Trading isn’t about trying hard, the harder you try, the worse your results will be

Trading is not about working hard, or “being up to date” with ‘news and updates’… Trading is about knowing what the guy on the other side of the trade is going to do next. Trading is about creating an advantage for yourself which puts you 10 steps ahead of the average market participant. Make no mistakes about it, trading is a battle of the wits – every trade contains both a buy and sell order, which literally reflects a divide of opinion which suggests that, with every trade, someone is wrong and someone is right. In order for you to be right, you need to understand how this market works.


The psychology of the markets is a simple tale of the haves and the have nots.

The essence of trading requires that you buy low and sell high. However, it is necessary to realise that 99% of traders in this market aren’t educated on price movement and simply do not understand market dynamics. Therefore, despite the fact that it is a well known truth that, to win, means buying low and selling high – 99% of the participants in the altcoin market are knowingly buying high and selling low.

What is the cause of this?

Is it due to a lack of common sense? Or is it a lack of understanding of the crucial laws of mathematics?

… Neither is the case.

Actually, 99% of the traders in this market are un skilled and are satisfied with their lack of skill. Yet when this same lack of skill forces them to lose money, they complain.

You see, having the mere ability to be unskilled implies that there is another group of traders present in this market who are of the skilled variety. These traders know where their money comes from – their money comes directly out of the pockets of unskilled traders.

You have to realise that trading isn’t about “trying hard”, in fact – the harder you try, the worse your results will be.

Just think back to all of the many hours you have spent trying to second guess the market. Think of the hours and hours you have wasted in front of the screen, day after day, trying to force profit from the market, only to lose again, and again…. and, again…

Hard work in this market doesn’t equal large profits.

You can spend 24 hours researching a coin, staying up to date with the happenings in that coins “community”… You can track news and updates for an entire week also, if you wish… You can add every tipster on twitter and hang on to their every word, but I promise you… all of that hard work will be in vain because skilled traders will always be 10 steps ahead of the game.

You see… there is a finite number of coins that are ‘actively’ traded in this market. Which means that there is also a finite number of rallies or ‘pumps’ that can occur. So whilst you are positioning yourself to buy into a coin that is supposedly “about to pump,” I guarantee you that skilled traders will have already positioned themselves in that coin weeks before.

Skilled traders are 10 steps ahead of the game.

No matter which coin you are trading, whether it is in its pre-rally phase or post-rally phase, there will always be an entire list of sell orders just sitting there, waiting to be hit. However, only the traders who have placed sell orders ‘pre-rally’ will end up with profit.


“Trying hard” in trading is a losing proposition, because no matter which coin it is that is shooting upwards in price – the dynamics of that move will always be the same: Skilled traders profiting due to the ignorance of novice traders.

Skilled traders are 10 steps ahead of the game

You see, the longer your time horizon is – the larger your profits become.

The longer your time horizon is, the greater your advantage is over the common trader.

The longer your time horizon is, the simpler your trading becomes

Clearly there is a divide between the mentality of the participants in this market. You have a certain strain of traders who believe that trading is some quick paced spectacle, where trades are executed in a frantic manner and profits come out of nowhere.

This is not the case.

In fact, in order for you to have a profitable trade – you must allow time for novices to make their mistakes. Because that is literally the function of a novice trader in this market, when novices are buying: money is flowing directly into the pockets of the skilled few… and that will always be the case.

Skilled traders are 10 steps ahead of the game.

The mindset of a skilled player is to not only gain profits, but then to use those profits to gain even more profit. A skilled trader is well aware of the cycles that each coin in this market goes through – and it’s evident just by analysing the price charts. Therefore, skilled traders are able to take large positions in coins – knowing – that the wheels of the market are already turning.

Like I mentioned earlier… Novices know that for them to win, they have to buy low and sell high. But quite frankly, that isn’t their role in this market… and believe me when I tell you that every single trader who tries his hand in the altcoin market is subscribing to one out of two roles

1. To funnel money directly into the hands of the skilled few = consistent losses
2. To be there every time novice traders make their mistakes = consistent profits

I always tell members, if you want to win… then you first have to be in the game. And, if you wish to win consistently, you must be aware that winning, means being on the right side of the market at the right time.

It is that simple.

It isn’t about outworking everyone else, or staying up all night trying to track the ‘community thread’ of some coin that you bought into… It’s not about any of that stuff. Trading is about getting there first, in order to be 10 steps ahead of the average information deficient trader.

The traders that are making the most money in this market are not spending hours and hours watching every uptick of every coin. I personally have never followed news events or anything of that nature. There are coins that have been deserted by their developers, yet these coins still deliver tremendous profits. There is a reason for this – and if you would donate just one hour to look at maybe 10 price charts of 10 different coins, you will quickly notice that there is a recurring cycle of movement in every single altcoin that is on the market. Therefore, to win – means that you have to put yourself on the correct side of this cycle. It is that simple. Skilled traders make money passively, whilst novice traders work their fingers to the bone – only to then funnel their money into the hands of more experienced traders.