You have to strip things down to the purest form to gain understanding of the basic elements of this market

In the digital currency markets, it is easier to profit than it is to lose

More time, effort and energy is expended on the execution of losing trades than anything else in this market, and with this being said I must reiterate our mantra at PumpersPicks: Work smarter, not harder!

The structure of the market dictates that only 10% of its participants will be successful – there are no two ways around that… simply because people are ‘choosing’ to remain financially illiterate. They are ‘choosing’ to remain uneducated and unaware of the loopholes of the crypto currency market. They are consciously ‘choosing’ to stray away from the domain of repeated and consistent profit and are therefore forced to endure punishment as the market forces them to forfeit their wealth to the skilled traders who are ALWAYS 10 steps ahead.

An altcoin trader who has nothing to show for his time in this market other than an endless list of losses is ‘guaranteed’ to have worked 10 times harder to earn those losses, than a skilled trader worked to profit as a result of those losses.

Just think – if the skilled traders in this arena are profiting with little effort, then who is doing all of the work?

… Well, just ask yourself… How many hours have you spent in front of the screen within the last 24 hours? Actually, since we at PumpersPicks are long-term thinkers – ask yourself; how many hours have you spent/wasted actively trading this market over the last 30 days?

You see, skilled traders are so far ahead of the game that they profit due to the hard work of others.

How is this possible?

Well, the average unskilled trader executes multiple trades on a daily basis… and each trade they execute leaves behind a certain form of residue known as ‘price action’… and it is this price action that attracts even more unskilled traders to contribute their trading volume towards a particular coin and push its price even higher – all the while, skilled traders just sit there, after having already executed their buys several weeks ago… So what is now appearing on the Bittrex price index as a +30% 24hr gain is actually a +100% gain for the skilled players who got into the coin weeks before and benefitted due to the constant need of amateur traders to consistently buy, and consistently sell.

Amateur traders are, as a rule, blind to the ‘bigger picture.’

To them, nothing outside the frame of 24hrs has any meaning, and this is why those that are skilled are practically getting away with rape in broad daylight, because they are going to war with people who don’t even know that there is a war taking place – and if you are unaware that a war is underway then you will freely walk around unarmed, and unable to defend yourself in the face of an attack.

The exchanges love amateur traders and hope, very dearly, that they remain amateur traders because, as you know, exchange platforms earn a fee each time you execute a buy or a sell. So do you think an exchange platform would prefer you to execute only a few trades per month, or hundreds of trades DAILY?

So amateur traders are not only making sure that skilled traders grow richer with each passing month due to their inability to let the market do the heavy lifting instead of the other way round, they are also keeping the exchanges flush with revenue.

Put simply, amateurs are the cash cows of the market.

With each and every step they take, they leave behind a trail of money on the ground – and skilled traders are always there to gladly pick up this stray cash and deposit it into their own back pocket


Unskilled traders never get tired of losing their money because that is what they are here to do.

You have to understand that the market is a structured mechanism, and every working piece of this system has a very particular function.

If you are willingly assuming the ‘role’ of an unskilled trader then you have no destiny in crypto other than to make skilled traders exceedingly wealthy.

Do not make the mistake of believing that the events that occur on the surface is an accurate depiction of the processes that occur in the market day in and day out.

You have to strip everything down to its purest form to gain an understanding of the BASIC elements of this market.

First you must understand that the phrase “trader” is a blanket term that barely scratches the surface. I mean, there are luxury watch traders – but their daily activities differ greatly from ours. There are furniture traders and again, their daily activities are distant from what we do in this market day in and day out.

So to gain an understanding of the ‘role’ of an altcoin trader we have to look a little deeper than just the typical, surface terminology.

As I have mentioned numerous times – the crypto currency market is a mechanism that allows for money to move from one place to another. That is the most simple description of the functionality of this market.

So do not be so naive that you will assume that you are either 1. A trader, 2. A developer, 3. An exchange owner… this is how amateurs perceive the market.

Now since the goal is gaining understanding, then you must understand that unless you know what your ‘role’ is, then you will never achieve maximum performance.

So with that I say, for the moment, let’s abandon the phrase TRADER and look a little closer at the ‘role’ that each participant in this market is playing. Let’s look at how each participant fits into the wider system of the market.

Now, it is imperative to note that clearly only 10% of those that participate in this market are profitable. Which means that only 10% of those that are in this market are consistently withdrawing more money than they are depositing – so it is a FACT that 10% of people are doing something completely different to what the other 90% are doing.

Therefore 10% of people in this market are assuming a ‘role’ that is different to the ‘role’ of the remaining 90%.

So why then does everyone refer to themselves as traders, when clearly there are two completely different tasks being carried out within this system.

This is the deception of the market.

Now, you have to understand that without volume being contributed to the market – no one profits. Without volume being extracted from the market – no one profits.

And there you have it.

Clearly the term “trader” is just another rigging device used to distort the true nature of the market.

There are no traders… Just those that contribute, and those who extract – and there you have the true roles that individuals perform in this market.

So again I repeat, unless you understand what your ‘role’ is, then you will never achieve maximum performance.

If you have been losing money, then that is because you have unwittingly assumed the role of a ‘contributor’ of trading volume. If you have been consistently profiting, then you are fulfilling the role of an ‘extractor’ of trading volume.

This is the true nature of the market

To succeed, you must ensure that your strategy is one that consistently places you into the ‘role’ of an EXTRACTOR of trading volume for this is the only way that you can withdraw more than you deposit

Once you realise that there is a wall of deception that is preventing you from gaining insight into the true nature of this market, you will very quickly become aware of the fact that you have been, essentially, getting dressed in the dark.

You have been reading the map upside down… watching television with the volume on mute… and driving in reverse, with no rear-view mirror.

Frankly speaking, you have unwittingly ignored all of the elements that could have made your journey far more simple – and THAT is how the market has been designed. To force you to steer left when you should be steering to the right… To force you away from the avenue to glory so that you can walk through the endless pathway of punishment.

Put simply, the market was designed in such a way as to maintain a natural order of things.

Everyone isn’t supposed to win. If the market were a machine, then it will seize to function if everyone turned into a winner overnight.

Rest assured, there are even some who are reading this who will continue to amass an endless string of losses – that is because everyone isn’t tuned to the same frequency, and therefore where there are many, only the slight few will prosper.

This same deception is carried out in every financial arena…

The economy itself is designed in the same exact fashion, which is why hundreds of millions waste several years in schooling, only to end up working for entrepreneurs who dropped out of college.

This is why the poor complain that the rich keep on getting richer, yet they continue to spend the little money that they do have on unless things that offer no ROI.

Poor people take their salary and spend incessantly on useless things, while the rich set up mechanisms to ensure that this stray cash ends up in their own back pockets.

Simply.. poor people ‘contribute’ trading volume to the economy, and the rich ‘extract’ this volume.

The same thing happens in our very own crypto currency markets.

If you fail to understand what your ‘role’ is, then you will never achieve maximum performance