The financial wizardry of the altcoin market is brought to the forefront, for all to see, by coins such as FC2

One good trade can pay you, continuously, for several months. That is the power of the crypto currency market. In the world of the altcoins, one good trade can transform into a personal piggy bank, allowing you to pile several portions of profit onto the truck.

Trading is only satisfying when you are engaged in the act of withdrawing profit. Coins like FC2, and multiple others, will often provide you with the rare opportunity to cash out extensive profits over several weeks.

This is the second time FC2 has had a “long pump” and is ultimately why FC2 made it into our Pick list on the 20th of April


Since the 20th of April, FC2 has advanced from 1,661 Satoshi to a gargantuan 8,500 Satoshi – which is an immensely rewarding 411% profit so far.

Quite literally, $1,000 invested into FC2 during accumulation is today worth $5,117 and paints the picture of how monstrous profits actually are in the altcoin world.

Whilst you’re browsing the market you have to be aware of what to look for

There are so many factors and peculiarities that make certain coins stand head and shoulders above the rest… there are so many glaringly obvious signs that dictate which coins should be bought and hoarded, and also signs that expose which coins in this market should be avoided at all costs.

Time and time again, the most excessive profits are produced by the coins that have exhibited the most flamboyant price patterns in the past.

For example – if you were to look at FC2’s long-term price history, you’ll instantly see something that is quite revealing, something that is almost unique to this particular coin.

FC2 made its debut on Aug 15th 2014. Since then, it has had one major price advancement… but, if you examine the image below – you’ll notice something, something that is very interesting indeed.


As you can see, FC2’s very first price advancement was an absolute spectacle of epic proportions.

Starting from October 20th 2014, FC2 began its ascent from the lowly (and humble) sum of 401 Satoshi.

Now, before I go any further… I’d like to point out something that is extremely telling and quite frankly, must be mentioned


You see, FC2’s very first major price advancement began on October the 20th 2014 and ended on December 12th 2014… Yes, that’s right… FC2’s first major price advancement lasted for three entire months…

But let’s not stop there…

…because when you look even closer you will find that between Oct 20 and Dec 12, FC2 attracted a trading volume of 2,128 BTC which took the price from 401 Satoshi and propelled it all the way to 20,500 Satoshi which is a scintillating 5,012% profit – simply, $1,000 invested into FC2 on October 20 grew to an astonishing $51,122 by December 12th.

This is why I champion the notion that the altcoin market is the world’s greatest kept secret, where people are taking sums as trivial as $1,000 and conjuring up several multiples of this figure almost from thin air.

This financial wizardry is brought to the forefront, for all to see, by coins such as FC2.

As I mentioned, one good trade in the Altcoin world can have you cashing out profit on a daily basis for several months in a row, and totally wipe out any losses or deficits that have knocked you down in the past.

FC2 was added to our Pick list for this very reason.

And do you know what is so great about this? This very same characteristic exists in multiple coins in the market.

We saw it when SDC advanced in price for several weeks in a row, as did ARCH… We saw NAV launch into intergalactic territory, and we were all forced backwards in amazement just watching as it stubbornly refused to return back into earth’s atmosphere for three months in a row.

One good trade in the altcoin world is without doubt one of the most healthy additives to your financial situation… Two good trades will almost certainly upgrade your financial situation within the snap of a finger… But, several good trades have the power to turn you into a profit guzzling power house in this market……. and all it will take is for you separate the duds of the market, from the FC2’s of the market.

It’s as clean cut as that

As you are already well aware, a position in a coin that has the characteristic trait of producing lengthy price advancements that last for several weeks in a row is the equivalent to being given a personal line directly into the vaults of the Federal Reserve and being told to “take what you want”… but, that’s the stuff of fantasises and fairy tales – the only difference is, this is real life.. In the altcoin market this happens multiple times month after month

As a trader of the altcoin market, you have a choice… are you going to seize your position in this never ending orgy of profit, or are you simply going to stand aside and take the role of the voyeuristic onlooker who is only an eyewitness to the killings that traders all over the world are making right here and right now?

In years to come, people will be talking about this period in the altcoin market in a folkloric way… The 5000% profits, the shit storm of high and formidable trading volume… the hundreds of dollars that turned into thousands of dollars, which turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars. It will sound like the stuff of mythology… but, it’s not a myth at all… in fact, it’s happening right now and YOU are a part of it

There are those of us who roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, and there are those of us who are on the verge of being kicked out of the park for loitering

Are you content with being a mere observer? Or would you rather have some of this ‘easy’ altcoin money flow directly into your own back pocket?

There is always a time for action… and the time is now

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