The eyes will look, but they won’t see. So let’s exploit Start Coin for profit

I have explained in several previous posts that the altcoin market is a market that functions due to the variations in human perception. One day, there is one specific coin that the entire market is obsessed with – then the next day, that same coin is old news and everyone is focused on the ‘next big thing.’

As humans, any and everything that we do is in accordance with a pattern. In fact the human brain is a pattern recognition machine. Everything in life is based on rhythmic sequences. Just look at the price chart of a long established altcoin, you will see several recurring patterns that can be exploited for profit.


START is a coin that I have been interested in since its launch back in July 2014. The uniqueness of the way in which this coin was marketed made it all too clear that many profitable rallies was on the horizon.

It’s first big rally began in September 2014, starting at 1,702 Satoshi. It was a slow build rally that seemed to gather more and more steam as the days passed. By 6 October 2014, the peak of the rally formed at a gargantuan 52,000 Satoshi – that’s a staggering 2,955% gain within a space as short as one month.

After this rally, START then fell into a long and sustained decline that began on Oct 6 2014, and grinded to a halt on Nov 20 2014. During this period, START dropped 95% in value. This is when START became a regular PumpersPick.

I became very interested in START coin in November, due to an obvious factor… in fact, whenever a popular coin declines by more than 90%, you would be insane not to buy in.

However, there is an even more particular characteristic that I have picked up on.

Since December, START coin has been repeating the exact same price cycle over and over again. I mentioned in a previous post that the % decline that occurs after each rally will reveal the best and most optimal buying price, allowing you to get into a coin at the right time in order to enjoy the full benefit of actively taking part in a rally from start to finish, and capturing the maximum range of profit that is available.

Here is what START’s price chart has looked like since December


As you can see, START has remained range bound since the start of December 2014, making it one of the most predictable coins on the market…

… Now let’s take a closer look

START December Rally


DEC 6 Price: 9,000 Satoshi
DEC 17 Price: 3,725 Satoshi

Exploitable behavioural trait: 58% Decline after rally

As you can see above, after reaching a price of 9,000 Satoshi on the 6th of December 2014, START then began to drop value. In fact, by the 17th of December 2014, START was sitting at a price of 3,725 Satoshi – a 58% decline.

START January Rally


JAN 5 Price: 8,076 Satoshi
JAN 28 Price: 3,333 Satoshi

Exploitable behavioural trait: 58% Decline after rally

Again we are seeing the same pattern repeat itself. After reaching a price of 8,079 Satoshi on the 5th of January, START coin then began to drop value. This fall in value continued until the 28th of January, when START crash landed at 3,333 Satoshi – yet another 58% decline.

START February Rally


FEB 12 Price: 9,000 Satoshi
FEB 13 Price: 4,500 Satoshi

Exploitable behavioural trait: 50% Decline after rally

Clearly, START has rallied at roughly the same time of the month, every month since December… it has produced more than 100% in gains each time, and also declined by 50% – 58% each time.

This is an example of how simple it is to predict and exploit the altcoin market for profits again and again. You have to keep your eyes open and always look closely at a coin’s price chart… because, when you begin to look close enough, you will uncover dozens of hidden traits that you can exploit for continuous and consistent profits

There is no such thing as a “double top” or “cup and handle” or “wedge” pattern. All of these things are mere distractions that were devised to prevent traders from seeing ‘the obvious.’ START is just one coin… there are hundreds of coins on the market, and each of them has their own recurring cycles that can be exploited again and again.

This is the natural rhythm of the market, and you must trade in line with this rhythm if you would rather a steady stream of profits, instead of an endless list of losses.