This isn’t a game of chance… In crypto, the ‘game’ begins when you finally realise that this isn’t a ‘game’ at all..

Those who base their trading decisions on marketing and marketing alone, are setting themselves up for major financial failure.

You have to ask yourself, what is the difference between an altcoin developer’s promises, guarantees, promotional efforts – and the price action displayed on the charts?

… Well firstly, an altcoin developers marketing pitch is just that – a marketing pitch, a story if you will, that he is attempting to sell to you the trading public. Now that’s all good and well I mean, in a financial ‘market,’ “marketing” is key – HOWEVER… it is instructive to note that sometimes marketing fails to convert into positive price action.

So there must be a more reliable source of information.

This brings me on to the charts.

You see, the charts display the aggregate feelings, opinions, sentiment, thoughts and attitudes of the entire trading public. But this aggregate scoring isn’t displayed in the form of marketing speeches, shilling and false promises – this scoring is displayed in the form of DOLLARS!

The implication is that the charts display the ‘facts’ of the market.

The charts will always reveal when a coin is in demand. The charts expose all instances where people are loosening their purse strings and trading their dollars for altcoins. The charts never over-hype a situation… The charts never overstate the success or the ‘impending’ success of an altcoin which allows you to gain an accurate view into the viability of a coin. Put simply, the charts are the most potent sources of truth that exist in this market for they can only display what is ‘actually’ happening, or has ‘actually’ happened.

On the other hand you have developers with their abstract marketing notions… You have the “shills” who encourage others to buy the coins that they want out of… You have the altcoin publications that prop up mirrors and smoke screens to diffuse and confuse… to use and abuse… all for their own financial benefit.

All of the information that is relayed by such sources have one thing in common – a hidden agenda.

On the other hand, the sole purpose and function of the price charts is to ‘reveal’ the truth of the market, whereas the sole purpose and function of an altcoin developer or promoter is to ‘construct’ the truth of the market.

Which would you rather follow?


At PumpersPicks, we are firm believers that price action need not be predicted as price action is merely a function of the market itself. Therefore far more success is had by ‘following’ price action instead of attempting to predict it.

It is this particular ideology that has seen us score a consistent streak of home-run profits for nearly one year straight. In fact, to go a little further, it is this ideology that has made certain that we continuously out-perform each and every other participant in this market – simply because we base our trading on the market itself, rather than on any specific or individual coin.

We trade with the market, rather than against it and therefore we are consistently rewarded.

Now there may be a few hidden bells and whistles under the table but, overall, our strategy is a simple one. In fact to win in crypto, your strategy must also be simple.

You must realise that you are taking part in what is the equivalent of a fixed sporting match. All of the results are pre-determined before you have even opened your trade… All outcomes of a trade are known before hand because contrary to popular belief, this is a financial market – not a casino.

This isn’t a game of chance… In fact, the ‘game’ begins when you finally realise that this isn’t a ‘game’ at all..

You see, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the people that he didn’t exist.

With that being said, I ask: If one thinks that he is gambling… will he not act as if he is gambling? … If one thinks that he is playing some form of a game where something is won or lost… will he not act as if this was the case?

It has been said before, and just in case you missed it – I will say it again…

In trading, money is NEVER won… and money is NEVER lost!

In trading, money is only MOVED from point A, to point B.

If you have been finding yourself deposing more money into this market than you have ever withdrawn, then you had better step backwards and re-think your strategy or simply leave the market before you are stripped down to your last penny because, believe me when I tell you, that is the path that you have committed to following – and therefore that is the only outcome that you have to look forward to.

You see, if all the money that you have deposited in this market is less than what you have ever withdrawn, then you are doing it all wrong. In fact, your strategy is one that sees that your very own money… your hard earned bitcoins, are moved from out of your wallet and directly into someone else’s.

And do you know what the kicker is? You are the one who is ‘willingly’ initiating and executing this transfer!

Again, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the people that he does not exist.

Those that end up with less money after trading this market are the ones that CONTRIBUTE to the continued financial prosperity of skilled traders…

… and those who end up with more money after trading this market are the ones who gladly EXTRACT this contribution.

The difference between these two strains of traders is the strategies that they are applying to the market.

Traders that seek to be consistently profitable must understand that the market is just string of processes linked together that allows money to flow conveniently from one place to another. So simply put, being successful has everything to do with positioning, and the timing of this positioning.

Having complete understanding of this is what separates a skilled trader from an unskilled trader. This is what makes the difference between those that rake in $10,000+ each and every month, from those that end up with major deficits in their accounts on a monthly basis.

The modus operandi of each trader in the altcoin market is to make money on a continuous basis. Some traders never accomplish this, whilst other traders are able to gain profits that become increasingly larger with each passing month.

This begs an obvious question: how can one person consistently lose money, in the same market that another person is consistently making money?

Simply, the answer to this is: The person who is making money consistently is profiting as a direct result of another traders loss. This profitable trader has a complete understanding of how people ‘lose money’ in the altcoin market, and so he puts himself in position for that money to be lost to him.

It’s a very simple strategy that anyone can employ for themselves.

You see, people will dedicate hundreds of hours toward finding out how to ‘make’ money from trading altcoins… I always tell members that the quickest way to make money, is to understand how people ‘lose’ money – that way, you can be there to score a quick profit every time a novice trader makes a mistake.

And believe me when I tell you, novice traders make more than a thousand mistakes on a daily basis – so rest assured, this is a highly profitable venture.

Just give it a spin. Spend one week talking to your fellow traders… ask them about their losses, tell them to explain what made them buy into the coin, what happened after they bought and then ask what made them decide to sell… You could even use a notebook to keep record of the characteristics of your own losses – once you have done this, you will have the answer that will unlock the floodgates allowing consistent profits to flow.

I tell people all the time, there is no intricacies when it comes to making money from altcoins. There is no ‘big secret’ that is used to extract profits from the market. In fact, your greatest weapon is common sense…

… I mean, clearly, in order to profit – you must buy something when it is cheap, and then sell when it becomes expensive.

However, the vast majority of traders in the crypto market has been conditioned to view ‘cheap’ as “dead,” “dying,” “scam,” etc – therefore they freeze themselves out of all the most profitable opportunities that exist in the market, this allows skilled players to ‘get there first,’ over, and over again.