The single most consistent aspect of the crypto currency market, is the market itself

The laws of the crypto currency market are unmoveable.

The crypto market is a self cleansing mechanism that dishes out rewards to those that trade in line with its natural law and, in the same token, serves punishment to all those that fail to adhere to this law.

Simply put, the penalty for not knowing what you are doing in this market is the continued deduction of bitcoins from your wallet.

As long as you commit to administering a failing trading strategy to crypto, you can expect nothing other than for the market to keep serving you an arse kicking on a golden platter. You can expect nothing except for the perpetual draining of your funds.

Put simply, those who persistently apply incorrect methodology to this market are travelling the long and lonely road that leads to financial ruin.

Intelligent men learn from their own mistakes, but men that are wise simply learn from the mistakes of others.

In this market, there is no such thing as a win or a loss. This is not a game of bingo! Trading is nothing like roulette or blackjack.

You must understand that, In general, all financial markets are deceptive.

No matter which market you are dealing in, 90% of your fellow participants will be under the false illusion that they are engaged in some version of a game of chance… 90% of the traders in any financial market are under the illusion that price action is ‘random.’

… Well, there is a reason why Goldman Sachs is in the investment industry.. There is a reason why you are able to obtain a degree in finance, but not in gambling. There is a reason why Barclays Bank is one of the largest corporations in the world whilst all of the casino operators in existence, combined, fail to reach even 50% of the value of the assets held by ICBC – the largest commercial bank in the world.

There is a structure to the way volume moves through a financial marketplace, and with ‘structure’ comes repetition, uniformity and predictability.

You see, there is nothing random about any financial market… yet it is your ‘belief’ that trading is an endeavour that is filled with random events that causes you to lose.

Beliefs form actions, and actions bring repercussions.

If you have been trading the crypto currency market as if it were some down trodden casino in some rough part of town, then I am dead sure that your trading history details nothing except an endless string of losses where you have deposited 1BTC and only withdrawn 0.01BTC – or less.

In order to make consistent profit from trading, you first must understand that this market is deceptive by nature – only then will you be able to see past the illusion and place your trades in such a way that will allow you to benefit from the true function of the market, which is to move money from point A, to point B.

As skilled traders, our job is to consistently position ourselves at point B.



Are you still yet to understand the immense advantage that you have gained over the vast majority of the general public just by being an active participant in the crypto currency markets at such an early stage?

If not, then just ask yourself… How many financial ‘markets’ – not asset classes – are you aware of that became extinct?

There is not one single financial market in the history of the modern world that has ever fallen.

Just look at the penny stock market that has been dismissed as a cesspit of fraud throughout its entire history… Not only is it still functioning and buzzing with activity, but it continues to grow in size on a yearly basis.

What about the foreign exchange markets?

We have all heard the tales of how, eventually, each and every fiat currency that has been created in the history of the world has crashed and fizzled out – yet the forex ‘market’ itself has remained and is today the world’s largest financial arena with daily trading volume exceeding $1Trillion.

This is the deception of finance that we see played out over and over again.

You have to understand that there is not one institutional trader on wall street who would refer to himself as a “GOOGL trader,” or an “AAPL trader”…

Instead, when asked, an institutional trader will tell you that he “trades the stock market”… or that he trades the “futures market.” The emphasis is always on the market itself.

So as traders of the crypto currency market you must understand that there is not a single coin, bitcoin included, that is more significant than the market itself. Because, without the market, there is no longer a mechanism to allow money to flow.

Therefore, it is completely useless to waste your time tracking the activity of a single coin…

…it is ridiculous that a fully grown man of sound mentality would adopt the position of a “fan boy” or “community member” for any one particular coin…

…how laughable it is that a person will bet his last bitcoin on something that he describes as his “favourite altcoin.”

At PumpersPicks, our trades are never based on any single altcoin.

We trade altcoins based on their positioning in the market. We disregard coin after coin after coin – until we discover an instance where an altcoin meets our criteria and, as a result of this, we have amassed an endless string of 1000%+ profits time and time again.

This is because our strategy is not based on any abstract an unnecessary factor.

You must understand that the only unmoveable aspect of crypto is the market itself.

Therefore if you would like to bag continued profits, you must learn to avoid becoming bedazzled with any one particular coin because the coins will come and go. Just like how every fiat currency in the history of fiat currencies has plummeted back to its original value of 0 – each and every altcoin is on a very similar path.

So it is advisable to learn how to track trading volume as it flows through the market – and then to tie this in with understanding when a coin is in optimal condition to allow a percentage of this volume to filter through and push its price upward.

So long as you keep this bigger picture in mind and adjust your strategy in the ways mentioned above, you’ll do well – if not, then you should really expect nothing other than to endure continued punishment in the market.

The market is the shotgun, and the altcoins are the bullets. If an altcoin isn’t loaded up and in the chamber, then it isn’t going to take off. It’s as simple as that.

Once an altcoin has already started to move, the question changes from ‘will it move,’ to ‘how long will it continue to move’ and therefore becomes a gamble.

So to eliminate all forms of gambling from your strategy, you must begin to seek out coins that are yet to have taken off – but are in prime condition to take off.

There is a list of criteria that will allow you to identify these coins, and once you have familiarised yourself with this list, your trading in this market will become an effortless and streamlined suction of profit from coin after coin after coin.

If you refuse to understand the market, you will continue to be abused by the markets most skilled participants.