Why have you been ignoring SMBR?

All skilled and profitable altcoin traders must avoid putting down roots. They impede motion.

It is certainly nice in many ways to have roots. To feel you belong in some familiar place amid old friends and good neighbours. But, if you let this ‘roots’ business impinge on your financial life, it can and will cost you a lot of money.

The more earnestly you seek that feeling of being surrounded by the old, the familiar, and the comfortable, the less successful you are likely to be as an altcoin speculator.

Too often we see traders who adopt the position of a “fan-boy” for one particular coin. This trader sees himself as being part of that coins “community,” and therefore, he remains loyal to his position in spite of the negative reality displayed on the charts and the sagging price brought about by unfavourable market-wide sentiment towards the coin.

In a low cap centre of commerce, such as the altcoin market, you must maintain your mobility.

You must avoid, at all costs, becoming rooted or developing any form of loyalty towards any coin on the market.

Becoming rooted can, and will, lead to the overall detriment of your speculative career. You must remain footloose, ready to jump away from trouble or to seize opportunities quickly.

This doesn’t mean you have to bounce around from one speculation to another like a ping-pong ball. All your moves must be made only after careful assessment of the odds for and against, and no move should be made for trivial reasons


Before I go any further, I must ask… Why have you been ignoring SMBR?

Is it because it hasn’t had a major 24hr price increase? …Is it because the altcoin promoters haven’t blasted out a stream of tweets broadcasting to the world that SMBR will “do a x10 by next Wednesday, easy!”

Or is it because you find comfort in trading with the majority (the markets most consistent losers) instead of the minority (the markets most consistent and most prolific profiteers).

You see, SMBR has sucked in a total trading volume of around 40 BTC so far this month – and is positioned to suck in even more volume. However, as this is a coin that consistently produces high percentage returns in stealth – this is a price move that will remain under the radar… which is just how we like it at PumpersPicks.

We enjoy opportunities like this because there is a tremendous pride in knowing that you are very ‘silenly’ profiting from a coin, whilst 90% of the market is distracted and unaware.

Trading is all about out-thinking, and out manoeuvring the market – but, ironically, in doing this you will find that you have come into alignment with the markets natural flow.

I’ve said it many times before: The crypto currency market is a conveyance belt that moves money from one place to another. So, to win big, all you have to do is position yourself in all of the right places – and then wait patiently for the market to deliver the money bags without you having to exert any of your own time or energy.

This isn’t the first time SMBR has had such a price advancement.

SMBR is a coin that has exhibited several exploitable patterns in the past. In fact, despite its stealthily – yet consistently recurring – movements, SMBR has been able to maintain a steady stream of volume throughout its entire tenure on the market, putting it into the realm of what we at PumpersPicks deem the ‘Quality’ coins.

As an altcoin trader who wants to gain consistent profitability, you must realise that your largest profits will come from the most unusual places.

Of course there are several layers to being a consistent winner but, overall, your success is dictated by your ability to stray away from herd mentality and to make independent decisions that are based on facts & figures, instead of emotion.

At the end of the day, numbers are the language of the market. So that is where your attention should always be: on the numbers.

Over the last month, SMBR has climbed from 437 Satoshi, to a mind blowing 9,808 Satoshi. This is a 2,144% gain in value… and, do you know what’s even more telling and significant about this? It looks like there is some distance left for SMBR to travel

Blind optimism can be an altcoin speculators enemy. It feels good and is dangerous for that very reason. It produces a general clouding of judgement. It can lead you into trades that have no exits. And even when there is an exit, blind optimism can persuade you not to use it.

Before committing money to a trade, ask yourself how you will unchain yourself if things go wrong. Once you have that clearly worked out, you’ve got something better than optimism. You’ve got confidence.

As I’ve said so many times in the past. The market is designed to move money from one place to another, which is why trades or investments are often referred to as “positions” – because, if you have positioned yourself correctly, then the market will do the rest of the work for you. Money will come to you, instead of you having to chase the money