Your future profits will be created by what you are buying today

A big part of being a consistent winner in this market is first to note that not ‘everyone’ wins.

This one fact is highly indicative of the true nature of the market.

If everyone is singing the praises of one particular coin, this is what we refer to as ‘ the marketing call of the 10%’ because, if you are still yet to realise, the crypto currency market is an arena of commerce, so therefore each trader is a merchant – and his merchandise is whichever coin that he has bought with the intention of selling to someone else at a profit.

The number 1 rule of commerce is, unless you market (promote) your merchandise – you will fail to attract buyers.

So with that I ask, how willing are you to purchase something expensively today that the seller of that thing bought several weeks ago cheaply?

The typical, untrained and non-strategic trader will throw all of his toys out of the push chair in protest, claiming that he will NEVER buy into a coin that someone else bought cheaply several weeks ago – and this is why these unskilled and un-savvy traders continue to fail.

These novices are unable to understand the language of the market itself, simply because they cannot read price action.

It’s like a middle-aged man with the reading age of a toddler who pretends to be an expert on the work of William Shakespeare…

Eventually, these novice traders will always be exposed and forced to face up to their inability to read price action.

If I am buying something today that has already increased in value by 200%, yet has a consistent behavioural trait of gaining 1,000%+ in value – over the long haul – then clearly this a tremendous opportunity.

However, unskilled traders are just that – unskilled.

They think in a 1-Dimensional way, even though this is a multi dimensional market.

So short sighted are amateur traders that they will never even think to analyse historical price patterns, failing to realise that volume pushes through each and every coin in a structured manner, once the volume is extracted from the coin, this ‘structure’ always remains… therefore once a sufficient level of volume returns, the price action will always be similar to what occurred previously.

This isn’t neuroscience, this is common sense.

Where there is structure, there is repetition, uniformity, predictability and CONSISTENCY.

Therefore, those who are willing to achieve ‘consistent’ profitability need only to read, understand and then to follow the natural structure of the market


Winners act first – losers just react.

Put simply, whilst the attention of 90% of the market is cast towards one direction – something of great meaning will always be happening in the other direction.

If ever there was an opportunity to “go against the tide,” then this week gives you the perfect juncture to do just that.

When the spotlight is shining heavily on one corner of the market, this allows for exploitation to be carried out – unseen – in the other corner of the market.

You have to understand that trading is NOT a one dimensional venture. This is a multi dimensional realm of revenue that must be treated as such if you would like to reap the rewards that this market is so willing to give.

The traders that get ahead achieve most of their monetary growth and advancements when the other 90% of the market is distracted.

So with this, I have to mention, the most important part of the successful traders toolkit is the exploitation of distraction.

Distraction is probably the most profitable propagator of revenue that you are ever going to cross paths with in the crypto currency markets.

Simply, whilst heavy duty selling is being carried out in one space – heavy duty buying is being conducted elsewhere. This is the “bait and switch” of the old wild west that we see come to life time after time in the crypto currency markets.

However, novice traders find it peculiarly difficult simply to multitask.

They are unable to conduct two variations of strategy at the same exact time – hence why they constantly fall behind.

They are incapable of executing selling strategy and buying strategy simultaneously – which is fatal in a market like this.

As is mentioned frequently, while one coin has taken the fore front and has assumed the role of ‘the talk of the town’ – there is another coin that skilled traders are frantically accumulating in the background.

This is just one facet of this multi-dimensional realm that unskilled traders aren’t able to grasp.
And when you look at the trading history of some of these people, this inability to multi task is displayed in the form of a long and endless string of loss, after loss after loss.

It’s like someone who sits down because they cannot walk and chew gum at the same time… It’s like a fully grown man walking around, connected to an oxygen tank, because he keeps on ‘forgetting’ to breathe.

If you cannot multitask then, and I put this bluntly, you are here ONLY to make ‘other people’ exceedingly wealthy. Skilled traders will use and abuse you for their own financial benefit, you will forever be the cash cow of the market

If you can only focus on executing one type of strategy, on one particular coin, at one time – then you probably shouldn’t be trading this market at all. It would be much more efficient use of your time, to open the lid of some public restroom toilet and deposit the full contents of your life savings before flushing.

There is a structure to the way this systematic market ebbs and flows and you have to fit into this structure. It’s just like when a virus infects your computer system… Using quality anti-virus software, this infection is easily flushed from the system as it flags up as an irregularity.

It is in this same way that the market inflicts fatalities on individuals who trade against its natural structure. Individuals who continue to apply incorrect methodology to this market will only ever be here on a temporary basis before they are overcome due to antibodies that completely eat away at their trading funds.

The only remedy to a losing strategy is information.