There is nothing random about price movement in the crypto currency markets

There aren’t many instances in trading where you are virtually handed a home-run win on a golden platter. So when presented with the opportunity – you must ACT!

However, most of the individuals that trade the crypto currency markets are suffering from the effects of a very particular ailment that is causing them to leave bundles of money on the table.

These traders are not able, nor are they willing to observe the long-term price patterns of a coin. Therefore, when they are confronted with an opening to bag a home-run profit, they are completely blind to the opportunity.

It’s like having a conversation with a slow-witted individual and everything you say flies over their head because they aren’t familiar with social etiquette… Well, in this market, 90% of those that participate are unfamiliar with trading etiquette.

You must be able to think past today. You must have the foresight that will allow you to think beyond next week. You must be clairvoyant enough to understand that a properly executed trade made today will ALWAYS end up as a 100%+ profit 30 days later by default, just due to the nature of the market.

The exchanges would rather you only focused on 24hrs worth of price movement, hence why this is the only metric that they’ll ever supply. Why? … Well, exchanges make money every single time you open or close a trade. So do you think they are opposed to some hapless novice executing 50 trades day in and day out even if this is detrimental to his financial vitality? Of course not.

For the exchanges, day traders are the cash cows because it is the day traders who keeps the volume pumping in and out of the exchanges on a second by second basis. Day traders are, BY DEFINITION, the ‘contributors’ of the market.

On the other end of the scale, you have the traders that employ long-term strategies. These traders are ‘extractors’ of trading volume… They are content to be positioned in a coin for the long haul. They remain positioned as hundreds of day traders contribute to pushing the price of their coin higher with each passing day… then, with the passing of 30 days, the value of their position will have increased by, AT-THE-VERY-MINIUM, 100%.

Not knowing what to look for can only lead to financial devastation. Once you know what to look for, trading becomes effortless


Your one goal as a trader is to find effortless trades that require minimal interference – if any at all – from your behalf.

You have to get it out of your mind that trading is difficult, or else your mind will invent a series of circumstances to fulfil this belief.

Trading is NOT difficult! It is perhaps one of the most simple endeavours in all of commerce.

You are simply buying something before it moves into a high demand position, because once the demand for that thing increases – so too will it’s price. Using the laws of common sense, it is always logical to buy prior to demand being firmly established, this is the only way that you can physically sell something at a higher price than you initially paid for it.

If you have a lust for gambling then perhaps you should leave crypto entirely because this entire market has been custom constructed to inflict the most severe form of punishment on all those who attempt apply their gamblers mentality to it.

There is nothing random about price movement in the crypto currency markets.

This is a game of strategy, not chance.

Each and every upward and down tick of price is a mere ‘reaction’ to processes that occur naturally throughout the market.

This absence of randomness reveals that EVERY inch of price movement in crypto is ‘systematic,’ and systems can only function in a structured, precise and therefore foreseeable way.

Going even further, systems are designed to ‘do’ – not to ‘be’. So betting on events that occur within this system’s chain of events is quite ridiculous to say the least.

Clearly, consistent success in this market is a result of learning it’s structure… coming into alignment with the natural flow of trading volume… and correctly positioning yourself to benefit from what is essentially a mechanism built to move money out of the hands of the uneducated, and into the hands of the skilled few.

Like it or not, you can only ever be on one side of the fence.

Either you’re consistently contributing trading volume to the market and therefore ending up with less money at the end of each month… or you’re continuously extracting trading volume from the market thus making increasing amounts of money on a monthly basis.

There is no in between.

Scoring one random profit means nothing if you aren’t able to constantly better or at least reproduce that gain

Trading is only satisfying when you are engaged in the act of withdrawing profit.

Coins like MARYJ, and multiple others, will often provide you with the rare opportunity to cash out extensive profits over several weeks.

One good trade can pay you, continuously, for several months. That is the power of the altcoin market. In the world of the altcoins, one good trade can transform into a personal piggy bank, allowing you to pile several portions of profit onto the truck.

As you are already well aware, a position in a coin that has the characteristic trait of producing lengthy price advancements that last for several weeks in a row is the equivalent to being given a personal line directly into the vaults of the Federal Reserve and being told to “take what you want”… but, that’s the stuff of fantasises and fairy tales – the only difference is, this is real life.. In the altcoin market this happens multiple times month after month

But, recognising how to apply this long-term strategy is only one half of the equation. Knowing which types of coins to trade and the coins to avoid is perhaps an even more vital piece of the puzzle