The crypto market is a ‘giving’ mechanism, not a taking mechanism

How simple it is for amateur traders to hit the buy button, without even the slightest hint of an insight into the hidden forces that impose their will on the movement of price throughout each and every segment of this market.

How simple it is to adopt such basic view of the digital currency markets, that a novice trader will assume that he can simply stroll directly into the lion’s den unaided, with a backpack full of raw meat which only serves to whip the masters of the den into a frenzy.

Since we’re speaking in simple terms, I must point to the fact that no matter which coin it is that you are trading, hoping to trade or scared shitless of trading – there is always a counterplot!

No matter how meticulous you think your approach play is, there always exists a string of traders behind each and every coin that want nothing other than to drain your financial resources for their own benefit.

Each and every skilled trader began their journey in this market as a novice – HOWEVER, the difference between those that are skilled and the ones who elect to remain unskilled, is perspective.

A skilled trader is clairvoyant enough to realise that the crypto currency market itself if his greatest tool.

He understands that the market is custom built to reward it’s most skilled purveyors with unlimited amounts of bitcoins.

Therefore he sits back and allows the market to do what the market does – which is to extract money out of the pockets of the laggards, novices and the unskilled… and to contribute this money, in a proportionate manner, directly into the wallets of the skilled few.


The difference between those who succeed in this market, and those who fail – is perspective.

I am utterly confident in stating this one fact, simply because this one fact is made notably evident in YOUR very own trading history.

I can guarantee that if you are the type of individual who views this market as a ‘taking mechanism’ rather than a ‘giving mechanism,’ then you have nothing but a steaming stinking pile of losses to show for your time in the crypto currency market.

I can guarantee that if you are so closed minded as to assume that “trading is gambling,” then your trading history also details nothing other than your ability to strike up loss after loss, after loss.

Perspective, is the key.

You see, if I were so unmindful as to adopt the view that “trading is gambling,” this one aspect of thought will warp my entire trading experience in such a way that will physically force me into turning this misguided logic into reality.

It will cause me to ‘act as if’ trading is gambling – and this has many negative implications.

Firstly, after convincing myself that trading is gambling, am I likely to take large positions that bring forth rewards of immeasurable proportions – or will I simply take the smallest positions possible, so that I may “avoid risk?”

Once I have convinced myself that trading is gambling, I have now opened my world to the manipulations of the skilled few who urge me to “only risk what I can afford to lose…” the subtle battle cry that lures amateurs into compounding several small losses into one gigantic shitpile of financial ruin – the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ theory: a small cut won’t kill you but, if you get enough of them, you will bleed to death.

Death by a thousand cuts = Creeping Normality: Creeping normality refers to the way a major change can be accepted as the normal situation if it happens slowly, in unnoticed increments, when it would be regarded as objectionable if it took place in a single step or short period.

So next time you’re told to “only trade what you can afford to lose,” I’d think twice if I were you.

I mean, what benefit does it bring me to earn a 1000% profit on 0.000457 BTC? A total of 0.01 BTC?

This is why 90% of traders in the altcoin market are spinning their wheels, but getting nowhere because they have convinced themselves that trading is gambling and so they pussy foot around the market in a state of fear, afraid to bring a stake larger than 0.00546BTC to the table.

Put simply, if you won’t trade big – then you won’t win big.

You see, the most skilled purveyors of the crypto currency markets view this realm of finance for what it is…. a ‘giving mechanism.’

The digital currency market is a gigantic conveyor belt of liquidity, that transfers money from point A, to point B and so the most skilled players do everything in their power to remain positioned at point B.

With this being said, it becomes highly evident that there is nothing ‘random’ about this market.

I mean, if you have done nothing except to lose money in this market then what is random about that? Just because your version of consistency relates to your capacity to repeatedly lose money does not mean that the market is random.

Your consistent failure has been someone else’s consistent gain.

There is nothing random about this.

It simply means that if you have been losing money repetitively, then you have been employing a trading strategy that has been positioning you at point A, which means that you have been willingly forfeiting your money to the skilled traders who tactically position themselves at point B.

This is a structured system that allows for those who are 10 steps ahead of the game to be enriched via the losses of those that fail to see through the smog.

Whilst amateur traders tip toe their way through the market, taking small 0.00375BTC bets along the way, the traders who are consistently profitable are comfortable when slapping down amounts larger than 10 BTC on the table.

For these skilled players, a 100% profit on 10 BTC = 20 BTC… A 1000% profit on 10 BTC = 110 BTC.

This is why some people get ahead, whilst others become fatalities of the market.

Step up your game. The time has come for you to leave your losing ways behind. I mean, there are so many elements of this market that you aren’t able to experience due to the negative perspective that you have willingly chosen to adopt.

You have barricaded yourself away from the wonders of compounded returns: the magical science that allows skilled traders to turn a 10BTC profit into 20BTC, into 40BTC then into 80BTC and so on.

You have elected to sit at the kiddies table, whilst the adults of this arena go to war in the battlefield of continued profit.

Simply put, whilst you idle your time away there are a handful of traders who have in their possession trading funds that are 1000%++ larger than the amounts that they started with a year ago – how much has your trading fund grown over the last year?