novice traders will respond to price action in much the same way that they have been responding since the birth of altcoins.

Simply put, by tweaking your strategy in this way, you are betting on facts remaining facts – instead of hanging on to the opinions, fancy marketing speeches and empty promises from altcoin developers.

The average trader is one who logs onto, sees that a coin is showing a 100% price increase, and then puts his money into that coin – because, everyone else is doing it. Well it is instructive to note that not ‘everyone’ in crypto is consistently profitable. So if you are constantly mimicking the trades of ‘everyone’ else around you, your trading fund with evaporate into the ether – or rather into the pockets of skilled traders who have laced the entire market with traps for you to fall into.

The traders who win repeatedly only do so because they are in tune with the market – not their “favourite coin,” the market!

How many of you have seen the shameless public remarks from market novices who claim to be “staying away” from altcoins due to low volume? These are the traders who haven’t even the slightest clue of how a market operates.

Let’s imagine for instance that we were buyers and sellers of fur coats, and other winter clothing. This being the case, a platform like is now easier to see for what is truly is – an analytics tool that displays all sales of, in this scenario, winter clothing throughout the entire market. It not only show how much clothing is being sold back and forth, but it shows the dates and times of each and every sale and also the price of each sale. It also displays a figure for the total trading volume within the space of 24 hours.

This makes platforms like extremely powerful tools.

So again, let’s say that we are buyers and sellers of fur coats.

As we are currently in the middle of summer time, the overall 24 hour trading volume will obviously be at rock bottom levels…. why? Well, because there is less demand for winter clothing during the summer.

The novice traders amongst us will be making all kinds of public, yet ridiculous, proclamations that they are “staying away” from fur coats because the volume is so low. Some of them will even claim that the winter clothing industry is dead due to this low volume!

But of course, where there are many fools – the slight few that are intelligent will always make a fortune.

The skilled traders will look at this low volume, run some quick mental analysis “oh look, the volume is low.. prices are low… so I had better buy all the fur coats that I can… sure, I’ll have to hold on to these coats for a lengthy amount of time – but once winter hits, I will have THE MOST fur costs, bought at THE CHEAPEST possible rates… and therefore, I’ll be able to double, triple or even quadruple my money – even if I undercut all of my competition by 50%+.”

This same exact mindset is applied to the crypto currency markets by the most savvy traders.

These traders aren’t betting on the performance of little, miniscule, individual coins… they are betting on the performance of the entire market!

And this is what you must do if you wish to enjoy a profitable stay in the crypto currency markets

During every high volume price rise, the price can only go so far before, eventually, everyone is trying to cash out profits at the same exact time. Think about it like a massive stampede trying to squeeze through a 32″ wide door simultaneously – it just won’t work. This is known as sell resistance.

Thus, in trading, timing is the most crucial element.

Because, those who gets there first will always win – and they will win big

Those who aren’t as early, but get there before the major price move kicks off, their win will be much smaller, but a win nevertheless.

Unskilled traders who buy during the distribution phase will always lose, there is no way around that. During distribution, it isn’t even possible for one to build a large enough position so as to guarantee a worthwhile profit.

Whether you’re willing to accept this or not, it will never change the fact that every single coin in the market follows a strict, and therefore obvious, pattern of Accumulation and Distribution. This is the price cycle. This is how the market moves. Whether you realise it, or not, you are either trading with the cycle or against it, this is a cold hard truth.

The charts reveal when intelligent traders are filling their warehouses to the brim with a certain coin. The implication being, people don’t just decide to accumulate for no reason – where there is accumulation, there will always be a large price move.

I will always advise that people look at the charts and use that as their main point of reference – but only if they would much rather make more than $10,000 a month, instead of consistently losing their money to skilled and properly trained participants who, quite frankly, would love to see amateurs remain just that – amateurs.

Just look at the daily volume on Bittrex: 400BTC +, this entire balancce has moved out of the hands of the many, and into the hands of the few, and the same thing will happen tomorrow.

No one can stop the flow of the market..

Sure, you can redirect the flow, stall it for a day or two… but, the current of the market is just too powerful. It will break through every barrier that can be placed in front of it. If you are trading against this flow, you will lose. You will be swept away so quickly it wouldn’t even be funny.

If you are in sync with this pattern of movement, you will make more money than you thought possible. You will be leveraging the markets own movement and momentum to plough large amounts of bitcoins into your wallet.

These patterns are being exploited on a daily basis.

Call it manipulation, or whatever you will… It’s still going to occur. And, like it or not, you’re either going to be on the right side of this manipulation, or on the wrong side