The lifeblood that brings mobility to prices, is trading volume.

Trading volume is the life blood of the crypto currency markets. Without it, prices would have no mobility – and the market would cease to exist.

This places traders of the crypto currency markets in an almost sovereign like position, because we are the ones that dictate the direction of this trading volume.

However, most traders are blind to this fact.

They are short sighted and therefore unable to perceive the bigger picture that paints the pathway to unlimited financial reward.

In this market, you have individuals that merely ‘participate’ and then you have organizations made up of many individuals that ‘dictate’ – and there is a very big difference between these categories.

Those individual traders who merely ‘participate’ are the ones that are ‘at affect’ to everything that is happening around them. They are, as a rule, the last ones to know when a major event is taking place… They are misinformed to the point where they actually believe that price movement is “random…” they are the pigeons and vultures of the market, who fight amongst themselves as they feed on the scraps left behind by coordinated groups and market manipulators.

Individual traders that ‘go it alone’ will always be forced to realise that they are treading in hostile territory when the market savagely swallows their entire trading fund.

It’s like your enemy tells you that he wants to go to battle at nightfall but only if you agree to a ‘swords only’ scrimmage…. and you round up your troops, spend all day sharpening your blades and then turn up to the battlefield, only to be confronted with cannons, rifles, grenades, landmines and long range artillery.

The key here is that surface information always comes as part of an overall package of misinformation.

You have bought into coins with aspirations to liquidate with vast profit, but time and time again you have seen the value of these coins plummet almost as soon as you have executed your buy – this is because you have been on the outside looking in, so the majority of your trades have been made based on surface information.

On the other side of the scale, we have coordinated groups.

These groups are composed of several individuals, but they direct their resources toward one common goal, and so they are able to use their combined trading power to ‘dictate’ price movement instead of being ‘at affect’ to price movement .

It is for this reason why some are continuously profitable, whilst others can’t recall even one month where they have withdrawn more money than they initially deposited


All those who want to know the dangers of following surface information should ask themselves: if the goat knew that it’s noble shepherd was leading it directly into the slaughter house, where it would be violently killed and put on the market for profit, would the goat have remained with its herd – or rebelled?

During the French and Indian War, the British suspected that American Indians were siding with the French. So in an act of “good will,” the British gave the Indians nice, warm blankets – straight from the beds of smallpox victims.

The resulting epidemic killed hundreds of Indians.

Surface information is used to disarm, so that you can reduce your guard long enough to be lead – willingly – to your own massacre, and by the time you have realised that this is what has taken place, it will often be too late.

Those who will trade an altcoin, from the outside looking in, haven’t the slightest clue as to what the “plans” are for that particular coin.

They just do not know when the largest holders will decide to liquidate and bring the price of that coin crashing down… They are completely unaware of the subversive coordination that has taken place, and therefore will always be on the back foot.

These traders make the fatal mistake of believing that others in the market are as unstrategic as they are, and so they walk directly into ambush after ambush – convincing themselves along the way that trading is just a gamble… ‘you win some, you lose some.’

Never do they consider the fact that they have more losses than wins, and therefore someone else has accumulated more wins than losses.

Never do they stop to think that since they themselves cannot stop losing money, then there is someone else who just cannot stop making money.

This takes trading out of the realm of ‘gambling’ and into the realm of ‘strategy.’

You see, individual traders who attempt to play these markets all have one thing in common – a long and endless list of losses. This is because they operate on the surface level.

They do not initiate, they simply respond to cues set up by market manipulators and coordinated groups.

Never do they take ‘action,’ they simply ‘react’ to the actions taken by others and therefore will always be at affect to whatever is happening around them – instead of being the dictators of this action.

Put simply, control lies in the place where the largest amount of trading power is strategically applied to a coin or a particular set of coins to bring about a pre-determined set of events – this gives coordinated groups the pen to write their own financial destinies in this market.

This enables skilled traders to look at their bank balance at the start of the month, and have all the confidence in the world that by the following month, their entire balance – no matter what the figure is – will have rocketed by at least 100%.

An unshaken confidence like this comes due to the fact that skilled traders do not live by the rules of surface information – they ‘dig a little deeper’ to uncover the goldmine that is jam packed with golden nuggets, all ripe for the taking.

You must understand that the true nature of the market is to allow money to move from point a, to point b – once you have grasped this simple fact, logic will ensure that you continue to position yourself at point b

At PumpersPicks we look at the realities of the market and conduct all of our trading activity within this structured reality.

Where individual traders go wrong is in failing to understand that the lifeblood that brings mobility to prices, is trading volume.

Trading volume powers price movement.

Wherever trading volume is most concentrated and applied to the market in a strategic manner, is where power truly lies – as it is this coordinated application of trading volume that forces prices to move to suit the interests of organised groups of traders.

By playing this market on your lonesome, you have nothing except surface information as a foundation to build your trades upon – this is a scenario that has and continues to cause market fatalities on the most grand scale.

Simply put, if you’d wish to extract consistent profit from this market, your strategy must be one that is geared to do just that.

Because the opposite of a strategy of extraction, is a strategy of contribution.

So either you are profiting continuously, or continuously contributing to someone else’s profit and therefore losing money – you cannot do both at the same time.