We have found ourselves right in the middle of a sandstorm of profit!

Unless you have been living underneath a rock for the past two weeks, then I’m sure that you’re aware that the altcoin market has shifted into its bull cycle.

When a market enters a period of widespread optimism and bullish sentiment, money flows freely and a large portion of market participants are able to double, triple and/or quadruple their holdings in little to no time at all.

However, you would be making a dreadful mistake to assume that all caution should be thrown to the wind. In times like this, it will serve you well to be just as tentative and observant as you would be during a bear market, because just as easy as the market will give – the market can and will take what it has given if you allow it enough room to do so.

There is currently a treasure chest full of opportunity in this market, and those that play the game strategically will be the largest profiteers, whilst the traders who do nothing to adapt to this aggressive and overly abundant injection of trading volume, will lag behind.

If you have been losing consistently in the past, then this current phase of the altcoin market provides you with a chance to regain lost ground… to spring back into prominence, and to turn all of your losses into profits!

But, just like with any other game of strategy, your success will be determined not only by your level of understanding but also by your ability to apply this understanding to the market.

There is a lot of money to be made, but as you know – in order for someone to make money, someone else must first lose money.

So it is essential that you make sure that you aren’t inadvertently placing yourself at the losing end of the market!


We have found ourselves right in the middle of a sandstorm of profit!

Quite literally, this is the exact market climate that traders have spent months waiting for. Why? Well, simply put, when money is flowing freely, prices tend to move at a more rapid pace – which allows for more trading to take place, which in turn allows large portions of trading volume to aggregate into several coins at a time.

Now, those who have been regular readers of my posts know full and well that 99% of traders in this market are of the unsophisticated variety. Simply, they are unskilled.

These traders do not have any form of a strategy in place, other than to follow and imitate the actions of everyone around them – this is only human nature after all.

So when there is a coin that is attracting bucket loads of volume, this instantly attracts the ‘monkey-see, monkey do’ crowd, and they begin to plunge their own bundles of BTC into the coin – which causes the volume and price to surge even higher.

The largest benefactors of this kind of price action, are of course the skilled traders who bought into the coin prior to the pump.

However, the biggest luxury of a bull run is that an entire platoon of brand new traders begin to freely dip their toes into the market, traders who do not have the memories of losing 90% of their trading fund due to buying late and then seeing the value of the coin tumble… traders who have never experienced the pain of an entire exchange vanishing into the abyss along with their entire BTC balance… these traders know nothing other than ‘prices are rising, and they are rising fast…’ and the abnormally high trading volumes are merely advertisements that lure these new recruits in like a stranger driving a rust-covered, windowless van with “free candy” spray painted on the sides.

If you have been trading the altcoin market for longer than 5 months, and you still have nothing other than losses to show for all of your hard work and efforts, then now is the time to claim back each and every coin that the market has taken away from you – and then some!

If you have been sitting on the sidelines, then now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!

We have all seen how the market works.

From September 2014 to March 2015 we were in an extended bear market, where volume was low across the board, traders were tightening their purse strings and there was only one major pump a month – well, we have just had 5 major pumps in the last two weeks.

For seven months the well was dry, but now not only is gallons upon gallons being drawn out of the well, but the floodgates have been forced open allowing money to flow freely through the very veins of the altcoin market!

If you have nothing but a string of losses to show for your time in crypto, then now is the time to put things right. But you have to act right NOW because I tell you, there is an isolated group of traders who have been planning for this bull run for months – they already know which coins they are going to hit and which coins they are going to avoid. They already know when, where and how the volume is going to appear so they have long positioned themselves in order to make a cold-blooded KILLING when the tide comes in!

What have you done to prepare yourself for this bullish turn?

A bull market is a once in a year occurrence of market wide euphoria. A bull market symbolises widespread optimism which manifests itself in the form of above-average volume levels, daily price surges and an over abundance of high profit opportunities.

During a market wide bull run, you are liable to see many phenomenal things occur – things that just do not happen under normal market conditions.

For example, during a bull market, it becomes a natural occurrence that the price of a coin surges upwards into stratospheric regions on a daily basis – supported by a mountain of trading volume that increases in size with each passing day.

As a trader, this is when all of your hard work pays off. This is when you’re literally able to witness the profit providing power of the altcoin market in real time.

I have mentioned on several occasions that a bear market allows skilled players to seize all of the prime real estate in this market whilst attention is diverted elsewhere, whereas a bull market allows them to cash in their chips for an over-abundance of cold, hard profit!